Friday, August 10, 2007

The Fair is in town.....

.... And the first half of the week we had definite "fair" weather. IE: It was pouring rain & nasty. I guess the fair closed down at 9:30 on Monday evening because the weather was so poor.

But, last night was a beautiful night for it. DH picked me up after work and we went over. Took us almost an hour to find a parking spot, and it was a tight fit for DH's truck, at that. But, we found one and made our way on in.

Walked around for a bit. I found myself some new hair-sticks almost immediately. Found a bunch of beautiful things that I'd have loved to get. Incredible indian cut & embroidered tops & scarves. Lux velvet bohemian skirts & dresses..... Jewelry fit for gypsy queens. And I didn't buy any of those. The tops & skirts wouldn't fit me. I couldn't justify a new scarf when the weather's so beautiful. And besides.... I had my shopping list & I was sticking to it!!!! And with only $30 of my own spending money.... I had to make sure to get what was on my shopping list before anything else. So..... 2 new carved hairsticks for my hair. A bar of "Outrageously Orange" soap from one of my favorite local soap-makers. And some amber chip-beads. And by then I was pretty well out of money, certainly not enough left for a new scarf, or earrings, or a ring.

DD spent 7 bucks on a nifty new hair-wrap for her hair. It's this spiraled plastic (or rubber?) thingy that ends in a dangly bead or charm of one's choice. All sorts of wrap colors to pick from. DD chose white & purple for her hockey team colors, but ended the wrap with a soccer-ball charm as they woman selling them didn't have any hockey pucks. LOL Anyway, you take a section of hair, about the size of a pencil, give it an initial twirl to hold it, then wrap the rubber-wrap around the section, and around, and around, and around. It holds snuggly, and you wind up with a cute, colorful, removable section of hair. For those parents who don't believe in placing chemical color in their child's hair, an easy solution. LOL I wound up buying one for myself (with a couple of dollars from DH, as well) in green with a dragonfly charm at the bottom.

We had beef bulgogi & rice, and wantons, and kimchi from the HoDo House for supper. DD and I enjoyed the bulgogi & wantons. The kimchi wasn't as good as what I make, at least DH & DD didn't think so. DH said he didn't see anything food-wise that appealed to him, so he waited to eat till we got home.

DD got to go on a few rides. The spinning apple and a small roller coaster being the primary ones. Of course the huge slide, and the fun-mirror house don't really count as rides, but she didn't really want to go on the major thrill-rides after all, and DH chickened out about letting her. LOL

DH and DD talked me into getting old-time photos done of us. It was kinda fun, and kinda funny, but as usual I'm not terribly impressed with the way I photograph. *wry smile* And there was only one dress in the costume section that fit me, and rather poorly at that. Dresses back then just weren't made for chubby girls. And in one picture of just the hubby and I, the photographer had me sit, when really I should have stood next to DH. I look SOOOOO short & waist-less in that photograph. We did get a cute one of DD, though. We put her in a bonnet, with a parasol, and the dress, and she looks so darling. *grin* And DH wore the only thing that would fit him, a big ol' duster, and a stetson hat. He looked like this big, neck-less cow-rustler, esp in the pic where he's holding a shot-gun & I'm sitting at the table spread with (play) money & playing cards. We got 3 different poses. A family photo of the three of us at the table spread with flowers & a candle. DH and I at the table with playing cards, cash & a couple of bottles of booze & him with the gun. And the one of DD with the bonnet & parasol. It was $50 for all that.

Lastly DH & DD each played a couple of games. Neither won, though DD did get a consolation-prize stuffed lizard for playing ring-toss. LOL

We finally left the fairgrounds at about 11:30 and headed for home. Got home around midnight and let the dogs out and DH got a bite to eat. DD went straight to bed, no brushing of teeth or shower. I stayed up till about 1, letting Jenny have a little time to romp around the house with Puck before I shut her back in her kennel & said goodnight to him and went in for a shower. It was 2 this morning before I crawled into bed myself. I was out within a minute or two. I had also elected to shut off our alarm clocks & unplug the phone so we wouldn't be woken early. Figured this morning was a good time to sleep in. And except for hearing DH's alarm clock going off at 7, I did sleep. All 3 of us slept so solidly. Took DH 3 tries with the clock to get up this morning. I slept till 10, and DD slept to 10:30 before getting woken by the phone.


In other news..... I've been driving around town the last few days without brake-lights. The switch went out, and I stopped in to Napa on Wed. to see if I could pick up a new switch so DH could replace it (since the Chilton's book said it's a quick & easily fixed problem), but they didn't have any in stock, anywhere in Fairbanks or North Pole. They went ahead & ordered one from Anchorage to be here sometime this morning. So, I took my car to FIL's house and DH tried to remove the switch. It's jammed so far back up in there behind the steering column that it's next to impossible to get the necessary wires unplugged in order to remove the danged switch. I even got in there (after DH got out of the way) and tried. Sliced my finger open a bit for the effort. (Not too bad, a yucky little sore paper-cut when it comes down to it.) But, the way it's tucked behind the steering column.... I can't figure out how somebody can get 2 hands in there to unplug the thing & pull it out. *shaking head* So, we're going to have to shell out the $150 to have it professionally replaced, and hope that was all that was wrong with the brake-lights. And in the mean-time we're hoping I don't get pulled over & given a fix-it-ticket for not having brake-lights on my car. The city has started requiring that you pay a $25 processing fee, even when you DO fix the problem to avoid paying the whole ticket. *shaking head*

In fact, on the phone with DH just now and he can get my car in today. So I've gotta go so I can pick up the brake-light-switch, and get my car over to the shop in time to meet DH who's going to give me a ride on to work while the shop is working on my car. Now to persuade DD to shut off the x-box & let's get going.

Have a Blessed Day!

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