Thursday, March 08, 2007

100th post!!!!

Wow!!!! I didn't even realize I was already at 100. Shocking. Not the post I'd meant to make this morning, actually.

My title was going to be "And another one's Gone", and be regarding my baby sis. Mom called (*waves* HI MOM!) last night and asked if K. had called. Of course not, she rarely calls me, unless she's got something to brag about. Well, evidently on K's my-space acct, she'd posted that she & the fiancee have split, and she won't be moving out of state now. Evidently the fiancee has things he "needs to work on" and doesn't feel like marriage at this point in his life. DH suspects (though we've not talked to K. or the fiancee) that maybe the fiancee is back from "over there" and wishing he hadn't gotten out of the military at all. Personally I'm figuring the came back, found himself out of the military, and facing immediate fatherhood & husband-hood to a woman who's very high maintenance (and said woman's daughter, who's equally high maintenance). Facing her premature demands for a dream-home built specifically for her as soon as they get to his home-town, and facing her demands for a high-cost wedding, supposedly to be footed by his parents. As usual, she's been jumping the gun, having "Family portraits" taken with the fiancee less than a week after his return state-side. She's been planning this wedding since the day after they got engaged (the day he headed back "over there", from his thanksgiving leave-time, over a year ago).

They never really dated, before getting engaged. He had the hots for her, she wouldn't give him the time of day seeing as he's not totally hunky. I finally persuaded her to give him a shot, when he came back from "over there" for Thanksgiving. She did, and by the time he headed back (a week early, I might add) they were engaged. He's been "over there" the entire engagement, and the plan was origionally for them to have a civil-service wedding back at Christmas time (and the large church ceremony when they got back to his home-town, in May). That fell through when The Fiancee decided that he was not quite ready. So, then they were just figuring on the big church ceremony in May.

Then in the last couple of weeks, K. decided that if they left Fairbanks on March 14th, as planned, that would get them down to Fiancee's home-town about a week later (allowing for driving time and nasty road conditions). That would leave approx. a month & a half for wedding planning. Dontcha know, a girl just CAN'T have a big church wedding with less than 3 months planning. So, she decided to postpone the wedding, and focus on buying a house as soon as they got down there. (Reminder, they're both now out of work, though he is facing the prospect of returning to the family doors&windows installation business when he gets back to his home-town.) And now..... From what Mom said last night, it sounds like they've split altogether. Dad stopped by K's apartment this morning, to see her. The Fiancee answered the door, and K. was upstairs still asleep. So, Dad said he'd be calling K. as soon as he got off the phone with me.

Personally, I'm still not hating the Fiancee. He's a nice guy, there's no two ways about it. I have a feeling that K. was moving far too fast (and being far too demanding with her wishes & desires for their future) and he just couldn't handle facing a life with that. At least not quite yet. DH's feeling that the Fiancee rather wishes he was back "over there" may be right, and Dad agreed that it could be that he's re-enlisted already, or seriously considering it. (In fact, I can totally picture K. breaking things off, if he chose a return to the military over her plans.) I have a problem hating a guy for getting cold feet & deciding to slow down (or back out altogether), knowing K's aggressiveness toward finding a guy to set her up for life. Seeing how they acted at Christmas, toward each other, I'm really not convinced she loves him. She spent all her time planted on the couch, playing with her little Nintendog on her DS. You'd think, an engaged couple, him just back from "over there" they'd be fawning all over each other. Sickly sweet. Not so. There wasn't any cuddling or snuggling. There wasn't any sweet-talk. I'm not convinced at all that she ever loved him. I think she loved her plans with him. I think she loved the life she imagined he could give her. And I'm somewhat of the opinion that it's not The Fiancee that called things off at all, but K. herself. If she got an inkling that he wasn't going to be able to (or willing to) provide her with the life she wanted for herself, she'd have no qualms breaking it off. Which leaves me wondering if she's mourning the loss of their relationship right now, or the loss of her plans for their future.


LOL So, my 100th post is all about my baby sis. Go figure.

Wanted to say THANK YOU for all the congrats on the hockey tournament win. DD has been shocked & embarassed by my bragging on her & her team. I've done it here, I've done it at work. And I think she's been somewhat shocked & embarassed that other people that don't know her well, or at all, are so forthcoming with congratulations. LOL She's nine, she's embarassed by the funniest things, sometimes. Then again, I remember being embarassed as hell over the funniest things when I was pubescent, also. So I can't totally blame her.

Well, I think that's it for today.

Have a Blessed Day!


Em said...

Best of luck to your sis no matter what direction things go in.

And congratulations on your 100th! Sometimes it is surprising where the posts come from...but it is nice to share them with others.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

First things first, congratulations on your 100th post!

I seem to remember you talking about your Sis and this guy. I think you are right she seemed to be more in love with what he could give her than him. And you certianly can't blame a guy for backing out of something he doesn't think will work (unless he waits to do it at the altar of course). If it was him that called it off I think he made the right choice.

peppylady said...

100 post congratulation

Bardouble29 said...

woooowhoooo on reaching 100!

Even though DD is outwardly embarrassed, I bet it makes her feel great inside!

The Lone Beader said...

Congrats on your 100th post=:)