Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A couple more pics....

No, I didn't stay up for the Eclipse last night. Kinda wanted to, but considering I slept like crud anyway... It's a good thing I didn't. But, I did want to post a picture of Her at Her fullest. Ok, one day away from her fullest, but still.... One of these days I'll try to get a good pic of Her just as she rises. Maybe if it's clear tonight I'll do it then. On a clear, cool Autumn night just as the moon rises she's this bright, brilliant yellow, and huge! That's one of the things I've loved about being out hunting, in the past. When you're out, away from any city lights or buildings, coming up on a ridge first thing in the morning as the moon is setting & the sun hasn't quite risen yet. She's this huge ball of orange or yellow hanging just above the horizon. It feels so primitive (even if one IS riding a 4-wheeler instead of walking or riding a horse). And the Alaskan land-scape, once out of the "civilized areas" is the best place to get that "I've stepped back in time" feeling.

This pic was taken from under my willow tree at the corner of my front yard. Not while out hunting. LOL

The first time I went with DH & DD to Tangles Lakes for a fishing trip, I was struck by the feeling that barring the car & the seemingly endless strip of black-top, I very nearly expected to see a herd of Mammoth or Mastadon off in the distance against the backdrop of some foothills we were passing. And, as we were the only vehical on that strip of road, at that time, passing that view, at 11:30 at night...... Alaska certainly can be a beautiful place. Wildly dangerous & awful barren, but beautiful. (Incidently, what I didn't realize till after I mentioned that feeling to DH was the tidbit that the area we were driving through at that point is where a great deal of the dinosaur bone-digs are done. It's quite a good spot for finding prehistoric remains & fossils.)


I don't know if I mentioned last week but once again DD doesn't fit into any of the "girl's" jeans to be found in the stores. They're all cut for long legs & skinny bellies, and DD doesn't have either. So once again we wound up buying her a couple of pairs of boy's husky jeans, which fit her perfectly. Unfortunately, those boys jeans just aren't "cool" the way girl's jeans are, though DD now realizes how much more comfortable they are. Anyway, in the past I've fabric-glued patches to her pants & shorts, I've puffy-painted them, and I've tried (but didn't succeed) ribbon embroidery on them. I decided to go with something different this year. The patches weren't a success as they start coming loose in the wash & the glue left stains on the fabric. And the puffy-paint was a little too "childish" for a 4th-grader. So, Ok. I saw this cute idea for a charm-bracelet that hooked onto the handles of a purse & drapped across the front. It immediately struck me that it may be a good idea for a faux chain-belt for DD's jeans.

On Saturday I found myself at Sentry Hardware picking up some fine chain, and at Ben Franklin's picking up beads. With DD's express interested in all things Native American, I decided to go with a turqoise & bone look. (Unfortunately the only turquoise colored beads I could find were seed beads -too small!- or pony beads -cheap!. I went with the pony beads.) This is what it looks like completed. However, Sunday Night as I was making this, DD refused to put on her jeans for me as I was measuring out the chain before cutting it to length, so I just held it up against her belly & did my best with predicting where the belt-loops would be. BAD MOVE! When DD asked me to help her attach it to her jeans yesterday morning, it wouldn't fit. The first belt-loops were a lot more closely spaced than I thought, and the chain hangs in a U shape when hooked ot those loops. The second set of belt-loops is just far enough apart that the chain is about an inch too short. *sigh & shaking head* Go figure.

So now I'll have to use more chain (I did buy a long enough piece in the first place that I've got enough left to do try it again), measured properly, and re-attach all the charms. *sigh* It's not a big deal, bit of a pain in the neck. I kept dropping the chain & charm as I was in the process of closing the jump-rings & it would fall apart & I'd have to pick it up, turn the chain so it hung properly & try again. I needed a second set of hands. LOL

So, a bit of a crafty pic, as promised the other day.

Other than that....

Have a Blessed Day!


Tori_Z said...

Those are awesome pics! I love looking at the moon when she's at her fullest. I once got a photo of her completely full when the ground was covered in a light frost, and I managed to capture both. That was a coupld of years back though, and I don't know if I still have it. I'll have to take a look when I get a chance. If I find it, I'll post it.

And, I just love that belt! It's beautiful! I'll have to make myself something like that!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Tell DD that I know how she feels. I end up buying men's jeans a lot too. If the women's jeans fit my legs they don't fit my waist or vise versa.

I love the belt!

Dirk_Star said...

Don't worry, I stayed up and got eclipse pictures for us all.

it was a very fine event and it was a cloudless night I Dayton, Ohio so I got some awesome pictures.

Em said...

I love the photo of the moon. Just awesome.

barefoot gardener said...

Let your DD know she has my sympathy. I have to wear men's jeans all the time. Reassure her that when she gets older the difference between men's and women's gets smaller, and actually the cut of men's jeans is more flattering than some of the freaky-deaky stuff they expect us women to wear.

I love the chain belt. I have a DD who is hard-to-fit as well, but loves all things "girly". I might have to steal your idea!

peppylady said...

I didn't stay up and see the eclipses either.
But i did take a picture of the full moon and post it over at my blog.
It was pretty fantastic.