Friday, February 23, 2007

I can see clearly now......

Well, not really. My eyesight is as bad as ever. However, good news from the eye Dr today. DD has "eagle eyes" to quote the Dr. Said her left eye is 20/15, and her right eye is 20/20, that there is NO reason that she'll need glasses likely any time soon. He'd like to see her back in a year, and suggested that what HE sees of her eyes, and the way she was reading the letters on the "screen" would indicate that she gets a bit "lazy" and she tries to jump ahead when reading things, not really paying attention to what she's reading, unless somebody else forces her to slow down & pay attention. However, he did say that in a year, if the reading of letters & numbers hasn't gotten better, he'll be happy to help us hunt down a Dr. to test her for dyslexia. Really didn't seem to think that'd be a problem, though, in the long run.

Mom.... Oooh, you would have LIKED this Dr. He is a cutie!!!!! Oooh, man, JUST the kind of guy you've always commented on. Heck, even _I_ thought he was pretty hot. Glad I was able to come across sounding like a normal person, when talking to him, instead of like a complete & utter idiot. He also told DD that he may see her at the 'Nooks game tonight (she & DH are selling frizbees AND programs, actually) and that if he saw her there he'd buy a couple of frizbees from her. When I mentioned his name to DH, you should have seen the shock on HIS face!!!!

DH goes "M. M????"

Me: Yep. That's him.

DH: Really????

Me: Yes!

DH: Oh, I went to school with him!!!!! HE was the eye Dr. she saw today????

Me: YES!

Too funny.

But, in the long run. No glasses. Dr. M. said that DD may never need glasses for near-sightedness, seeing as how her eyes are starting out just a fraction over into far-sightedness. Of course, I realize that so did Shelli's eyes, and she now wears glasses. So.... Maybe, maybe not. I didn't tell DD this though. She was thrilled that she wouldn't need glasses. Oh, and DD got to have her eyes dialated. She thought it was a funky feeling, and she just HAD to try taking the sunglasses off & look toward the sun, when we left the eye clinic. *rolling eyes* Duffus!


Oh, and Mom & Shelli, something else to kinda chuckle over. (Though it sounds mean to say that I'm chuckling, but I am. Just hear me out....)

Dad had to have another blood test yesterday, when he went in for his follow-up on his more recent cholesterol check. Well, when they did the cholesterol check, it took 2 tries to get a draw on him, and it left his arm somewhat bruised. Wasn't an easy experience. (Which, knowing Dad, we all remember how adamant he's always been that needles are NOTHING to worry about, that it doesn't hurt!!!! *rolling eyes*)

So, when he went back to get the results of THAT cholesterol check yesterday, the RN who saw him decided she wanted more labs run, so she ordered another draw. Well, I guess they couldn't get a vein in EITHER of his elbows, so they had to do the draw from the back of his hand. Oooohhhhooo!!!!! He was NOT pleased about that. He was telling me this morning "Gosh, Kati, I thought they'd stuck the needle THROUGH my hand, it hurt so bad. My hand is still sore today. I can't believe how much it hurt to have them draw from the back of my hand!!!!"

THAT is why I was chuckling. He was kinda peevish with me this summer when I was whining about the pain of the IV in the back of my hand. He also got huffy when I had my tonsils out, and when DD was born, because I was cranky about the pain in the backs of my hands on both of THOSE occasions. He's never believed me about how much it HURT. And he FINALLY got to see that it DOES hurt!!!!!!! LOL Yes, I was chuckling! I still find it somewhat ironically funny.


Last but not least, I dropped "the ball" in a bad way this morning.....

No sooner did I get off the computer earlier, than I got a call from the school. From DD's speach-therapy teacher, to be precise. Oh Crap!!!!!! I was supposed to have DD's EIP (or is it IEP?) meeting with her teacher this morning at 8:30. Guess what completely slipped my mind????? Yep. She called at about 10:30 to ask to reschedual or to do it over the phone. So, I owned up. Said I'd really overschedualed myself today, and that this happened to be the thing that got dropped from my memory. I was terribly sorry, and really hope I didn't waste too much of her time. I was prepared to come back in AFTER DD's eye appt. to meet with the teacher, but we just had a chat about it over the phone instead.

The teacher was of the opinion that DD has greatly improved, and while we didn't HAVE to test her early, to possibly test OUT of the program, Mrs. G. thought it may be an option. Was I interested. I told her that while I could see the improvement myself, I was concerned that if we tested her now, and she tested out of the program (if the child's test scores are over the "line" at all, they can no longer stay in the program, they have to be retested again later if they fall back behind) we might lose the benefits that it's given her when she starts 4th grade. Basically that she's doing well now, but EVERYBODY says how much harder 4th will be than 1st, 2nd & 3rd, and right now she's got the support of speach therapy going on, to help her through some of the rougher parts of her learning experience. If she DID test out of it, it would be that much harder to get her back into it (beaurocratically) and that if we removed that support from her now, she may not have the momentum to keep improving over 4th grade. Mrs. G. understand and agreed with the possibility of my concerns and said that in such case, she's got no problem with keeping DD in the program and testing her at the next schedualed testing time (Dec. of this coming year). So, she'll be staying in speach therapy for now.

However, one of the skills that she's been working on will no longer be a focus. It seems that one of the skills that the speach therapy teacher has been instilling in DD is the ability to read directions & pinpoint the most important details of a set of instructions/directions, and repeat them back. Critical thinking: What is most important in this set of instructions/directions. And Understanding: this is precisely what must be done. But, Mrs. G. seems to think that DD is to the point where she no longer must be made to talk through the directions, turn them around & verbalize the most valuable points of such. For the most part I agree. Then again, there are days when I wonder if she understands directions at all. ;)


After the eye appt. DD and I went to the Shopper's Forum & got me a daily planner (see above comments about dropped balls & forgotten appts) and her a root-beer float. LOL Ok, and I got 2 yummy Macadamia nut/White-choco-chip cookies, too. ;)

Then we came home, I went to pop a freezer pizza into the oven, for dinner tonight, tossed a loaf of garlic-bread in with it, and proceeded to burn the garlic-bread to a crisp. So, we're only getting pizza for dinner tonight. *sigh* I'm still hungry, and really wishing for a salad, though. *BIG sigh* Ah well.

So, WOW!!! Two posts in one day. Mom & Shelli, hope that gives you a bit of an update how things went today. Mom I know that you were esp. concerned about her eyes and the possibility of a learning disorder there. We'll keep an eye on things, but between Dr. A.'s appt last week, and the appt. with Dr. M today..... I think we'll hold off with anything more for now. Let's see how things work, with making the adjustments we know need to be made (St. John's Wort for the mood swings) and keeping an eye on her eyes. Besides, this is going to be a whole NEW crap-load of Dr's bills. *wry laugh*

Have a Blessed Day!


Kris said...

Hi Sweetie,
Glad DD's eye exam went well and that's she's doing better. Do I know the doctor? A hunk, eh? *smiles* BTW... I broke my glasses about 2 months ago and haven't been wearing any since then... and only wear my contacts occasionally, I get by really well without them... my eyesight's actually pretty good.

BTW... your dad used to be afraid of needles. When we got married in Florida (30 years ago), it was a big deal who was dragging who up the hospital aisle to get our blood test (Florida required a blood test before you could get married). Yea... needles in the back of the hand hurt like crap! I've been fortunate that the last three IV's I have had done, they did it like a blood test... wow... so much easier for me than in the back of the hand. Did Dad say why they wanted extra labs done? Something not looking right? How did his Cholesterol come out?

BTW... you may want to read my post. One of my client's... her husband dropped dead this afternoon, she's really struggling with it. She's 44, he was about 60, but she was SO in love with him, they had been married 13 years and he's been with her through the very tough times, the ups and the downs and the highs and lows (literally). It's sad. She's really goign to be hurting for awhile, I'm praying that she won't relapse because of it.

Okay... I'll sign off for now. Love ya... - Mom

P.S. good for you for not going to the "retreat"... sorry about the ice fog and cold weather (saw that on the Newsminer arctic cam this morning)... and sorry your work has been so hectic and stressful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie, my eyesight is bad too! I was so happy to hear that I didn't need glasses anymore, until they told me there was no hope for my eye.( I'm blind in my left eye and losing vision in my right). My daughter has worn glasses since she was 4 years old. It's the one thing kids don't tease her about.

Okay, I don't think they tease her about much. Once a couple of years ago, a boy was teasing her, so she threw him in the snow bank( did I mention she is an orange belt in judo?)...LOL.. she had two days of detention but at least the kids leave her alone now.

I know how you feel about puberty. When I was my daughters age, I was already mensturating. I hated it. I can see the moodiness in my daughter now and think.....oh man what are we in for??????

good luck and remember we're in this together

Brightest blessings