Sunday, June 04, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

So, those are the same windows from last week, but they now have NICE new, white eyelet curtains. I found the fabric on Friday, at Joann's for 4.99 a yard. Bought 4 yards. Sewed them up yesterday. But, along with sewing curtains yesterday, I made a big old breakfast, only to have DH run out of the house without eatting. He went to my dad's and brought back an outside kennel for our outside dog. My dad's dog doesn't need it (he's well behaved and old enough to know better) so Dad gave it to us. Anyway, DH got back from picking that up and set it up, and came in the house to find me sewing and DD wanting to play on the computer, but not being able because we can't seem to get a flash player to upload. I think DH inadvertently erased the driver when he was trying to get rid of viruses. I think our computer needs a seriously good debugging. It's 5 years old now, and I know we've got a couple of trojans hiding out, but DH and I don't know how to get rid of them. So, a very good debugging is certainly in order. And we can't afford a new computer anyway, so debugging it'll have to be. Well, anyway, after realizing that he wouldn't be able to fix the computer himself (I'm going to ask one of the computer guys @ work if they do any freelance, or can recommend somebody), and helping me get my curtains hung, DH decided that we'd better run into town. He'd finally decided we needed a new computer chair, when he saw that the only thing holding the back to the seat was the fabric of the chair. The back was broken to the point that it was in a permanant reclining position. NOT comfortable. So, off to OfficeMax. Then over to Fred Meyer's to pick up some other necessaries: a new toilet seat for DD's bathroom; a couple of hooks to put alongside the livingroom window so I can pull the curtains back; some cabinet-hanging supplies (I've got a curio cabinet that I want hung above my dresser, in my room, so I can get some of my knick-knacks off my bookshelves); and some advil. DH thinks I live on advil. I don't, but working around lots of kids, like I do at the library, means I get a fair share of headaches. So, I need advil. And the bigger the bottle, the better. Anyway, it was 8 pm by the time we got home. I still wound up having to hem a shirt of Scott's (actually, a part of the arm seam had been missed in production, and I needed to close the hole so he could wear it to work). Threw some chimichangas & taquitos in the oven for Tay and I, and started pulling seams on a skirt of mine (I need to take in the waist, a bit, and I'm not happy with the bottom hem, so I'm redoing it). DH put together our new computer chair, we tried to hang my curio cabinet (but found out we need new brackets on the back of the cabinet so that it fits the stud-spacing on the walls in our room), and finally called it quits about 10:30. Those pictures above, were taken at 11 pm. Gotta love Alaskan summers. Light all night. But, that would explain why I'm not sleeping as much as I need to. It's so light out that I don't feel like I can quit (reading, sewing, crocheting, watching TV, websurfing) until I'm literally about to drop.

Jenny, our samoyed-mix mutt, got herself REALLY high (top notch, in fact) on my Shit-list on Friday night. I had (yes, HAD) 4 stuffed animals on the corner of my bed. 4 special stuffed animals. 3 bunnies, and a kitten. I got home Friday after work to drop off my work things, then head out to play bunco, and I found that Jenny had taken 2 of my stuffed animals (my kitten, and a bunny Tay gave me a couple of years ago) into the livingroom for mauling. The kitten did not survive. The bunny hadn't yet suffered the indignities of that dog's mouth, but was saved in the knick of time, it seems. Another bunny (easter gift from my mom 5 years ago; the woman knows I STILL love my easter bunnies) had died a sad death, on my bed, before Jenny removed herself from the scene of the initial assault for a much slower death for the other 2 stuffed animals. So, only 2 were harmed, a third was threatened, and my bed was made a mess of. I don't know WHAT got into her head, as she's got plenty of things of her own to gnaw on (rawhide & bones, and a rubber squeeky bone, not stuffed animals). But, she spent Friday night, and most of Saturday getting glares and name-calling from me. NOT one of my favorite people at that point in time. I've since started talking to her again, but I did threaten that if she ever so much as LOOKS at another stuffed animal again, I'll knock her so hard she won't remember her name. And, she's back to being confined to her kennel while we're not home. I no longer feel horrible about stuffing her into that large dog-box for 6 hours. She had a week of freedom (if you'll remember, we only decided that she was probably completely house-safe a week ago Saturday), and all she did was climb on the couch and maul innocent stuffed animals. I won't make that mistake again. At least not until she's so old that she can only gum things, and her hips are so disjointed that she can't climb on furniture. Then I suppose I can allow her to spend the day non-confined again. As you can tell, she's still not completely off my shit-list.

It's been a busy couple of weeks. My work schedual changed to my summer hours, so I'm now working Mondays through Fridays, instead of Sunday through Thursday. I actually prefer the Sun. - Thurs. schedual. Sundays, here at home, are so hectic, where as at work they're quiet & peaceful. When I'm not working on Sundays, Dad tends to nag me to go to church with him, constantly going on and on about how Tay and I NEED to be in church, how it's necessary for, in order to be good people or some-such. *rolling eyes* Yep, because hypocrisy & warmongering makes one a "good" person. Then, after church (or, at least after lunch over at Dad's house after he gets home from chuch) it's back home to get Tay dressed for hockey practice. Her summer practices are 45 minutes from home, at 6 pm. We've got to head out at 5 so that we can get there in plenty of time to get her geared up and skates on. 1 hour spent at the rink, then back out to NP. Hopefully just home for dinner, though I have a feeling FIL will want us to stop by. Then back to bed to start the week over again. It really, really makes me wonder..... WHEN THE HECK is DH going to go on a fishing trip!?!?!?! Two weekends in a row now, I'd planned a nice quiet day of staying at home doing nothing that required leaving the house, except to go check the mail, and 2 weekends in a row now, DH has kept me busy, running, running running. I WANT my freaking weekend!!!!!! I feel like I work all week, just to get 1 day off to run like crazy some more (Sundays don't qualify as a day off, seeing how busy I am, EVERY freaking Sunday). I sure as heck hope he doesn't expect me to be this freaking busy while I'm off for my surgery. 'Cause he can kiss my fat, white @$$ if that's his plan. I even got the curtains sewn already so I don't even have to do that while I've got my week off from work. (Oh, and just to explain why I feel this is unfair, DH gets to sit around till 4 pm today and watch his races -while Tay & I are at church, then we head over to my dad's for lunch- and not do anything more strenuous than page through the newspaper. I don't get that, at all, this weekend. I didn't get that, at all, last weekend. I probably won't get that, at all, next weekend, either.)

Had rather a downer day at work this past week. Our senior page had taken off for 3 weeks of vacation and headed down to visit her family in another part of the state. While they were down there for Memorial Day weekend, her youngest grandson went out for a day of airboating with his best friend's family. The best friend's dad & another airboater were both running the same river, heading towards each other in opposite directions, and took a curve at the same time, and collided. (Typical gear for air-boat drivers is a good sturdy pair of earphones, or ear plugs. They're noisy, so you've got to wear ear protection. Both drivers were, and couldn't hear the other airboat coming in the opposite direction.) The grandson of my coworker, and the best friend's dad were both killed, violently, in the accident. The grandson was only 9. My coworker is 75 and we all realize how hard this is going to hit her, as she was always bragging about those kids, and her family is her life. Just days before, here in town, we had a riverboat started taking on water, capsized and 2 people aboard were killed when they were trapped underneath the boat: a young woman, and her 2 year old daughter. All were wearing life preservers, but these 2 people were not able to make it out from underneath the boat, and drowned. It's so sad when we hear about accidents like this, that while a part of you wonders what kind of stupid behavior these people were engaging in, you also realize that they weren't taking part any extraordinarily stupid actions, that sometimes accidents are just accidents. But that doesn't stop the mourning for these young ones who have gone so early in their lives. As I said, rather a downer at work this week.

Well, my blog was funking up earlier today, so I didn't get to post this morning. So, I've already been to church, lunch at Dad's and now I'm home, for a little bit, before we head to hockey. I just have to add (this paragraph wasn't an origional part of my post), WE HAD SNOW today!!!! Nope, no pics. I didn't take my camera with me. Didn't expect I'd need to. The high for today's forcast was 50 deg. F, and the predicted low is 25 deg. F. Well, I didn't think that'd include SNOW. But, sure enough, while Dad's out back on his patio today grilling steaks & corn-on-the-cob, it's snowing. Big, white, fluffy flakes of snow. And it's cold as hell & windy!!!!! NOT fun!!!! And yes, I'm writing this on June 4th, 2006, for all you non-believers who may think that a part of an old blog-entry somehow made it onto today's blog-entry. Hello Alaska!!!! I guess it's fair to mention that in Tucson where my sister lives, they have temps of 104 deg. F today. She made the comment today that it'd be great to take OUR current temps, and average them with HER current temps. and both places would be just about perfect. Let's see (getting the calculator) that'd be 104 + 45 divided by 2 = 74.5 deg. F. Yep, that'd be just about perfect. I could handle a day of 74.5 deg. F. Very much so. Last Sunday our high got to 83, and today it's actually only gotten to 45. 40 degrees difference. How sucky is that?!?!?!

Now to get changed into something warm and go sit in a freezing cold ice rink, and watch my daughter skate for an hour. May have to walk laps around the rink, just to keep warm, today. LOL Have a blessed day!!


Michelle said...

I think I'm lucky that neither dad nor mom bug me about church. Mom has given up (and she's read my blog enough to get a sense that I'm not likely to go to church any time soon!). I don't know what I would say if Dad pressured me about it...

It should be fun next time dad comes down here to AZ, though, because by then I'll have a 'Proud Arizona Democrat' bumpersticker on my car. I'm almost thinking that he would rather rent a car than drive one that declares the driver a proud democrat. Heh. :)

Kati said...

I thought you had the "Kerry/Edwards04) bumper sticker on your car when he was down last year?!?!? Didn't he say anything then??? TTYL. --Kati

Michelle said...

Naw...I was depressed and took it off the car a month or so after the election...too many people were smugly flipping me off after the election and I got tired of it.

Kati said...

Ahhhh. I see. Well, you'll have to tell me what Dad says, then, next year when he comes down to visit.