Thursday, March 22, 2007

Snow, again!

Well, it's warmed up in the last couple of days, just in time for spring. It's been in the 20's and felt almost balmy. (Yes, Whim, this time of year, that kind of temperature can feel balmy.) Then, it started snowing. Last night after I got home it started coming down, just this fine, powdery snow. And this morning we've got between 1/2 inch, and 1 inch, and it's still coming down. *sigh*

I guess that'll mean a bit longer before I start seeing any spring flowers..... Like, May! *BIG sigh*

Everybody keeps posting pretty spring flower pictures on their blogs, and I'm getting totally envious that everybody else seems to have temps (and lack of snow) that is allowing for pretty spring flowers. And I've got snow.

Ok, done whining now, I suppose.


Let's see, what else..... I'm making chicken piccatta for dinner tonight. It's been a while since I've made that.

I never did get my menu lists sorted out & make up a master menu calendar. But, even having the list on hand has helped, as it means that when we're stuck for ideas, we just look at the list and hopefully can pick something off of it that we'd like for dinner.


Really, not a whole bunch going on except the small everyday things. I've gotta get some laundry done this morning. I did all of our laundry & dishes before we went to Anchorage, but since we came back, we've fallen behind. And DH has kept us busy the last couple of weekends.

We went to the UAF Museum 2 weekends back, last weekend we were going to go to Ice Alaska (ice carving park open during the month of March, every year, with ice-art competitions & sculptures & an ice "park" for the kids to play in). It was too windy, though, so we didn't. This is the last weekend that it's officially open, and I don't think we're going to make it this year. They even have a Ice Stonehenge that's supposed to be a realistically sized & plotted out version of the real thing. I really wanted to see that. *sigh*

This weekend the Ice Dogs (our local Jr. A hockey team) is back in town, and it's almost the end of their season, so we'll all be going tomorrow night, then I elected to stay home while DH & DD go to the game on Saturday. I like hockey, but I also like having a day every week to just stay home & do the little things. Like baking. Like watching a movie (one of MY movies, like "Phantom of the Opera" or "Last of the Mohicans") or recorded travel shows. To sit there & crochet or read while watching, and DH & DD are off doing something else.

Oooh, maybe that's what I'll bake this weekend.... I've got a lot of frozen bananas tucked into odd nooks & crannies in the freezer.... I'll make a triple batch of banana bread. One loaf for J & T (the next-door neighbours), one loaf to stash in the freezer for later use, and one loaf for us to eat right away. Or, maybe I'll make 4 loaves, so that DH can have one of his very own without any nuts. We'll see. He's odd like that and doesn't like nuts in anything. (But he'll eat them out of hand.)

I'm rather a homebody, and I get rather peevish if I don't have the chance to just have a quiet day at home every week or so.


Well, I think that's it for now.

Have a Blessed Day!


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Alone/quite time is essential. I'm glad you are going to get some soon.

I'm sorry it is snowing. I would have inserted something here about the beauty going on in my part of the country but I don't want to make you mad.

It sucked that you couldn't go see the Ice Stonehenge. That sounds way cool!

Em said...

I'm with you Kati, looking at blogs with beautiful spring flowers is making me nuts! I want spring!!!

heather said...

I don't like nuts in anything cooked either so that's not totally insane.


Dirk_Star said...

An ice Stonehenge? That sounds completely awesome.

I have to put that on my list of must see items.

Hang in there, spring is coming...

Anonymous said...

We have the spring-ish weather (it's been up to 50 during the day) but no little flowers coming up ... too soon .. but the buds are coming out on the trees!


PS .. if I use "anonymous" I can sign in and publish - but if I use my blogger account, I can't!!! Strangs ..........

Connie / Spinning Grandma

Anonymous said...

I am so waiting for the first (plant) signs of spring! I too get jelous when I read about everyone else having flowers up already! The good thing is, I saw two robins and some Candadian that is a major sign of spring... wahoo.

Brightest blessings


Michelle said...

If it makes you feel better, there was just a snow warning for Tucson. Snow warning. For Tucson. Last week it was in the mid-90s, today, the potential for snow. This is crazy.

Also -- mom mentioned you got the smoked salt. Whatcha think?! :-)

Kati said...

Ok, glad I'm not the only one looking at all the flower pictures and thinking "ooooh, nice.... NOW KNOCK IT OFF!" *grin*

Dirk, unfortunately the Ice Stonehenge was just THIS year's big sculpture. Each year the theme is different. Last year (or was it the year before that) the them was Ice Age 2 (and J. Leguizamo actually came up for the opening). So the kid's portion of the ice park was filled with ice sculpture "slides" and mazes made to resemble the characters from that movie. The artistic portion of the ice park depends on what the ice artisans carve. But there's always something new, and it's never the same 2 years running.

That said, even though they won't likely have an Ice Stonehenge for a very long time again, I'd definitely put the Ice Park itself on your must see list some day! I mean, this is actually a world-renowned event, with carving teams from all over the world (well, mainly the cold countries, but still...) competing for first place in the artistic competitions. It's really very neat.

Well, we've been alternating clear & warm (daytime), clear & cold (nighttime), then a snowy day. Then another clear/warm, clear/cold day, then another snow day. Today is clear/warm, though it looks to be clear/cold tonight. We'll see what tomorrow brings on the "snow" front.