Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Closing time......

But first off, thanks to Heb, and Em, and Bardouble, and Uncle A.... And Mom of course, for the comments over the last couple of posts. Thanks for the support, and the commiseration, and the lovely compliments.

So, right now, I'm sitting here nursing my mug o' chai, and crocheting on a new hat for DD. She misplaced her only hat yesterday morning on the bus, so she's hatless today. I figured that even if she finds that one today, I need to whip up a couple of hats to have around the house for extras. She's got a horrid tendency to misplacing things. I'm not joking when I say she'd lose her head if it wasn't screwed on as tight as it is. She's just forgetful that way.

Now, not that I'm ACTUALLY closing up shop here. Oh no!!!!! It's much too addictive for that. But, we are leaving on Thursday morning, for a few days in Anchorage. Tomorrow I'm going to be one busy bee, washing laundry & dishes and getting the house in order to leave it for a few days. The dogs are going to be cared for by our next door neighbour, J. He's said that he'll even bring Jenny over to his house for a couple of hours a day, to romp & play with his dog Misha. Misha & Jenny are only about a couple of months different in age (Misha was born in the summer, Jenny was born Oct. 31, according to the pound), so they're approx. the same size & weight & energy, though Misha's a pure-bred German Shephard and Jenny is (we think) a Samoyed/Akita mix. Puck is ok to leave loose in the house by himself (providing he's shut out of the bedrooms, and the livingroom/kitchen are picked up well), so we don't have to worry about him being too cooped up. J. also agreed to check our mail for us, so that's taken care of.

I've been printing off directions to various places to visit in Anchorage. Thus far we've got Chuck-E-Cheeses (DD is looking forward to this), the Imaginarium (hands-on-science museum), and the Diamond Mall (home of the only Arby's in Alaska, for DH; Rainbow Earth, a new-age store I want to get to; and Laura's Body & Soul, a bath & body shop that I have loved in the past). If we get over to the 5th Ave mall (where "The Body Shop" is located) that'll be extra. And I'd like to get to some bead shops down there and see what I can find for inspiration. But, Diamond, the Imaginarium and Chuck-E-Cheeses are all places that are on our MUST DO list while we're down there. J. suggested the Anchorage Zoo, of course, but it's a little cold & snowy to be doing that this time of year. Maybe next year we can get down there when it's warmer and a little later into spring or summer.

But, I just wanted to get on and tell everybody GOOD BYE!!!! I have Wed. off work to do the cleaning, we'll leave Thursday morning, and we SHOULD be back sometime on Sunday, time dependant on whether DD's team makes the championship. Then it's back to work on Monday. I'll try to post a little "I'm back" on Monday, at the very least, though details & recaps will probably have to wait till at least Tuesday.

So, If I don't get by your place tomorrow to say goodbye to all my friends, I'll say it now: See you in a week!!!!!!

Have a Blessed Week!


Michelle said...

Have a great trip, and safe driving! Hopefully the snow/ice won't be bad at all on the road down.

I think you'll be disappointed with Diamond Mall - it's really gotten bad...everything is run down and dingy, the number of shops is quite down, and so forth. 5th Ave. is better, I think, although it's more full of 'corporate' stores.

Give T. a big hug for me and let her know that I'll be sending happy hockey thoughts throughout the weekend!

sammy_bunny said...

Happy vacation!

Em said...

Sounds like you have a lot of interesting things planned for your trip. Travel safely and enjoy yourself!

And thanks for the kind words. :)

Anonymous said...

Have a safe and fun trip. It sounds like it will be a blast! Hope your weather isn't too nasty for the drive( can you tell I'm a "misplaced Northern girl"...lol).

Can't wait to hear all about it.

Brightest blessings


Kris said...

Hey Kiddo,
I will probably call you today to see if DH got his cups *smiles*... Michelle says I'm too much like my mother in that regard. HRmph! Drive safe going to Anchortown, I hope Tay has a good weekend of playing hockey and that she wins a few games. And, I hope you get to all the places you hope to go to in between all the games. I saw that it was 30 something below up there this AM... argh! & BRRRR!

Love you!
- Mom

TurtleHeart said...

Ooo, sounds fun, especially the Imaginarium! And of course, any new age store is fun. Have a wonderful time!

Chucky said...

Hope y'all have a great little trip.

Good luck with the games. Hope DD kicks some..umm....ice ;)

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Have a blast and good luck to DD and her team!

Meander said...

just stopping by to say hello. are you back yet?