Monday, March 19, 2007

Random Thoughts.....

Why is it, every time I sit down the computer, one of the dogs feels the urge to come up, stick their nose under my arm, and nudge me for petting. I mean, they ignore me a lot of the time, but they're as bad as cats, in their determination for attention when I'm trying to be on the computer. LOL


What is it about driving big-a$$ SUV's that makes women absolutely crazy. Of course, that's really steriotyping, as it's NOT just women, and not actually ALL women. On my way to & from work, it invariably happens that I pass as huge SUV or oversized truck, most often with a woman driver (though some men seem to pull this stunt too) and as soon as they realize that this tiny little car (it's actually a '91 buick regal, so it's not a "tiny little car" it's an older semi-luxury car) is actually PASSING their oversized-@$$, they feel the urge to prove to me that they're (or, their vehical) bigger & better and faster than I am. I'm not trying to prove how fast I am to anybody. But, if you're in the slow-lane, doing 57, and I'm doing 60, I'm going to pull into the left-hand lane, pass your @$$ and then pull back in front of you once I'm past. That's just the way it works. There are a LOT of idiots driving these big trucks & SUVS (more often than not, a woman, but not ALWAYS) that just can't stand to be passed by a little car, so they gas it, as soon as I'm along side them, make me push it up to 62 just to get past them. Then once I AM past them, and in the right-lane again, going 60 again, they decide to ROAR past me at 65, then pull back in FRONT of me and slow their asses down to 57 again. Some of these people JUST CANNOT HANDLE being passed by a small car.

As I said, it's not ALWAYS an SUV, sometimes it's an oversize truck. It's not always a woman, it's sometimes a man. And there are SOME women who don't seem to get upset by being passed by a small car. But, for those who DO get upset by me passing them..... I just laugh as they pass me again, because I KNOW they're burning a hell of a lot more fuel than I am, with that stupid maneuver. I get 26 miles to the gallon (good milage, for the my car's vintage) in the summer. They probably get 13 miles to the gallon, on a GOOD day, when they're NOT speeding up to pass me because I passed them in the first place. So, to get peeved, gun it, and blow past me again.... I'm sure they're sucking down the gas.

Just have to laugh over the idiocy of it, sometimes.


What kind of moron morgage company REALLY thinks I want to refinance my house right now, make the lenders rich, and lose my home because I'm over-morgaged?!?!?! I'll tell you what kind, the kind that called me at 8:07 this morning as I was getting DD her breakfast. I mean, REALLY?!?!? It's been ALL over the news in the last few days, how so many Americans are looking to lose their homes in the next year, because they've got 2 or even 3 refinances on their home loans, and that market just went belly-up, and the home-owner's rates are going through the roof, and most of them won't be able to afford it. What kind of IDIOT thinks that I'm actually aching to do the same to myself & my family?!?!?! DH actually wanted to refinance last summer, but I had my qualms. I'd heard that the housing market was looking to seriously slow in the near future, and I didn't think it'd be wise to risk it. And I just didn't fill out the paperwork to get it done. (My handwriting's nicer, so if we're doing something official like that, DH prefers if I fill out the paperwork.) We didn't refinance, and now I'm very thankful we didn't. We won't be losing OUR house this year, along with the rest of the folks who were led into these loans by their noses. Not to say that things won't get too hard in the next few years, but for now, we're good. (For those who might read this and be in that situation, I'm sorry. Really, knowing how good it can feel to own one's own house. The thought of losing all that money and one's home..... *shudder*)


I got into work yesterday and found that all of the overflow of books and media that we'd had stacking up last week, has been checked in and is now ready for shelving. YEAH!!!!! No more shelf-reading for now!!!!! We're running just a bit behind, but the kiss-ass came back on Saturday (after being out LAST weekend, then being out Thursday & Friday with a migrain) and saw the pile-up of books, and did nothing but check-in on Saturday. I guess she was rather frantic & wired again, but at least she got things checked in. LOL And I'm glad I didn't have to work with her!!!!! ;)

I actually had taken 2 pics on my cell-phone camera, but then remembered that I've not got internet access on the phone (i'm on prepaid, so I don't get internet access with that), so I have no way to actually share the pics I took, to show off the overflow of books & media. LOL Go figure. I did get to show DH, though. So he believes me now!!!!! *wink*


The temp actually got up in the POSITIVE 20's yesterday. The snow on the roof wasn't quite melting off yet, but it was warm!!!! And nice!!!!! And I went out to plug in my car with just my boots & PJ's on, no coat & gloves!!!! It's mid-March in Alaska, it's GOT to start warming up soon. Fortunately we don't have a glut of snow this year (*fingers crossed*) so when the temps do finally warm enough to melt the snow, we probably won't have a massively wet break-up.


I got notified last week that I've got Jury Duty in May. It'll be precisely 2 years since I last served Jury Duty. But, this time I got chosen to come in for GRAND JURY duty. Of course, we'll see if I'm one of the "lucky 18" who gets picked to come back weekly for the duration, or if I get away without my name getting drawn this time. Really, I think it'll be interesting if I DO get picked. And I work for the borough, so I get paid for serving my country in this manner, either way.


DH & DD talked me into going outside with them & the dogs to "play" last night, and I got hurt. Evidently DH & DD found that the dogs actually LIKE doing what they were both bred (their breeds, anyway, though not the dogs in particular) to do..... Pull a sled. So, they discovered this while I was at work, and after we'd had dinner last night, they just had to show off. So, out we went, and DH would get both dog's leashes in DD's hands, DD sitting on the sled (normal, plastic sled, not a dog-sled) and he'd coax them down the road. Of course, the second time around they weren't as thrilled about the prospect as they'd been earlier in the day, and they'd keep running up into a neighbour's yard, pulling the sled at an angle & dumping DD. She was loving it. Well, I was standing there, watching, and all the sudden, here comes DH running towards me, with the dogs chasing him, 2 seperate leashes making the sides of the triangle I was now trapped in, and DD & sled being the point. I braced for impact, and managed to NOT be knocked on my ass (or head!), but tried to catch the leash with my hand, to keep Jenny from tripping me as she doubled back around. DH was yelling at me to just jump over the leash. YEAH!!! Like THAT was going to happen. I reminded him that THIS white-girl can't jump!

I wound up with a bruised upper left thigh, a bruised right shin (caught the sled with my shin, as I turned around), and a bruised left hand where I tried to catch the leash. I'm very, very sore today. Of course, at the time it was so funny that I nearly wet myself and must have looked funny as I waddled/ran back to the house to use the bathroom before I DID wet myself. Our neighbours across the street MUST have been laughing..... I don't know for sure, but I know that they were watching out the window. Hell, I'd have been laughing. On the other hand, maybe they were shaking their heads at DH & DD's idiocy. And MY idiocy at going out to play with the two of them & the dogs.

Dd told me this morning that if I think they're dangerous doing what they did yesterday, I should see them when they go to one of the out-door rinks for some skating together. I actually TOLD Dh that after getting hurt, playing with them yesterday, I'm NEVER going skating with them. DH told me that he'd make sure I had all the hockey padding necessary before he'd put me on skates again. *grin* Wise man!

Really, though, DH is going to get the harness we bought for Bashy (former dog, also part husky who liked to pull sleds on occasion) that should fit Jenny. It's over at the FIL's house. And we're going to get Puck a harness of his own (he's a lot more muscular than either Jenny or Bashy), and a lead-rope so they can properly pull a sled. Both of them hooked up to seperate leashes was NOT the way to be trying them out for dog-sledding. But the halters will allow them to comfortably pull a sled, and the lead-rope will mean only 1 rope to trip anybody up. *grin*

Of course, neither dog is really trained to pull a sled, so it's not something that we'll be doing in a serious way. (Thank Goodness, we already do hockey in a serious way, we don't need another winter sport!) But, as I said, both dogs are breeds, bred specifically for pulling sleds & sleighs. So, some of it comes naturally to them. And THEY had fun!!!!


Ok, I think that's all I've got for today.

Have a Blessed Day!


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I think it is cute/funny that you think +20 degrees is warm. Of course you probably think it is cute/funny that I think anything below 40 degrees is cold so...

LOL and OUCH! I hope you aren't brusied too badly.

Em said...

Sounds like the dogs want to be the subject of your blog! :)

What a great collection of random thoughts. I feel like I got a glimpse of a full week or so of your life in one post!

And thank you so much for leaving the note about Covenspace. I had not ever heard of it, but I will certainly create some space there. I'm not in a place where there seem to be many pagans, so I'm always glad to communicate and learn any way I can!

Kati said...

Thanks for the comments, Whim & Em!

Whim, no, I'm not bruised TOO badly. Not like I can't walk or anything, but holding things in my left hand (grocery sacks, purse) hurts for now. The bruise on my right shin is precisely where one ALWAYS bruises one's shin, so I'm constantly knocking that on other things that I'd constantly knock it on anyway, which certainly doesn't help that bruise go away. And the bruise on my left thigh hurts every time I take a step (and I use my hips to bump doors shut or open a lot, so I bump that leg alot too) so that's not feeling too hot. But, none of them are keeping me from really doing anything important, just nusances, really.

As for the temp thing.... Yeah, you'd have a hard time up here in the winter, though summer CAN be nice! We kinda top out at around 90 or 95 (it's been warmer the last couple of years than it used to be). So, it doesn't generally get too miserably hot. Though, our summer humidity levels are on the rise as well, which does make things harder.

Em, I know what you mean about not really seeming to know many pagans IRL. It's only been in the last year or so that I realize that there ARE a good few in my town (I work with at least 2), but I still find myself not networking with them. I don't know, maybe I'm just MEANT to be solitary. Or it could be that I tend to be a freaking hermit. LOL I'm Alaskan Dragonfly on Covenspace (hell, on WitchVox too, for that matter).

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Wow, I had no idea it could get that warm in Alaska in the summer! I learned something new today!