Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Gods, He's a Cutie!!!!

And no..... I'm not talking about my hubby. There's a new computer guy at work. I think I heard he's an intern. Anyway, perfect blend of brains & brawn on that one. *sigh* Of course he's at least 5 years my junior, I'm sure, AND I'm married. But ooooooh, a girl can look!!!!! And Gosh Dangit!!!! I DO wish he wouldn't smile at me!!!!!!! Darn near makes my knees go weak. Of course, I can't actually let on that I've kinda got the hots for this guy, but still.......

I mentioned this to one coworker of mine that's completely trustworth in this aspect, and she just chuckled and said that she's got the semi-hots for a young patron of ours who looks a LOT like one of her favorite characters from a TV show we both love. *grin*

We may work in a library, doesn't mean we're stuffy, though. *grin* We, too, like to admire some of the guys who pass us every day. Of course, the good looking ones are few & far between, but occasionally..... There was one guy in frequently this summer who looked very much like a slightly-scruffy Clive Owen. *sigh* Man, had to keep myself from drooling on the keyboard at Check-out every time he came in.

Anyway, I just HAD to tell somebody. It's not exactly the kind of thing I'd mention to the hubby, and it's not something to talk about among "the girls" at work.

(Had to somewhat censor what I'd previously written to avoid hurting feelings.)


Let's see, I'm making split-pea soup for dinner tonight. I've been trying to make a vat of this for a few weeks now. But one thing after another has kept me from doing so. Just following the directions on the back of the bag of split-peas, so nothing really exciting to share. I AM using a hunk of salt-pork instead of pork hocks or bones. And I DID add a diced potato, a dash of red-pepper-flakes, and some thyme (fresh from a coworker's garden) to the pot. But that's all I'm doing differently. Really, you want the recipe, go grab a bag of split-peas off the shelf of your local grocery.

I'd had to chuckle, though, when I was buying the bag of peas. I usually just buy green split-peas, though my inlaws like the yellow. I was going to pick up 2 bags of each, but when I looked at the price...... *shock* Green split-peas were $1.29 a bag, yellow split peas were only $.89. *shaking head* NO difference what-so-ever, except the color, and yet green split peas cost MORE than yellow by 30 cents. Absolutely rediculous. So, I picked up 4 bags of yellow, instead. Makes no nevermind to me, what color they are, but if the yellow are cheaper, that's what I'll buy.


I've tipped a couple of real-life friends in on my blog, and they've expressed some confusion over the abreviations & initials used. I will say that I use initials frequently for my coworkers and because the initials tend to be their first & last, I won't be posting their names here to clear things up. BUT, here are some of the others I use frequently, just to clarify a bit. Of course a lot of my long-time blogger-friends KNOW who I'm talking about with these initials, but just for clarity's sake.....

DD is "Dear Daughter". Also posted her real initials below: T.N.A. Also refer to her as "the kiddo" occasionally.

DH is "Dear (or damn) Hubby", also known as "THE hubby". ("Dear" or "damn" based on whether he's currently on my nerves. FOR THE MOST PART, the "D" stands for "dear" though.)

MIL is Mother-in-Law
FIL is Father-in-Law
SIL is Sister-in-Law
BIL will be Brother-in-Law (now that I actually HAVE a brother-in-law)

My Mom & my middle sis both come here and I'll post my middle sis's name on occasion, that's Shelli. But generally try to refer to them as "Mom & middle Sis" for privacy reasons.

My baby sis & niece are refered to as just that. My baby sis and niece. The niece gets various nick-names here as I feel like. I've refered to her as "Her Royal Heinous" before, as some of you recall. Pretty much if I'm talking about my dad, I'll refer to him as simply "my dad" or "Dad".

I've also got 2 nephews. On the rare occasions I talk about them (because I don't see them a lot TO talk about) I really pretty much just refer to them as Nephew 1 (the older) and Nephew 2 (the younger). They're brothers. And as I've only got 2 nephews (by the SIL) it makes no sense to constantly clarify that.

All blogger friends of mine are usually called by some version or derivitive of their blogger-name.

Ok. I think that about covers that subject. I hope it helps.


And last but not least. I was wrong. I admit it. We have not gotten snow yet, down here in the valley. I am very suprised as I thoroughly expected to see snow a couple of weeks ago. The hubby has been very kind to NOT say "I told you so" though he could NOT restrain himself from doing a little happy-dance around the livingroom on Sunday while chanting "I was right, I was right, I was right." *wink* Ah well, I let him have what satisfaction he can in the fact that he was right this time. It doesn't happen often, so I can be a gracious "loser" on this. *BWG*

Have a Blessed Day!


Connie Peterson said...

It took me a long time to figure out the 'short-hand' words on blogs. But since I've been posting for almost two years, I have finally figured it out! I don't like the short-hand words, myself, so rarely use them. I figure I'd rather write them out!

Have a good week - and keep the drool off the keyboard! Although drool makes problems and you could get that hottie to come fix your keyboard if you drool enough!!

sammy_bunny said...

Well, if you aren't using the cutie, can I borrow him?


Robin said...

'Her Royal Heinous'....still laughing. I'm stealing it.

By the by, my boyfriend is 12 years younger, so kick that worry out of your fantasy....

Em said...

Sounds like you have something very nice to make work more fun! LOL

peppylady said...

As old as I am and I'm not old as dirt yet...I still look.

I haven't made split pea soup for ages to was one of my dad favors.
I'm making clam chowder for dinner tonight and will have it posted on my blog Friday the 5th and taking part in holiday cooking blogger style.

Bardouble29 said...

You are too funny girl! I have missed not being able to read your blog! But I have internet again and will be making my usual rounds.