Saturday, June 10, 2006

Crafting done, but not by me....

Nope, this crafting was done by DH. (And why the heck isn't my blog showing the cropped & modified picture?!?!?!) That shelf, to be precise. I'd picked it up at Michael's Crafts over a year ago, to be painted white and hung in Tay's room, to hold her in-season jackets & caps, and to put some of her knickknacks on top of. (Instead of where they were crowded on the top shelf of her bookshelf.) Anyway, Tay didn't want white, or yellow, as the rest of her room is. She wanted blue. Brilliant, bright blue. And DH agreed with her. And that's what he's spent the last week & a half painting it. And I must admit, it didn't turn out half bad. I actually kinda like the blue. And it holds her baseball caps, and her shawl so nicely.

As for me, I haven't done any crafting at all this week. I don't know where the time goes, but it seems I don't have any time to do much of anything. I suppose it could be 3 nights of baseball (2 games and a practice) every week, after work. And my one night a week I work till 9:15. And Sunday's aren't a restful day (as I mentioned last week). So that leaves my half-work-day on Friday afternoons, and Saturdays. Nope, not a lot of time for crafting, anymore.

Today, my plans are to get off here soon (it's already 1:55 pm), get a couple of loaves of Amish Friendship Bread made (not sure of the flavor choice, yet), and veg & watch TV and maybe read a bit, and crochet a bit. I've got an afghan for a friend I really need to get busting on. I've had it in the works for like 8 months now. 'Bout time to actually get a sh*tload more done on it. I've got like 1/5 of it complete. Need to move past that. And I've got another project for a friend that I'd started, but never gotten very far on. It's a filet crochet owl wall-hanging. It's like 1/10th done. And I've got a sunny yellow shawl I started knitting for my self a couple of years ago that is about 1/2 done. And my "doily" jacket that is about 1/3 done. And, and, and, and...... LOL Need to stop with all the other projects, and just crochet, and knit, and crochet some more.

I saw the anaesthesiology coordinator on Wed. to discuss my wishes for anaesthetic for my surgery. I made it clear that I have nasty panic attacks related to a fear of needles, and horrid, roll-around veins (easy to find in the palpating, but roll away from the needles). Combined, they make IV's and blood-tests very hard on me. Physically & mentally. (It has never taken less than 2 tries to get a line (or a draw) on me. It took 6 (yes, that is SIX) tries to get a line on me when I was in labor with Tay. I could have gone through labor itself 3 or 4 more times, for the horridness of getting that line in.) I told the coordinator that I do best when I'm allowed 10 to 15 minutes of nitrous oxide gas before an iv is attempted. Honestly, after about 10 minutes of the laughing gas, they could probably cut off my hand as a souvineer for all I care. LOL Unfortunately, the coordinator said that while she will make my wishes & needs known to the nursing staff & anaesthesiologist on duty the day of my surgery, she can't guarantee that there won't be any arguement with me. I told her I'm not afraid of arguement, I won that arguement last time I had surgery. I just want to save time & head-ache, if possible. I figure that the odds are better in my favor if I've already discussed my needs with the coordinator before hand, that the nurses and aneasthesiologist will be more likely to accomidate me without a waste of time & breath on my part (or the Dr's part, as it'll push back the surgery time, for as long as it takes for me to win my arguement). So, we'll see. I've 10 days now before I have surgery. Then I have a blissful 4 days off work, six days of telling the rest of the world (read: DH, DD, anybody else who wants me to do stuff for them) they can F-off and let me relax, then back to work & life hopefully refreshed, and definitely unable to ever get pregnant again. *grin* Loving the thought.

Well, time to get off and make that bread.

Have a Blessed day.


Michelle said...

You need to make this rosemary bread:

I usually make the dough in the breadmaker and then finish it off in the oven. But it is DELICIOUS! It's perfect with some soup and a salad.


MomEtc. said...

I can't believe you found my blog! I was just thinking of you the other day. Thanks so much for leaving me a message about asthma!

TurtleHeart said...

Surgery!?!? Whyfore? *worried frown*

I am like you when it comes to needles. Hate 'em. I have those small, deep, rolling, easily collapsing veins. Last time my Dr.'s office tried to take blood, they stuck me umpteen times (I always end up with a tech who believes "I can get a draw off anyone") and then when I was all bruised and traumatized, they had to send me to a special clinic to get it done. At least she only had to stick me once or twice.

Tay's room looks so cute! Bright and colorful. I have an unfinished shelf I am trying to paint-- learning how to do a "distressed" look. First time was a bust. Have to start over and try again!

Kati said...

Turtleheart: I'm having my tubes tied. When I had DD it took 6 tries to get the IV in. The first lady admitted it might be hard, but she said she wouldn't dig. She didn't, it was hard, she refused to try on me again and apologised for the pain she caused me. The second was a guy who claimed he could get a line on ANYBODY, that he was the one from the ER who did the kids, if possible. He didn't get it in, either, seemed peeved that I ruined his perfect record. The third and fourth person, same thing, no vein. The fifth person, a woman, came in and apologized before she even started, said she wouldn't stick me until she was absolutely sure where that vein would go, took her 2 very careful, non-digging tries, but she got the line in, finally. Suffice it to say, laughing gas helps me immensely.

Shelli: I wonder if I could make that bread with sourdough. I'll bet it would kick-butt that way. Sourdough rosemary bread..... *drool* Now I'm already looking forward to NEXT Saturday. LOL

Margaret: *Waving* HELLO!!!