Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The next bunch of pics....

This pic, DD is in the far right, the only green jersey.
I THINK that she's waiting to see what the Ref's call is, but I'm not sure. She just looks so contemplative, in this picture. Funny.
She's got control of the ball (technically), and she's racing the girl right behind her, from the other team, to KEEP control of the ball.
This, unfortunately, was not a goal-scoring kick. Nearly so. But, the goalie saved it. DD NEARLY connected with the goalie's face, in fact. I'm glad she didn't. That would have been a disaster! However, in a similar shot later in the game, DD DID get our team's only goal of the game.

We lost 2-1. But, it was a good game. Our team played their positions well, and really kept up the team-work and hustled.

Unfortunately for one of the girls on our team, she got the first goal of the game. On OUR goalie. Ooooh, she was so upset. It's the second time this season she's done that. Not on purpose of course. And she almost did it a second time in THIS game, but our goalie stopped the shot. *wry chuckle* But, I don't think there's a single child-athlete who hasn't done that at some point or another in their athletic careers. And I think Baseball is about the only team-sport in which it'd be impossible to score on your own team. *wry smile* So, none of us parents were particularly upset with the girl, of course. And some of the parents on the other team wanted to void that goal, because it wasn't scored by THEIR girls on our goalie. But, the Ref said that it wouldn't be appropriate. That is now how the game is played. *shrug* Oh well.

Have a Blessed Day!


Tori_Z said...

As long as everyone had a great time, it doesn't really matter, does it?

Anyway, great pics!

Bardouble29 said...

Hi my dear Kati!!

I am SOOO sorry I have been unable to visit on a regular basis...

Life has been a bit backwards!

I do think of you though! Just wanted you to know!