Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Raunchy Vamp-Romance....

So, since a couple of y'all have expressed an interest in the title of the book I mentioned last time....

It's Lara Adrian's "Midnight Breed" series. _Kiss of Midnight_ is the first book in the series. _Kiss of Crimson_ is the next.

I've seen the Kresley Cole books, but I got hooked on this one first. *smile* Maybe I'll read some of Cole's books after I've finished this series.

(And, for what it's worth, romance novels -vamp related or not- are NOT all I read. But, I like to have a good brainless romance picked out as a quick read between more intense books. It gives my brain a chance to unwind and "relax" before going on to the next informative book, whether deeper fiction, or something constructively non-fic. And, typically a romance takes me a day or two to read, the other books tend to take me a bit longer these days, because they require more thinking. Not that thinking is a bad thing by any means -OBVIOUSLY!- but, I need that little day-long break between "thinking books" to rest my brain. *grin* I can't figure out why even the "thinking" books take me so much longer lately, though. I used to be able to read ANY book very quickly, but in the last few years it's taking me longer to read them. Maybe I'm processing the information better? *wink* Yeah, maybe I'll go with that excuse!)


So, I did NOT get my turnips done the other night. But we DID get 3 more jars of pickled carrots and 1 jar of sweet (cucumber) pickles. That's the last of our carrots and the last of our cucumbers for the year. Still more beets to go, hopefully. And the beans are finally producing. We also cut 2 heads of cabbage, and I brought them home and started 1 of them (along with 1/2 a head of grocery-store bought) fermenting a bit for kimchi. The other is in my fridge waiting to be used for..... something.

And, no caribou were seen at all. Though plenty of rabbit was. Between the rabbits that have been plaguing our garden all summer, and the rabbits plaguing camp out at the hunt-spot.... FIL and Scott have decided to try some rabbit hunting for meat this winter, even if they do get a moose or caribou.

Ok. That's all for now.

Have a Blessed Day!


peppylady said...

Just stopping in to see how you are all doing.
See your reading and doing some homesteading stuff.

I don't believe I heard of kimchi but I look it up on the web.

Coffee is always on.

Tori_z said...

*likes Kati's excuse for taking longer to read nowadays and wants to borrow it* LOL! :)

Connie Peterson said...

Rabbit is really tasty - we raised them for several years and I sometimes get hungry for that taste. But Norm says "no rabbits" - however, he did say "no sheep" and I have two of those, so who knows? A friend of mine said "never say 'impossible'."

Your ruhbarb should be cut and used for composte - the ONLY good thing it's good for!!! :)


Slip said...

I love wild rabbit, can take or leave the tame ones. They have made a big come back around here too.