Friday, June 23, 2006

Been a very, very interesting week....

Well, surgery on Tuesday morning didn't go QUITE as expected. I was going to go in for a standard tubal ligation done laparoscopically (one small incision through my belly button, another small one lower down on my abdomen, neither larger than a 1/2 inch). I came out having been cut open as if for a c-section, but instead of taking a baby out of me, the Dr. removed a cyst the size of a cantelope from one of my ovaries, and the ovary itself. Rather than going home Tuesday afternoon, I spent Tuesday night and Wednesday till 5 pm in hospital. Rather than baking bread yesterday and taking my daughter to the library today (was going to walk over), I'm sitting around in my pajamas, still incredibly sore, taking forever to even get up from a sitting position, sleeping horribly because I must sleep on my back and wake up twice a night for pain meds. My larger incision site appears some what angry-red and a bit bloody today, which worries me, though the small one in my belly-button is healing nicely. I don't want to have to go back to the dr. to have my larger site looked over again. That would suck. And my belly is so badly bruised from the actual surgery that it hurts to even clean or dry my incision. *sigh* Of course, all these details are SOOOOO much more than anybody wanted to hear, I'm sure. Oh freaking well. You don't want to hear the details (and I am leaving out SOOOOO much, really) then don't read my blog!

Other than my physical details, it's been windy as hell the last couple of days, and today it's rather smoky, as well. So, I'm cooped up in the house, unable to move comfortably, certainly unable to drive anywhere (the muscles that were cut are the same that would be used for pressing the brakes & gas pedals in my car, besides the fact that I'm on narcotics for pain-relief), and it's hot in here, and I'm wearing my pajamas for like the third day in a row. *sigh* Tay and one of her friends are in the livingroom playing a stock-car video game on DH's x-box, so I can't even go veg and watch a movie right now. I don't really feel like crocheting, either. And no matter where I'm sitting, or how, I just can't seem to get comfortable. The computer chair here in the computer room is the MOST comfortable chair in the house (it won't recline so much that it hurts my stomach to sit up, and has excellent back support), but it's still got a fairly hard (not nicely padded) seat. So it gets hard on the bum after a couple of hours.

And no, there was no indication at all that I had this massive cyst inside me until the Dr. had me opened up on the operating table. He said it's a good thing he removed it now, though, as I probably would have been back in a year or so for an emergency removal if it had been left in. Rupturing was mentioned. I'm glad he took it out now, but it just PISSES ME OFF that I even developed this damn thing in the first place. That this had to happen and go and screw up my plans and my life. I'm now taking at least 2 weeks off work, instead of the 1 week origionally planned. Because muscles were cut (though, in such a way that they will be able to knit themselves back together with time), it's going to take a lot longer to recover than if I'd just had the 2 small button-hole incisions that had been origionally schedualed. I HATE being an invalid. I HATE being unable to do for myself. My husband had been great about taking over chores around the house (like there's any choice in the matter, really) and about helping me physically ("spotting" me as I climb in and out of the shower, helping clean my incision site, helping me out of bed if I'm having a hard time), but I still hate needing the help. I'm realizing that I'm NOT a good patient. I don't like needing to be helped. I'm only 27 and I darn well should be able to do things like get in and out of bed, dishes and laundry, and climb in and out of the shower all by myself, thank you VERY much!!!!

Oh, and the nasty looks I got at the grocery store the other night after being released from hospital. We'd stopped to pick up my pain meds (percaset & Ibuprofrin 800 mg), and some easily digestable foods for me (yogurt, light pasta & chicken tv dinners, grapes & applesauce). Well, knowing that I wouldn't be able to walk around the grocery store for the whole time, even though I WAS on 2 percaset & the ibuprofrin, I took the only motorized cart that was available to use (the other had been out of order for 2 days already at that point, and the clerks didn't know WHEN it would be back in commission). Here I was, drugged nicely, trying hard NOT to kill anybody with my little motorized cart, getting nasty glares from all the other healthy people because I was apparently a perfectly fit (at least by all appearances while I was sitting) young-ish woman, driving horribly, and hogging a motorized cart that is only for old people with canes, evidently. The few people that saw me stand and stagger immediately looked contrite; but most people didn't see me stand and stagger, holding my belly, and glared at me as DH walked from one end of the store to the other and back (dropped off the prescriptions at the pharmacy, made our way up and down the necessary aisles to the produce section, paid for our groceries then went back for the meds), along side me. Maybe a wheel-chair would have been a better choice. At least a wheelchair must come from the Dr's office, and I could have sat there holding my belly and groaning, instead of pathetically operating the cart in a stop&go manner all over the store.

Anyway, so that's been my kicker of a week. I see the Dr. again on Monday (providing I don't have to go see him this evening or tomorrow about a bleeding, possibly infected, incision site) for my follow-up, but it will still be at least 1 more week after that before I'm allowed to go back to work. Pray I don't get so annoyed with my situation that I start swearing uncontrolably at strangers and passing dogs. Like I need anymore strangers glaring at me because I look like an incredibly lazy housewife.... Add swearing at said strangers to the list, and I'd probably get CPS called on me for being such a reprobate. *wry smile*

Have a Blessed Day.


MomEtc. said...

Oh, Kati, that sounds awful! I am the same way when I can't get around....makes me incredibly grouchy.

(((hugs))) and may the days pass quickly and may you heal up soon!

Kati said...

Thank you!!! I'm doing much better the last two mornings, unfortunately I seem to OVERDO it in the mornings, and spend the rest of the day paying for my morning energy. LOL My MIL (an in-home care professional, though minus the formal training) came over yesterday to check my incision site for me (it's in a very ackward spot on the underside of my "spare tire") and said it looks like my belly is healing well. I'm going to get all my flowers together and take a picture of them, so I can at least show off the loveliness that was sent to me by my family, during my 2 day stay in hospital.