Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Blahhhh, another nasty day!!!!!!!

So I woke up this morning, got Tay ready for school (and she was up before her alarm clock, so excited to start back for the new semester), went out to start up my car, and NOTHING. Darn thing wouldn't turn over. Why???? Because it was -42 deg. F. Well, I figured that it might just be that it wasn't plugged in until about 7 am this morning (DH unplugs his truck after starting it to head to work, and plugs in my car), and here I was trying to start it at 8:15. So, gave it a half hour, went out to try again, and nada, nothing, zilch. Some "ur, ur, ur, growl, ur, ur" sounds, but it won't turn over. Well, continued trying every half hour or so, and nothing happened. So, my last attempt was at 11 am, and still won't start, so I won't be going to work today. Ironically, though I don't care for my boss that much, and get terribly bored at work when work-days are as slow as this one was promising to be, I feel bad for not being able to get my car to start and head in. I really hope it starts tomorrow morning (and DH is going to rig up a second plug-in when he gets home this evening).

But that also means that I cannot get to the grocery store today and get groceries for the week (no milk, no ingredients for lasagna, no fresh fruit for Tay's lunches, no fixin's for dinners for the rest of the week, none of it, not tonight). And it means that even if DH finds out that we can go look at the 3 American Eskimo pups up for adoption at the animal shelter, Tay and I won't be able to go in and do that tonight. DH could probably go ahead and make an appt. to see them on a future (read, later this week) day, but not today.

And, to top it off: Tay's school nurse called this morning and said that Tay's got the start of an ear infection and I probably ought to see about getting her in and on antibiotics. First off, SHOOT!!!!!! LOL I knew something like this would happen when DH told me that we'd be without insurance for a month due to him changing jobs..... I had figured it'd be Tay's asthma, though, and stocked up on her meds for that. Secondly, though, I really don't know that I want to put her on antibiotics for this ear infection. I'm more inclined to send a bottle of tylenol with her to school for the nurse to dole out, and treat the pain, and let the infection work itself out. She's been on antibiotics (strong ones) in the past for ear infections that wouldn't go away with amoxacillian (and sticky fluid build-up from ear-infections that went un-mentioned by her). I don't want to see her build up a permanant resistance to antibiotics, in case she has a true emergency somewhere down the road. So, my personal leanings are to treat the pain, and hopefully the ear-infection will work itself out. If that can't be done, I guess we'll be forgoing Tay's ENT's office for the local low-income health center. *sigh* Not my first choice (would rather keep all of her records with the same office, instead of spreading it around town), but I've gotta do what I've gotta do.

So.... anyway..... that's how my day is shaping up. On the other hand, I can get laundry done, and dishes, and maybe even some crocheting and a movie watched. *grin* Gotta find something good about being stuck (literally) at home all day. *wink*

Blessings. --Kati

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