Monday, August 20, 2007

First-Day-of-4th-Grade Jitters...

So, here's my big 4th grader. My almost-10-year-old. She was very nervous this morning. Said she slept horridly last night, she was so nervous. I kept reminding her this morning that 3 of her best friends (2 of which are close neighbours) are in the same class as she is. That didn't seem to help. But, the other kids all either walked to school this morning, or got a ride from their parents. So, DD let me stand out at the bus-stop with her, and would periodically turn to me for a quick cuddle, before stepping away again. LOL It's so funny how she can be SOOOOO grown up one minute, and need a cuddle from Mama the next. *wink*

This is one of the tops that required the wearing of a cami or bra underneath. I don't know if you can see, but there's a seem right across the bodice that was terribly itchy when DD was trying it on without extra coverage. *smile* It's amazing how quickly they grow. *shaking head*

The dogs, of course, were in the house howling out the window as they saw DD & I standing at the stop (which is right at the edge of our drive, under that street-light), waiting for the bus. They just couldn't understand why they couldn't come out & play with us. *wink*


Hopefully next week I'll get to post a few pics of our back-yard. It's filling up quickly, now. And it's amazing how much bigger, and yet how much smaller, it looks with all these improvements. LOL DH & FIL DID get one of the canopy-car-ports (the one for my car) up yesterday. They're planning on doing the other one next weekend, hopefully.

The dog's kennel is also now in the back-yard, just off the side of the deck. The dogs are already used to going out the back again to go do their business, though they don't look certain they understand why it's got to be done IN the kennel, instead of wherever they desire. And we're keeping the kennel well tidied now that they've got such little room for such necessary business. LOL

It's funny, though, DH almost cringes when the dogs walk across the deck. He was grumping over the fact that they've got to traverse the deck to get to their kennel, and kept grumbling that if their claws scratch up the deck, he's going to have them de-clawed. *snickering* Silly, silly man. Does he really think that this deck won't get beat up & battered in it's time???? Please. It's not just for looks, it's to use. And that includes the dogs!

We still haven't had a barbeque out there yet. I was hoping to have a barbeque with all our local friends to "christen" the deck, but that hasn't happened yet, and it may not at this rate. The skies are somewhat over-cast today, with periodic sprinkles forecast. The temp's dropping quickly again. It's not supposed to get above 60 today, after 4 days of temps that were predicted in the 80's and up to 90 deg. F. That was incredibly warm for this time of year in central Alaska. But, now we're getting back to our usual autumn (yes, dear friends, this is our Autumn) temperatures.

I'd still like to have that barbeque, but instead of summer type foods, maybe we can do something a little more "white-trash Martha Stuart" and do sausages, sauerkraut, baked potatoes, apples and a vat of cider on the stove-top. Kind of a "leaf-raking" party, without all the leaf-raking. LOL And without the bon-fire, of course, since we just don't have room on our postage-stamp-sized yard. *shrug* We'll see. Anyway, hopefully pictures of the completed back yard next week.

Ok. I do believe that's all for today.

Have a Blessed Day!


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I hope DD's first day of 4th grade goes wonderfully.

I can't wait to see the pics of your yard. I hope you have a warm spell sometime soon so you can christen your deck properly.

Tori_Z said...

Hope DDs first day in 4th grade goes well. She's a very pretty young lady!

I look forward to seeing the photos of your garden.

peppylady said...

I remember having first day jitters when I went to school and when I get a new job I have the first day jitters too.

I sure hope DD enjoyed her first day back and the rest of the year.

TurtleHeart said...

DD looks so cute in her new outfit!

I was always nervous about the first day of school. I could never eat breakfast, I was so nervous I'd be sick to my stomach.