Sunday, December 09, 2007

Both Games, a win!!!

So, the first game, at 8:15 yesterday morning, was a win for our team by 5 points. Final score: 6-1. DD DID play goalie in that game.

The second game, also a win for our team, had the final score of 5-2. DD did NOT play goalie, she played Right Wing. (Offensive, right side.)

So, we had some very happy little girls. *grin*


Dinner the other night was pretty darned good, but not quite as great as the previous Friday's supper. DH had prime rib, again, but a much thinner cut than the one at our anniversary. I had some very yummy halibut topped with caramelized shallots & swiss cheese. For desert DH had some sort of fudgy-brownie type thing with a raspberry coulee & chocolate ice-cream. It was too rich for him to eat more than 2 or 3 bites. I chose the Baked Alaska but should have had the thing DH did. The baked Alaska wasn't all that great.

A coworker/friend of Dh's and HIS wife sat next to DH and I. I got to listen to the wife wax poetic all through the supper about her copious amounts of diamonds, and the midget-doxy that she spent 600 bucks on just recently. I tried turning the conversation to her kids a couple of times, and she would respond to the answer, then go back to her diamonds or the dog. I finally got her to shut up about the damned diamonds when she stated that she'd gone to a "Million Dollar Diamond Sale" and bought herself yet ANOTHER diamond ring without her hubby's knowledge, and was oggling this diamond necklace that used several carats worth of diamonds and cost $14,000. My response was "DANG!!!! Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not a "diamond" person myself, but if I had THAT kinda money, there are a hell of a lot of other things I'd be spending it on besides a diamond necklace!!!!"

Kinda funny how she shut her mouth with a snap and didn't say much more to me after that. Not that she was a mean person, just incredibly shallow. And I did try to be nice, but DANG!!!! Enough already!!!! There IS more to life than diamonds, and dogs & work. And she spent a good 10 minutes sitting there at the table talking on her cell-phone to somebody at work, though she was supposed to be on vacation, and while the rest of us were trying to carry on conversations with our dinner partners, around her. *shaking head*

THAT is why I don't have many friends in real life. The wives of most of my hubby's friends are all about work & "diamonds" (or the new car they just got, or the vacation they are going on or just got back from, or the latest party, etc). MOST of them are a good deal more willing to talk about their kids than this particular woman was, which at least gives us SOMETHING to relate about, but NONE of them are actually willing or able to carry on a conversation that involves "deep" subjects such as books, current affairs, or even hobbies. MUCH less about politics or religion. (I know, politics & religion can be sensative subjects, but when handled respectfully people with the potential to be REAL friends should be able to discuss these subjects.) And, outside of the wives of my hubby's friends, I'm such a hermit that I don't really interact with other people unless I work with them. There are a couple of women I'd like to be friends with at work, but it's kind of hard there as well. You've got to be able to respect the boundaries placed on a friendship by work and not spend the whole time at work relating as "friends". One of my coworkers, who I'd love to be able to count as a friend, doesn't seem to wish to have me as a friend, thinking that if we didn't work together she'd probably not bother to call me up just to say hi and catch up. A couple of my coworkers who are of the friendly & want to be friends type, are also of the very shallow & only want to talk about celebrities, type. *shaking head*

There's one woman who used to be my manager at the craft store, when I worked there, who I count as a friend, though I don't really get to talk to her when I'm not in at the craft store. But when I'm in there, we catch up & exchange news about kids & hubbies, jobs & current events, crafting & whatever-have-you. The one person I still actually really talk to from HS, who I'm not afraid to share my political & religious views, who probably knows me best, is also somebody who is at least as busy as I am and our lives don't tend to intersect as much as I'd like.

*sigh* So, it kinda bums me out when I find somebody who's got the potential to be a friend that I'd get to see fairly often (as our hubbies are friends as well), and yet is so shallow that I don't really feel like I can carry on a real conversation with her.


Anyway, it's snowing again. It snowed quite a bit Thursday night through Friday, stopped for the day yesterday, but now it's started up again. It's NOT going to be a fun drive to town today. Which means I really should go ahead & end this post so I can visit all my friend's blogs before heading to work. So......

Have a Blessed Day.


Tori_Z said...

Congrats to DD's team on the two wins.

I know what you mean about the "friends" thing. Most people are so shallow they don't have time to talk about anything but themselves or the expensive things they've just had brought for them. And, if I had that kind of money I would spend it on something more useful than a diamond necklace as well. What a waste of money!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Hooray for DD and her team!

I think it is much harder to make new friends as we get older. And you are right most people these days are shallow. And not to sound sexist, but women are the worst. Like you I would much rather have an intellectual conversation rather than see who has more or bigger diamonds.

Slip said...

Don't be too tough on "Diamond Girl" I am married to a woman dripping in the things. Well maybe not dripping, let me see she got her first one 38 years ago in her engagement ring that she lost splitting firewood. I promptly replaced it 10 years later. Then two Christmases ago I bought her studs for her pierced ears and one got lost in the house, so now I hope she gets her nose done or I have to get her one more.

I am waiting to see that kid of yours in the NHL.

Gina said...

I, too, know what you mean about the friend thing. I lack many local friends as well.

I am not a "diamond" person either, but even if I was I could not be that shallow. I had to laugh because I was thinking "midget-doxy", what kind of diamond is that until I got to the part about "dogs". LOL!

I hear a commercial around here for a jeweler that goes something like, "Honey, last year I hated the gardening shears you bought me. Go to JB whatever and buy me a diamond!" and I just feel confusion. The Gardening Shears seem more practical and thoughtful (if she is a gardener), than some new pc. of jewelry.

Sad, she couldn't even talk about her kids. And more sad that she thought anyone cared about her over-inflated jewelry. I would have loved to have dinner and conversation with you and your DH!!

Congrats on DD wins!

barefoot gardener said...

Yay for DD!!!!

What is wrong with these gals that all they can talk about is diamonds? And what is wrong with me that I don't rate all these diamonds?

Just kidding, I don't even wear my cheap costume jewelry very often, I can't imagine having NICE stuff! I suppose it would look fabulous lying (laying?) there in my jewelry box.

I also have trouble with the whole friends thing. There are just so few people in my community that I have anything in common with. I thought I was really strange until I found out about blogs and realized there are many folks out there MUCH stranger than I.

Celticspirit said...

You must be really proud of DD. She did great!

As for the diamond lady.....if I had that kind of money to waste, it sure wouldn't be on jewelry. Jeeze.

TurtleHeart said...

Woo-hoo for DD & her team!

Gads, I'd have lost patience with Diamond Lady much sooner than you did. And I totally agree with you-- if I had *that* much money, I can think of much better things I could spent it on... including donations to some favorite charities.