Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wondering What Gods We Pissed Off?!?!?

Ok, first some background. Two days in a row now, we've had these doozy thunder & lightning storms blow through the valley. Yesterday it was hard, quick and done & overwith. Man, the rain was coming down in sheets. Today's is lasting longer, and the wind has been a factor along with the thunder, lightning (both of which have tapered off now) and the rain. (The rain is lasting longer today than it did yesterday, that is.)

So anyway, Scott just called me from work, where he's working Over Time, and said that the wind from this thunderstorm blew part of the roof off one of the sheds there on work-property, right on top of the tailgate of DH's truck, scratched the tail-gate's paint all to shit, and crunched the thing down so that the tailgate now will not open. *shaking head* He's taking pictures (gods know, with what camera?!?!) and calling his boss to let him know the DOUBLE "good news".

Tell you what, that man has some seriously sucky bad luck with vehicals. NOT as bad as our neighbour's luck with vehicals, but still sucky! He said he's going to tell the boss that the Co. has got to pay to have the tailgate fixed (new one?) and repainted (if needs be). I'm thinking..... NO SHIT! They sure as hell BETTER pay to replace the thing, if it's damaged by work property!!!! The Co. insurance should cover that. But, he better get ahold of the boss now. Mom's suggesting even calling the cops and filing a report so it's on the record that it's happened at work tonight.

Anyway.... Incredible.


We DID go to the orientation yesterday morning. I have another meeting with OUR "teacher" on Wednesday at 9 am. I'm trying to talk Tay into going with me. That'll be the point that we put together Tay's curriculum. We know SOME of what we want to do. For example, in History/Social Studies, Tay wants to study about Sacagawea and Lewis & Clark. This can tie into the US Geography that she's due to learn this year, and even give some direction to her reading, writing and spelling. In Science, Tay wants to do a segment on Rocketry (building a model rocket, then launching it at the end of the segment) and one on Volcanics. (She really wants to build a model volcano, as well.) The Volcanic studies can also be tied into Geography (on a US and a World scale).

In Math, I'm kinda leaning toward Saxon math, as that's what Scott and I used in school, and that's the curriculum that he and I think we'd best understand. (Some of the other math curriculums use phrasing and vocabulary that confuses us.) However, I've also heard some good (if general) praise of Singapore math curriculum. So, I'll look into it.

The only subject I'm kinda balking at really is Health. I recognize that this is the year in which most public school students start getting sex ed. in school. I'm not balking because I don't want my daughter to know, I'm balking because I'm not totally sure how to go about discussing it. *wry smile* But then, I'm sure there are curriculums for that as well.

Just to give a head's up, once we start into school time, I probably will only get the chance to post about once a week. I'm giving up my 2 or 3 hours every morning that I USUALLY use to post, to school Tay. And I rarely have the chance in the evenings. (The only reason I have the chance tonight is that Scott's working late.) So, I'll be posting and visiting a lot less often, I'm sorry to say. But, it's gotta be done. I just wanted to let everybody know in advance.


Last but not least, we did NOT go to court this morning. It appears that E's defense attourney is trying to get her to settle out of court. So, for now a court-date has been postponed till Sept. 3rd, tentatively.


Oh, one more thing. So Tuesday night we went to FIL's and did more canning. We successfully canned 2 jars of pickled beets, 3 jars of pickled carrots and 3 more jars of cucumber dill pickles. That brings us up to 8 jars of cucumber pickles (I think!), and the 3 jars of carrots and 2 of beets. *grin* We have yet to see if we'll get any beans to pickle, but the FIL wants to go buy a flat of beans from the big W. to pickle, if we don't get any of our own. *sigh* So much for building local food systems. Anyway. We've got hopefully enough carrots in the ground for another 3 jars, and maybe enough beets in the ground for another 2. *shrug* We'll see.

Ok. THAT'S it. *grin*

Have a Blessed Day!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a really stormy day up there! UGH! Homeschooling sounds interesting! I always heard that Saxon was a good math curriculum - unless something's changed! I think you can totally control WHEN she's told about sex etc.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! :)

Tori_z said...

The weather's not a whole lot better here. We've had a LOT of heavy rain, and a thunder storm at least every few days. Thankfully though nothing of ours (nor any family or friends living locally) has been damaged... At least, it hasn't yet anyway!

Hope you don't have too much hastle with getting the tail gate thingy fixed.

Sounds like you have most things figured out with Tey's home schooling. And, for the record, Tey's schooling is more important than blogging, so - though I enjoy reading your blog posts, and your comments on my blog - I understand about your blogging becoming less frequent.

Oh, yeah... And, by the way, there are books available for teaching the "health" section as you call it. Books that explain in detail what is happening to the body during "that time" and so on. I think the schools use some of them, but there are several available. So, just pick one that you think looks best and go through it with Tey. That's what I'd do.

peppylady said...

It seem like it raining every where except North Idaho.
Hot and Dry here.

Wizened Wizard said...

Hi Kati -

Saw your comment on Whim's blog and thinking of you brought a smile, so decided to stop in and say hi. : )

Rainy, cool summer down here has been a real challenge for gardening. The weeds love it, the tomatoes don't! I've got a bunch of beets to pickle, then in a couple of weeks, corn and soybeans to freeze (with some weather luck and many thanks to the electric coon fence). I admire anyone who gardens in Alaska!

Hope you're well and having a good summer.


whimsical brainpan said...

No God, it's Mother Nature we've offended.

In our 2nd year of major drought here. Lakes and rivers are drying up. It's scary.

Sorry about Scott's truck. :-( The Co. should fix it.

As long as you still post I'll take what I can get. :-)

I never knew you could pickle carrots or beans.

KAYLEE said...

AWWW I love you :P

Ashley Ladd said...

Hugs about the vehicles and the weather.

I'm watching TS Fay as we're in the cone of possibility. We've been having real mothers of storms every day for several weeks now.

Andrew said...

Good luck with the interview!