Monday, January 31, 2005

Ahhhh, another -30 deg. day.....

Well, the temps have dropped again, confining us to the house, once more. When I went out to start up my car this morning before heading to work, it was -35 deg. F. Bbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody wanna come trade me places?????

Well, here I sit now, in relative peace and quiet, listening now to a cd of disney (and a couple of kenny loggins) "ballads". Was Highlights from Phantom of the Opera (which I've liked since I was a teen, NOT having to do with the new buzz about the movie), but that got over. *sigh* I cannot sing along to it as well as I once could. My voice is no longer firmly in the soprano range, much more an alto now than I was in HS. *sigh* Ahhhh, the good old days. But, except for air control (rather out of practice with controlling my breathing), I can still hit most of the notes Celine Dion does in her sweeping vocal ballads. Glad for that, at least.

Anyway, forgot to post that DH DID make up to me for my b-day. Monday afternoon after work he stopped at Willow Creak Clothing (a local store) and got me 2 (not 1, but TWO) magic scarves (a gold one, and a denim-blue one), a cinnamon candle in a heart-shaped "candy-jar", and a vanilla-sandalwood bath bomb. YEAH!!!!!! And the best part was hearing him say that he'd actually told the proprietress that he'd screwed up big-time with his wife's (my!) birthday, and this was to make up for the screw-up. Yep, hearing him eat crow was definitely the best part of it. ;) I did give him a hard time, though, Monday before he went to get my present. I reminded him that prior to my b-day, I'd mentioned a couple of "$25 or less" items that I would have liked, and getting me any ONE of them would have made me very happy. That I'm not an expensive or extravagant person. He looked rather sheepish and agreed with me. *wink* At least he got the point. And, though I do love the scarves and the candle and such that he got me, I reminded him that dropping 100 bucks on me for every occasion is NOT necessary. Heck, if he gets a great deal (ie: sale) on something I WILL LOVE (and, I'm very easy to shop for, and I drop copious hints prior to any occasion), then I don't really care how little he spends, so long as he puts some thought into it, and keeps me in mind.

Well, the puppy still isn't housebroken either. She decided to poo on the floor this morning just before I was going to head to work (I mean, literally, 2 minutes before I was going to put her in her kennel and walk out the door). Then just a bit ago she peed on the mat right in front of the door (inside). *shaking head* I think, at least, that last time that she was TRYING to get where she needed to go, but I was making dinner and Tay can't quite read the signals the puppy gives as to when she needs to "go". So, as I said, until I can take the puppy outside again, she's in her kennel, and I'm getting a little bit of a chance to get online. YEAH!!!!!!

Oooops, DH is home, so I better get busy finishing up dinner (chicken thighs and drum-sticks slow-cooked with a can of cream-'o-chicken and cajun seasoning).

Blessings. --Kati

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