Wednesday, October 10, 2007

And I should care, WHY?????

To set the scene: Monday night, 10:10 pm. Our kitchen table, eating a very late dinner.

The hubby and I were talking about ages, the hubby just having learnt that his boss's wife (the couple are old friends of the FIL's) is about 15 years younger than the boss himself. The hubby then proceeds to say to me:

"Guess who turned 37 today?"

Me: "Ok. I give. Who?"

DH: "Matt Damon"

Me: "Yeah, so?"

DH: "And guess how old I heard Gwen Stefani turned last week!!!!"

Me: *sigh* "How old?"

DH: "She turned 38 already. I can't believe she's almost 40!!!!"

Me: "Ok, what's the point here???? Why should I care how old they are????"

DH: "I don't know. It's just kinda cool that they're older than we are. I thought you'd be interested."

Me: "No, quite honestly, I couldn't care less right now."

I'm sick & tired of the news being about celebrities birthdays, who's losing custody of her dogs as well as her kids, who's having twins and who's not pregnant after all. I'm sick of it being more important that some hollywood celebrity got a DUI than the state of our environment, our govermnent, our economy, or hell..... Even our own school district!!!!! And I told DH that I don't see why the news we always hear about has these stupid hollywood actors & singers involved instead of what's really important. His response?

"Well, that's all most of us care about! We don't wanna hear about how bad the economy's is. That's not interesting!"

*shaking my head* Idoicy. THAT'S what it is! Idiocy, when one is more interested in a bunch of air-brushed, lip-syncing dancing chimps than one is about the reality of life.

Well, I for one am SICK & TIRED OF IT!!!!!! It's not that I don't find it mildly interesting that Gwen Stefani is 2 years away from 40. But when I find it interesting it's not because I'm wondering how HER birthday party went. It's because it reminds me that I'm less than 2 years away from 30, and I'm wondering where the last 10 years went.

Yeah for Jennifer Lopez (I refuse to call her by the more popular nick-name) having twins. That's great, I suppose. But I'm happier for my blogger friend who just found out she's having her first, one she's been trying to get prego with, for a long time.

Britney Spears has lost custody of her kids??? Ok. Well send that CPS worker up here & have them get my SIL's boys into foster care (because even the problems with foster care, those boys would be better off than they are in my SIL's care).

The rare instance this "celebrity" news interests me, it generally ties back into something that ACTUALLY concerns me. Not because I really give a rat's butt about the celeb's life. They've got their own friends to share their concerns with. I've got my own problems to deal with that I don't need to focus on their problems instead. And even if my life is great, there are a lot bigger things to be concerned about than a certain heiress's latest antics. Like the environmental problems I mentioned earlier. Or this housing slump & how it'll affect my hubby & I in our house (hopefully it won't). Or the president's veto of the Schip Bill that'll affect both my nephews and my niece, and evidently a great number of my friend's kids as well, but it's not something the Cruises are at all going to be concerned about for their little girl, or Brad & Angelina for their 4 kids.

I just don't care.

So, don't bother leaving celebrity tid-bits on my blog, unless they're TRULY doing something great to improve lives other than their own. On the other hand.... I'm sick & tired of hearing Bono toot his own horn in regards to all the "great" stuff he does. And Angelina Jolie is starting to get on my nerves. Maybe she could start a school like Oprah did instead of adopting just one child from each country. Even Oprah, with all her good works, IS NOT A GOD! (Except in the sense that we all bear that divine spark.) I don't care to read a book titled "The Gospel of Oprah". *shaking head*

Really people, there are other, everyday people in this world making a difference: teaching, raising money, helping the poor & sick, feeding the hungry, raising awareness about the environment, volunteering in our schools to help our children read & learn math, building homes (not as grand as on a popular TV show, but sturdy & bound to be well-loved) for poor folks, teaching kids about beautiful music they can make themselves & how to paint & draw...... There are sooooo many people in this world who do good works & never expect to have their names in lights for their efforts. The most they might expect is a THANK YOU from the mom of that little girl they're tutoring, as they pass in the school hallway. And that's sufficient.

It's time to focus on what's important. Celebrity life in Hollywood just isn't important. They don't deserve this much of our energy & thought.

Oh, and for what it's worth. I'm sick & freaking tired of that stupid Nickleback song "I wanna be a rockstar". _I_ DO NOT want to be a rock-star, certainly don't want to have my drug-dealer on speed-dial, or party invites to the "fancy" clubs with a who's-who of hollywood, or wear designer duds, or have a garage with 15 cars and a rockin' "crib". I can't figure out if that song is making fun of the "rock-star" lifestyle, or promoting it. If they're promoting it, I find it VERY offensive the way they go on & on about the drug activity prevelent in that lifestyle. If they're making fun of it, it's rather odd that they seem to find that drug-use so entertaining. This is another thing that the hubby just loves (and because her daddy does, my daughter loves it as well), that I can't stand to hear on the radio.

Jeesh..... As I write this, I hear the folks on the radio saying something about "Britney Spears". MY POINT, EXACTLY!

Have a Blessed Day!


Robin said...

It's pretty common that people follow the lives of celebrities, because their live's suck. It's escapism. I'm here to tell you, my life isn't great right now~ but I'm in your court.

I don't have the 'gene' it takes to focus on some stranger's problems/good times. I've never understood it. Guess I never will.

Connie Peterson said...

Amen, sister!!!!!

I am fortunate to live with a man who says "Britteny WHO?" .... more concern about getting the apples in and paying our bills that worrying about a movie 'star' ..

Keep up the good fight - someone has to care about the real world!

Gina said...

Right on, Kati!!!

I feel so much the same about all the idiots and even about that Rockstar song. I was wondering the same thing about it either being sarcastic or serious, but either way it's certainly no athem for the youth is it????

I do find it mildly interesting the Gwen S turned 38. I saw No Doubt in Arizona back in 1995 when they were just a small touring group from California. I was only 24!!!!! (yikes, and now I am only 1 YEAR behind her. I hadn't realized 40 was so close *cringe*) ;-)