Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Some pictures to share....

Well, I wanted to share some pics of the soccer game last night. DD is number 15 in the green & black. Our team's name is the "Green Highlighters." *rolling eyes* (DD was one of the few on her team voting for "Green Dragons", but it's a team of girls, so of course "Dragons" wasn't acceptable to them, and "Highlighters" won the vote. When rooting for them, we just yell "Go Green!" *wink*)

More to come.

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sammy_bunny said...

I know the feeling. When it was time to name our new 4-H club most of the group was 14 year old girls. They wanted to name it Starlight. We tried everything to convince them it was stupid. I made them introduce themselves using the name. I pretended to announce it like at a horse show. It didn't work. Fast forward 2 years to when these same girls were horrified at the name! I admit I said "I told you so" often.