Sunday, June 18, 2006

A bit of craftiness from this past week....

Well, I certainly didn't get MUCH made done this week, but here's the one bit of craftiness I did get done. The oldest daughter of the woman who babysits MY daughter turned 8 on Sunday, last. So I figured I'd better get a little gift together for her. I keep a few girly gifts stashed in my closet for unexpected party-gift necessities. So, I tossed in 2 little "toy-doll" craft kits, a cloth hankie, a tube of lip-gloss, and made a little draw-string purse to put it all in. Told the girl it's so that she's got something to take her necessesities to church on Sundays (big into church, that family). But a girl's gotta have a way to carry the basics, nonetheless.

Didn't get any baking done this weekend. I actually started to get the ingredients for Challah out, then realized that I've got SO many bread-products in the house at this point, I'd be better off holding off for a few more days, and finishing up what we already have in the house. Otherwise I'll lose something to moldiness, and I don't like it when that happens. So, I'm off from Tuesday through Sunday of this next week for my surgery anyway, hopefully I'll get some Challah made Thursday or Friday, since the only other thing I'm going to have going on with any certainty is Tay's baseball-game on Thursday night (if I'm feeling up to it). But that leaves me the rest of the week to bum around the house and be a total hermit if I'd like. *grin* I like!!!

Anyway, this is our "church week" with my Dad, so I'd better get off and go get dressed and ready to go. *rolling eyes* For those who don't know, my Dad totally believes I should be in church every Sunday morning, along with my daughter, and should be sending her to Awanas (kinda a kid's one-evening-a-week bible camp, thing) every Wednesday. Most of the year I'm able to point out how busy we are (I work on Sundays during the winter; Tay's often got hockey-practice on Sunday mornings during the winter) to stop his nagging. Well, since my summer hours include me having Sundays off (we close on Sundays from Memorial through Labor days), I don't have much excuse. Tay, as well, has decided that she LIKES going to church with my MIL (who's church I totally can't stand, so superficial and banal), so I've been able to tell my Dad that for the summer, Tay will go with MIL every other week, while I wait for her to come home so we can meet up at Dad's for lunch. On the alternating weeks, Tay and I will come to his church so that we're "in church" where he thinks we belong, then over to Dad's for lunch. Keeps him from nagging at all. Anyway, as I said, this is our week to go to church with my dad.

Have a Blessed week. Hopefully I'll be back on Thursday or so with an update as to how surgery went.

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