Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Girl...... And her dogs.

Well, I was just going to post a pic of Puck, and how absolutely pathetic he looks, hiding out in that kennel, but DD wanted a pic of her & Jenny, as well, so here ya go. Puck actually ISN'T shut in that kennel. If you look at that door, you can see it's actually standing ajar. But, that's Jenny's kennel (she sleeps in their at night & when we're gone from the house, so as to keep her from chewing things up, or climbing on the furniture). Puck is in there because Jenny has been hording a little piece of rawhide bone for a few weeks now. And though Puck doesn't want to chew on it (or, not very often anyway), he doesn't want Jenny to chew on it either. So, instead of taking it OUT of the kennel and stashing it somewhere (I eventually find it and toss it back in the kennel & shut the door tight), he's decided to get INTO the kennel with it, and guard it THAT way. He's a very sweet & gentle dog, UNLESS there's rawhide (or any other form of bone) around. Then he's very protective of the bone, and incredibly snap-ish. Which is why he doesn't get them very often. One cannot actually take it away from him, you've got to wait till he puts the piece down then gently kick it away from him, before picking it up and removing it. Otherwise you're liable to get your hand bit. So, as I said, he just doesn't get bones that often.
DD is actually dressed up to go to church with the MIL, but found out AFTER she got dressed that MIL is sick (FIL & SIL were sick all last week, and now MIL has it) and won't be going to church after all. So, she's romping around here petting Jenny & getting her clean clothes covered in white dog fur. *sigh*
Have a Blessed Day!


Bardouble29 said...

Beautiful dog and what a cutie your daughter is! Its good that your doggie has a place he can go and chew on his bone!

Kris said...

Hi Kiddo!
THanks for posting the pic of Tay... it's always nice to see her pics. Hey... you could post some pictures of the C-C-C-old weather up there! LOL. I saw that it was -36 this morning (if I recall right). BRRRRR! I got to spend quality time on the beach this morning... remind me to send you the pic of the guy laying on the beach in his thong... he had the body to get away with it! *smiles*... too young for me though... lol. Just what I need!
Okay... signing off.
Love ya!
- Mom

Anonymous said...

Katie, the goddess game is up and running. If you want to e-mail me your e-mail addy, we can get you signed up. My addy is

Brightest blessings