Monday, February 05, 2007

Next up, on my list of recipes....

Well, last night I decided that the next recipe I'm going to conquer (ie: learn to cook VERY well) will be **********Drum Roll********** Creme Brulee.

I still haven't gotten to go out to a good resteraunt for creme brulee & escargot, but I DID find that Safeway carries (just started?) pre-made creme brulee in real pottery ramekins. All that must be done to prepare them is thaw, sprinkle with brown sugar (each box contains 2 ramekins & 2 pkgs of brown sugar) and pop under the broiler for 2 to 4 minutes. Must say, they didn't taste bad. The custard had an absolutely incredible flavor, but it was rather liquid. There wasn't enough brown sugar in the pkts to make a REAL crust of caramelized sugar on top, either. But, I now have 4 perfectly reusable ramekins for my experiments. (Ok, well, 3 ramekins as the 4th is still in the freezer for later enjoyment.)

I've made a custard pie before.... I know it's not hard. A little time consuming, uses a few more dishes than I might like to use normally, but not hard. And since I know that all it takes is brown sugar sprinkled on top, then broiled (or toasted with a blow-torch)..... It won't be a very hard dessert to make. I've got the skill, do I have the confidence. HELL YEAH!!!!! I'm sick & tired of waiting around to be treated to somebody else's Creme Brulee, only to have it fall short of my expectations. (Or, not to be able to enjoy it whenever I would like.) Quite honestly, no creme brulee has EVER tasted as good as the Creme Brulee I used to have at "Clinken Daggers", when Mom would take me out for lunch, on my birthday, as a kid. That perfectly flavored, creamy custard, topped with the crispiest, sweetest brown-sugar crust....... *moan* Dang it! *wiping drool off the keyboard*

So, I'm just going to have to make my own Creme Brulee, darn it!!!! I know I can do it. It's not that hard. And I've even got the ramekins now, so I can't even use the excuse that I don't have proper dishes to pour my Creme Brulee into.

Stay tuned for future posts about my Creme Brulee. I don't expect it'll take more than a couple of tries to perfect, and I'm sure going to have fun trying. *wink* Oh, and I DID tell DH that one of the things he can get me as a future Valentines/Anniversary/Christmas or Birthday gift is a chef-sized blow-torch. Hell, I may as well do it up right. Right?!?!?! *BWG*

Have a Blessed Day!


Wizened Wizard said...

Start working on it - I'm on my way up there to taste it and make sure it's good!

Michelle said...

Have you ever tried flan? How do you think it compares?

Hope you're having a good day out there! It's 78 degrees outside right now (!!!!) which is making me quite happy. And Dusty...Dusty is in 7th heaven right now!

Stephanie said...

I just had creme brulee for the first time last month, YUM!!

good luck!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

If I ever get rich would you be my personal chef?

Connie Peterson said...

Go here .... to see a good recipe. And, as Michelle says, try flan ... easier - you cook the 'topping' on the bottom and turn it over. I love it, Norm doesn't - maybe I should make our egg custard in ramikins and make mine a flan!!!

Blessings and good luck.

Kati said...

Connie & Shelli, I've tried flan (in Spain, actually) and while it was good, I didn't like it as much as I love creme brulee. I don't think creme brulee will be that hard, actually. Just getting the right proportions, not too watery a custard, and enough brown sugar on top to be a nice crust. And making sure it's not under the broiler (or blow-torched) for too long. Don't want to BURN the sugar, that's for sure.

Whim, Wiz, and Steph, if you're ever up my way, stop in and I'll make some Clam Chowder & Creme Brulee for supper! *grin*

Kris said...

You should try Geraldo's, they used to make pretty good Creme Brulee'. If you wanted, you could probably call them and ask if there is anyway to get one to go (for $5 or so). It would probably be worth it. I thought it was as good as Clinkerdagger's.
But... if you ever do learn to make it... lemme know... I'll be right up! *smiles*
Love ya!
- Mom

Uncle Artemus said...

Hi Kati,
Creme Brulee is tasty stuff! I have no doubt yours will be the tastiest ever.

I'm glad you liked the birthday party story. Sounds like you've had your share of experiences with the juvenile party scene. We've had a few (four before this one to be exact) but never one with so much sugar involved. I think the next one will be at a bowling alley with lots of beer.

And I'm with ya kiddo; I'll take a book store (particularly one of the pre-read persuasion with a large Sci-Fi section) over a doughnut shop any day.

And as I read some of your previous posts I realize how facinating it is that you live in Alaska. I'm sure it probably isn't for you, but being a lifelong midwestern flatlander myself, I always find the different places people live interesting and especially when those places are located in more severe climates.

Like you saying it was a beautiful sunny ten degrees outside and you sent your daughter out to play. That is totally cool. Around here ten degree weather headlines the nightly news and people think your breath will freeze in your lungs, never mind letting children out to play in it. What babies we are.

Good luck with the custard, I'm sure it will turn out great. UA

Kati said...

Uncle A..... I understand when you say that you find hearing about other locations intreguing. I'm the same way, though I can't say as I find the mid-western flat-lands all that interesting. But I'd love to travel to various other places in the US to see what towns & cities & life are like there. New England, the North East, and the South. Arizona/New Mexico to see the old Pueblo ruins. The North West (though I DO have a bit of experience there, as that's where Mom's family is located). And lots of world-wide locations, of course.

I may not find Alaska as interesting, but after 22 years, of COURSE a girl wants to hear about other places. ;) So, can't say as I blame YOU for finding info about Alaska interesting.