Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Generosity of Friends....

So, look what some of my coworker's & friends brought in for me yesterday. That biggest yellow squash is bigger than the upper half of my arm. LOL This is just a bit of what my coworkers/friends have been kind enough to gift me with this year. What you don't see is all the sugar-snaps & carrots & greens & beets that G. gave me earlier this year. Or the lettuce greens that P. gave me. Such lovely friends/coworkers I have. I had already shred one smaller zuke by the time I thought to take this pic, and had eatten one a couple of days ago. One more of the green zukes was shredded after I took the pic, and the one almost hidden under the carrots was sauteed up for dinner. Looking forward to lots & lots of yummy baking with the shredded zucchini that I'm going to be freezing over the next couple of days.

DD had a good first couple of days at school. The first day, she brought home spelling words & a small project due on Friday. Of course the spelling words were the 10 or 12 that she's had over & over & over again over the last few years. The words she learned in 1st grade: am, be, can, do, and so on. The second grade words include: who, was, they, were, come, are, etc.... And third grade included friend, people, does, right, write, when, where, want, and so on. The kids get this list at the first of every year & it's refered to as the "No Excuses" list. In other words, after reviewing these words year after year, they've got no excuses for NOT getting them right. LOL

The project consisted of a paper bag & the instructions to bring in 5 to 7 things that help illustrate who DD is. Of course she's got pics of the dogs and hockey & soccer pics. LOL As I said, her presentation day is Friday. It doesn't sound like she's had any homework other than that this week, so far.

She likes her teacher, and she likes being in class with 3 of her best friends (though she doesn't sit near them). What she doesn't like is that due to alphabetical order, she's required (at this point) to sit next to a certain little boy who's well known for being disruptive & rude, and likes picking on her & distracting her. She's had to sit next to him or his twin in each of the last 3 years of school. The teachers know about these kids already. DD asked Mr. O'R. if he could seat her next to somebody else because of the past experiences she's had with this little boy, and he asked her to give things a chance for now, but let him know if this little boy starts causing trouble and he'll straighten things out. I hope so.

I felt bad for one poor kid who came through my line at work the other day. This was Monday & I was all grins at how spiffy all the kids looked, coming in wearing their new duds with their hair nicely brushed. I love that look at the beginning of the year! Anyway, this little boy comes through with 3 or 4 books on plants and bursts out with the tidbit that he'd been assigned a report or something on plants already. *shaking head* The first day of school & this poor kid has an assigment to write! I had to ask what grade he was in, as he looked about the same age as DD, or a little younger. Turned out he was going into third grade. A year younger than DD. *shaking head* Rediculous!!! Of course it made me nervous to find out what DD brought home. I was very relieved by the work she brought home on the first day. Very managable. Not that I don't expect DD to get hammered this year (as compared to the rest), but on the first day.... *shaking head* I just don't think any of us are quite ready for that, so quickly out of the starting gate.

Thanks for all the lovely comments in support of DD the last couple of days.


It's looking rather gray & drear this morning. Of course it's looked like that the previous two days, but the skies cleared, and the temps warmed up, and we wound up having a beautifully sunny & crisply-warm day both Monday & Tuesday. Maybe today will be such as well. Then again, we could use some rain. It's been several days since our last rain. Last Wednesday, to be precise.

Well, that's it for this morning.
Have a Blessed Day!


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Nothing says friendship like fresh produce!

I'm happy to hear that DD's school year is off to a good start. I hope that boy leaves her alone.

Tori_Z said...

That was nice of your coworkers! I'm glad to see that there are still people in this world who are happy to share their produce with others.

I'm glad DD had a good first couple of days at school! :)