Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yeah!!! Pictures Finally!

So, these first two are pictures of my shrank, now in my computer room (and already topped with some of our larger, heavier items, including DD's "out" bag). This picture gives some idea of it's width, though the following picture is more color-true.

Again, here it is, not quite showing off the sheer size of this thing as well, but certainly showing the blond color of the wood, better. That light-colored trim around the windows is currently being sanded down, and I'm repainting it a wedge-wood blue. (That's Puck curled up there on the floor below the shrank in this pic.

And last but not least, I didn't want to brag about this until I could show it as well. This is DD's spelling test from 2 weeks ago now. We just got it back on Friday & saw how well she'd done the previous week. We were thrilled!!!! This is (at most) only the 3rd time she's ever gotten a perfect score on her spelling test! And the fact that the teacher noted her handwriting is improving.... YEAH!!! We just hope that she continues to improve her penmanship.


Let's see, other than that..... I talked to my boss yesterday and she actually gave me positive feedback along with the negative. (That's a first!) She DID say that I'm punctual, I'm reliable, I rarely call in late or sick unless it's an emergency, I'm thorough, I'm friendly, and I'm well aquainted with the computer systems. However, I read too much while checking in books. (I did point out that some, though admittedly not all, of that is thoroughly checking for torn or cut pages, which I have found a lot more frequently than some of my less-thorough coworkers.) And talking too much, though she said that she recognizes this isn't solely MY problem, but it seems to be running issue, and she can understand how hard it is to get sucked in even when one attempts to stay out of the conversations. Her recommendation was to spend as little time in the work-room as possible, thereby minimizing the time spent around others conversing. Ok. I can appreciate that, though it still seems to me sometimes that she'd rather we not talk at all, even when it IS work related. (And even we pages sometimes need to blow off a bit of steam in a rant about a patron. That's just working life.) She said my speed with shelving & pick-up is questionable, but that she HAS noticed how thoroughly I straighten while shelving & pick-up. So, that's something.

(And, on top of that, I had end-of-night pick-up last night & wound up not completing the 'up&down the aisles' part again due to the fact that 1/2 way through my cart was overloaded with 127 LARGE books (a lot of bible reference books & pet-related books, as well as a good number of art books). She actually laughed when I presented my cart to her as my reason for being unable to complete pick-up. Said that it would be ok as long as I made sure to get the mags put away. I responded that I would be completing that as soon as I counted & tallied this cart-full of books.)

Last but not least, she said that I need to take more initiative in my job. I asked her what type things might I take initiative with, as it often seems that our job is so narrow that to take initiative could (would) be stepping across boundaries. She said simply bringing to her notice (or KO's or our other boss's notice) ideas for a better way to do things would be taking initiative. Such as how it was brought up by LG that dividing up the 5 pm pick-up could make it easier on the person who has end-of-night pick-up, and how it was suggested we divy it up. I pointed out to my boss that it was CM and I (during Friday evening pick-ups in the summer), and DB, ME, and I (during our one Sunday afternoon pick-up) that realized these aspects of pick-up and pointed them out to LG in the first place. Evidently LG took the credit for coming up with the idea to divide the library sections up, herself. *shaking head* Why am I NOT suprised?!?!

Ok. So points have been made, and I understand. There is still a part of me though that wonders if any of my good points were passed on to Ingrid, or was it only the bad???? And why were they discussing my personal work-related issues anyway, when all that should have been passed on was the simple acknowledgement of my employment there, and whether or not my boss would re-hire me???? If she answered that she did not feel me rehireable, was it her volunteering information beyond that???? Or was it Ingrid pressing for reasons my boss would not rehire me???? Either way, lines were crossed & I'm not entirely sure what to do about that.


Other than all this, the weather has been staying beautiful. We've had a lot of sunshine & warmth. It's been fabulous. Unfortunately I've also been working while it's been so sunny. *wry smile* But even just walking from my car in to work, or taking the dogs out for a potty-break, it's nice to be able to stand there & soak up the warm sunshine.

Ok. I think that pretty well covers it for now.

Have a Blessed Day!


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

The shrank looks great!

Congrats to DD on her perfect score in spelling and her improved handwriting.

I'm glad your boss was not a complete and utter biotch and gave you some positives during your talk.

Robin said...

Finally, a picture of the shrank. I actually looked it up and what was shown was not nearly so cool. I WANT ONE!

Oh, and I can't believe that one of the things on my list to see before I die (and probably won't happen) is something you can walk outside and see....the Northern Lights. I think they must be magical...

Congrats on DD's test!

Celticspirit said...

Wow that shrank looks awesome and has such a lot of storage space.
Congrats to Taylor on the wonderful spelling test!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

There is something for you at my place.

barefoot gardener said...

Wow, the Shrank looks just awesome!

Congrats to DD about her spelling. It is so nice to work hard and see results!

I say just kick your boss in the butt. But then, that may be why I still work in one of the lowest paying jobs in the world...

barefoot gardener said...

Tag! You're it...