Saturday, October 06, 2007

I'm so freaking tired.......

It seems as though everybody & everything is conspiring against me to get any freakin' sleep lately. The kiddo refuses to go to bed before 10, and thinks that now that she's older (*rolling eyes*) she should get to stay up till 10:30 or 11:00, or whenever she's tired. Problem is, she still believes she simply MUST be tucked into bed by me. Doesn't seem to see WHY I may want to get to bed at a reasonable time myself. I take my showers just before bed, so ideally she's in bed at 10, so I can get in & get a shower & hopefully be in bed before eleven. (My hair takes a lot of time to deal with, being nearly down to my backside.)

The night before last it was 10:25 before the kiddo went to bed, as she & her dad were going over her spelling words one last time. Then he went in & took a shower while I sat & read, waiting for the shower. I finally got my shower & crawled into bed at about 5 till midnight. Of course, the hubby was already asleep & snoring. So I nudged him and asked him to roll over, he rolled over to his stomach & resumed snoring. Try as I might, for at least the next half-hour, I couldn't get him to roll onto his side. Just as I finally succeed, and he stops snoring & I start dozing, the train came through.

We live less than a 1/4 mile from a rail-road track. Which is usually fine. We've lived here so long that we can all 3 pretty well sleep right through it. But occasionally they'll get a jerky conductor who doesn't seem to realize that it's MIDNIGHT and he'll lay on the freakin' horn as he crosses every road in town. And there are at least 3 spots where the train crosses a road. And you can lay there & count the seconds. Longest I've ever heard them blast that horn at midnight: 30 seconds. Count it out, now imagine trying to fall asleep as the conductor is blaring that thing, a 1/4 mile (un-insulated-by-trees) away from your bedroom window. Night before last, it was only 20 seconds that this guy would lay on the horn each time. He did this 3 times at the road-crossings, then another 2 as he was alerting the folks who control the gate into the refinery.

The train conductor finally quits. I start dozing again. FINALLY. And guess what...... PUCK decides he's sick of sleeping in our room but I evidently shut the door too much for him (it wasn't even resting against the door-jam), so he starts whimpering & scratching at the door to be let out. Freaking A!!!!! Do that, and I FINALLY get to sleep. It was about 1 am. My alarm clock goes off at 7:45 AM on school mornings. I got less than 7 hours of sleep when all was said & done. I work best on at least 9 hours, preferably ten.

LAST night. The kiddo, again, was arguing against going to bed. Who cares. 10:05 and she's in bed. My plan was to go get a shower. The hubby wants to watch an episode of Dead Zone. That's something that we actually do together, fine. I'll watch an episode of Dead Zone. (It's a good show, really!) Ironically, the hubby started dozing off half-way through. *rolling eyes* After the episode ended (we're currently renting the 4th season from the movie store, we've got season 5 recorded on our DVR), the hubby went to get on the computer & I went in for my shower. It was now 11 pm.

Come out of the bathroom at just before midnight & climb into bed, and GUESS WHAT!!!!! I couldn't fall asleep. I'm a night owl by nature, and though I'll be tired as hell, it often happens that my brain won't shut down. Ok, so I laid there & read for a bit. I know that laying there with my eyes closed just makes matters worse, so reading is a decent option. It was about 12:30 before I got drowsy enough to put the book down, take off my glasses, & turn out the light.

2:30 (give or take 15 minutes), I hear the TV on in the living room & I go to investigate if DH fell asleep in front of it again, and turn it off. Nope, he was awake & turned it down a bit & I went BACK to bed. At some point later he came in to bed, and promptly started snoring. I Nudged, he ignored me. This continued off & on for a while until I FINALLY got him to roll over & got to sleep for a while myself. But, it also reoccured another 2 times that I'd have to nudge him several times to get him to roll over. Of course, he gets snappy with ME because that wakes him up. *shaking head*

At 7:56 this morning (according to the coffee-pot clock) the phone rings. Of course _I_ jump out of bed (the hubby sleeps like a rock, and my side of the bed is closer to the door) and answer the damned thing. It's an automated message from Dish Network saying that if we don't pay our bill they're going to cut off our cable. IT'S PAID!!!!! WE PAID IT A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO! STOP CALLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, it's an automated message, so it wouldn't do me any good to scream at the damn thing. The kiddo also got woken up, and after we'd both visited the bathroom, we crawl back into bed & attempt to get BACK to sleep.

The kiddo succeeded. I didn't. The hubby was on his back & snoring again. FREAKING A! *nudge, nudge, nudge* No response. *nudge, nudge, PUSH* He finally rolls over. For about 10 minutes. Just long enough for me to doze off. This happened several more times before he snapped at ME about how no matter what position he layed in, he was going to snore. NOT FREAKING TRUE, and I'm about to sew a damned tennis ball into the back of his boxer shorts!!!!!!

FINE!!!!! I took my pillow & MY blanket & went to sleep on the couch. Guess what. NOT happening. As soon as I lay down, crying because I'm so freaking tired, the damned dogs across the street start barking. The woman's got 4, her hubby's got 1, her hubby's dog is the only one who doesn't bark. And because she works a night shift, she's up this time of morning unwinding from work, and doesn't mind that her dogs are outside for 20, 30 minutes at a time, barking their freaking heads off. And if they so much as see the blinds go up in a house across the street, they start back up. *shaking head*

WTF ever. So much for sleeping in till 10 am this morning. And of course, the kiddo got up at 9 and asked me to get her breakfast, and is now in on the couch watching cartoons. As far as breakfast goes, I told her that at 10 years old she can darn well fix herself something to eat. She had yogurt & a piece of fry-bread. *rolling eyes* Oh, and the hubby is in bed, on his back, SNORING! He can make his own damned coffee today.

Evidently I'm just not meant to sleep. Thing is, I'm so freaking tired that I'm sitting here crying. I'm completely useless without sleep. I'm pissy. I'm crying all day. And I know that tomorrow morning I'll have to be up at 9 am to get ready for work. (Saturdays are the ONE day I'm supposed to be able to sleep in, and yet, I NEVER GET TO!) Monday will be a day off for DD, thank the Goddess. That means I MAY get to sleep till 9, if everything else doesn't conspire against me again. Tuesday, it's back to waking up at 7:45 and more sleep deprivation. *sigh*

I'm about damned ready to rent myself a room up at Chena Hot Springs for a couple of nights. Just me! In a room. All by myself. Away from large amounts of traffic. *sigh* As if it'd do any good. I'd probably get a room next to a very vocal honey-mooning couple. *rolling eyes*

Tell you what, I'm picking up some damned ear-plugs when I go to the grocery store today.

Have a Blessed Day!


Em said...

Oh Kati, just reading about your battle for sleep made me tired! You need a day where the whole family goes on an outing and leaves you home to nap, curl up and read, then nap some more. Followed by a good night's sleep!

Here's hoping the ear plugs help!

barefoot gardener said...

Oh, darlin'! I am so sorry things have been so cruddy lately. This post reminds me so much of how I felt when my whole insomnia thing started. The frustration and exhaustion are just miserable. One trick I use is to make sure I am in bed and at least dozing before DH can come to bed and start snoring. Once I am asleep it doesn't bother me as much. As far as DD? I say, you tell her she's gotta go to bed whenever you say and then she can lay awake all she wants as long as you get to go to bed. You need your sleep, hon.

Best wishes for things to settle down and let you get some sleep....

Oh! and I live about 1/4 mile from the tracks, too. How wierd is that?

Robin said...

If the husband gets pissy about rolling over, I doubt he'll be up for this, but- they do have these things at the drugstore called....something like snore-eeze. It's a piece of adhesive that the snorer puts acoss the top of his nose. It opens the passages to make breathing easier. Jay used to snore and tried them, and they worked.

See if he'll try it. Somebody needs to show you some respect and help you find sleep. It's not healthy if you're so tired, you're crying.

(Stepping gingerly off soap-box.....)