Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ten Small Things I Love for No Big Reason

Snagged from Dianne Sylvan's blog.... Feel free to snag it and post your own small things.

1) I love just crawling into bed at night, curling up with my bunny rabbit, pulling the covers up to my ears, and drifting off.

2) I love easter bunnies and I unashamedly sleep with one!

3) I love tagalongs. (Those peanut-butter-cup girl-scout cookies.)

4) I love having a cat climb into my lap while I'm reading, curl up, and start purring so loudly somebody else can hear it across the room. (And, since nobody I know very well has a cat any longer, I haven't had this happen in FAR too long.)

5) I love (and hate) how in March, my body starts getting these almost uncontrollable cravings for fresh veggies of the spring variety: spinach salads, artichokes, asparagus, zucchini, GOOD cucumbers.... *drool* (I hate this feeling because at this time of year these veggies are still rather expensive.)

6) I love looking out the window in the summer & seeing a birch tree with a full, green leafy canopy causing a sun-dappled spot on the lawn. And even better is to go out with an old blanket or quilt & lay/sit under that shady spot & read.

7) I love snuggling with my dogs when they're sleepy.

8) I love long, hot showers, late at night. That's also when I do my best thinking. But most of all because it relaxes me for "thing 1".

9) I love cheese puffs.

10) I love painting my toes in brilliantly unconservative colors. No pink or peach for me.... I go teal, shocking purple, brilliant bronze, sky blue, lovely lavender.....

Now your turn. I won't tag anybody, but let me know if you post your own 10 Small Things You Love for No Big Reason.

Have a Blessed Day!


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

1. A good book
2. Singing along (loudly) with a song while driving my car
3. A good conversation
4. Crawling into bed (no bunny though) after a long day
5. Dreaming
6. A hot sweatshirt out of the dryer on a cold day
7. Dark chocolate
8. My fuzzy socks
9. Rainy days
10. Drawing on my shoes

Em said...

And a perfect cup of coffee, a good book, a winter afternoon by the fire, and a summer afternoon floating in the lake.

Michelle said...

I posted a list on my blog. It was hard choosing and I cheated more than a little. But whatever!

TurtleHeart said...

Mmmmm, cheese puffs... I get that fresh veggie craving in the spring, too.

And obnoxious toenail colors? Oh yeah! All summer long! And toe rings, too!

heather said...

I love cheese puffs when they are just the perfect amount stale and they melt in your mouth.


MarmiteToasty said...

1. I LOVE marmite.

2. My chicken Janet :) she follows me around and has learnt to come through the catflap :).

3. My open log fire - never buy a house without a chimney is my motto.

4. Cheese and Onion Crisps.

5. Antique wall clocks with them swingy things.


7. Night time walks on the beach.

8. Bubble Baths.

9. Warm snuggly socks.

10. Friends.

There ya go :) done and dusted...


Kati said...

Thank YOU to all who have stopped by and left a note saying you made the list, or left the list here. It's fun seeing these kind of things about others, and sometimes it reminds us of things we love, but forgot about. Like Whim's "hot sweatshirt out of the drier on a cold day", and Turtleheart's "toe rings" (which I also wear and love), and Toasty's love of fireplaces.

Thanks for the lists. Lots of fun!