Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I've been TAGGED!

So, Rachel at Me7of11 tagged me with the "7-weird-things-about-me" meme. I HAVE done this one before, so I'll try to come up with 7 more weird things about me. (Even _I_ am going to run out of wierd things to share about me, sooner or later, people!!!! *wink*)

1) I've recently realized how my tactile sensabilities & my love for crochet tie together. My mom would tell you that I "pick". Fuzzies on the arm of the couch, or my shirt sleeve, or my pant-leg.... I'll pick at them mindlessly while doing something else, like reading or watching TV. The crocheting while I watch TV keeps my hands busy, which means I'm not picking the fuzzies off the arm of the couch till it's thread-bare.

2) I won't use body-washes or commercially-made bars of soap unless there's nothing else to use. I LOVE hand-made hot-process type soaps. I splurge quite a bit on these soaps. I've got 30+ bars of this kind of soap currently tucked into nooks & crannies around my books on a couple of the bookshelves in my room. I bring them home, unwrap them, and let them cure till I'm ready to use them. I'm currently using a couple of bars that were purchased in 2004. (I try to jot the date purchased on them when I bring them home when I take them out of their plastic-wrap, though I leave the paper labels on them. This way I can use the older bars first, always saving the soaps purchased more recently to cure till their time has come.)

3) I'm not a terribly picky eatter, anymore, but I get burnt out on food easily. That meal-list & menu idea I've been using for the last few months??? Not working so well at this point as I'm kinda burnt out on everything on the list. You would think that with almost 90 different meals on there, I'd be able to go a couple of months without repeats then I'd be ready to eat those foods again, not so. I'm still getting burnt out.

So, if ANYBODY wants to post some of their family favorites for me????? It'd be greatly appreciated and if we like it after trying it two times, it'll get added to MY family's meal-idea list. *grin*

4) I tend to make up nicknames for my pets. Puck is "Puckaroo", "Puckers", "Puckarooster".... Jenny is "jenny-jens", "jenners", "Miss Jenny Jen Girl", "The White Idiot" (this one is courtesy of DH). Our former dog Sebastian (he died a couple of years back) was "Bashy", "Bashers", "Bash", "Bashian". (Most of these because DD couldn't seem to pronounce "Sebastian". And yes, he was named after the crab in "Little Mermaid". And it was DH who named him!!!)

5) Occasionally when I get to go to Taco Bell, I order their cinnamon strips & an extra cup of nacho cheese, and I dip the cinnamon strips in the nacho cheese. It's REALLY very yummy!!!!

6) Have I said how I love Children's books???? To the point lately where I'm collecting some of the books that I love so much for MY bookshelf??? The "Brambly Hedge" books are about this "neighbourhood" full of mice & voles that live in a field-rimming hedge somewhere in the british countryside. The pictures are so detailed and yet so sweet I just can't get over them. I've got the Spring, Summer, and Autumn books already and am going to buy the Winter book once we get into the new year, then on to the suplimental stories. But, I LOVE these children's stories that involve quaint country cottages & gentle tales about humans & creatures. Another favorite is Cynthia Rylant's "CobbleStreet Cousins" series. And Ann M. Martin's new "Main Street" book series is looking to be pretty good to. But especially the picture books with paintings & drawings of little animal creatures in cottagy-style holes & homes & nests. I start to wish I was a mouse in a dress and could live in a darling little crab-apple cottage on the edge of a field. And pretty sweet too, my Dad recently found among some of his sister's "effects" a little music box in the shape of a teapot. It's got several little mice inside & around, and there is a door on the front with a little mouse standing in the door-way sweeping, and in the back there's a "cut-out" with a view of a mouse "spinning" on a spinning wheel, and another mouse in the background baking bread. And the little hearth behind the bread-baking mouse is lit up, and the front door has a little light in a carriage-style light fixture. And at the top of the teapot the lid is lifted in time to the music by another little mouse peaking out from inside his loft bedroom. It's just so darling it's almost painful, and I LOVE IT. And I wish I was small enough to crawl inside & check out all the details. *grin*

7) (whew, six was a long one!) I tend to be a bit of a hoarder. Probably related to back when my dad would send me to bed without dinner as punishment for various "crimes". Though it wasn't always just dinner. There were times I was grounded to my room without any meals after whatever I'd just done to earn such a terrible punishment. Usually my mom could talk him around, if it was more than dinner that I was being denied. But it got to the point where I'd hoard food in a little dolly-hamper under my bed. (The old wicker kind that came with the baby-doll & her clothes & accessories all tucked inside.) Of course the "tucking the food in the hamper" came from reading "A Little Princess" by F.H.Burnett a few too many times, but the hoarding food comes from being denied dinner & thinking I'd be bound to starve before breakfast. *wry smile* Though, the only thing I REALLY remember putting in the hamper was a couple of packs of dried instant oatmeal. I even tried this oatmeal once and found it incredibly nasty without cooking. I'm sure there were other things I found to secret away to my little hamper, but I don't remember them now. But, I STILL have a tendency to do this. Not because I'm being denied dinner, but in my lunch box I've got a bag full of mini reese's peanut butter cups, a few extra tea-bags, a snack-bar or two, and a pack of microwavable popcorn. In the past I've bought canned food & stored a few cans at a time in my locker at work, but I find I don't like canned food much anymore, so I don't do that as a rule. Even so, I've got a tendency still to hide chocolate & candy from DH and DD. DH of course, has the bad habit of taking DD's halloween (and christmas, and easter, and any other) candy and eatting it all and not leaving any for anybody else. So, hiding MY chocolate may just be self preservation from DH's occasional piggy-ness. *grin*

Ok. That's probably more wierdness than anybody ever wanted to know about me.

Um, I'm supposed to tag 7 more people. Who to tag.... who to tag???? How about Barefoot Gardner, Tori, CelticSpirit, Heather over at SpiritBlog, Gina at CauldronRidgeFarm, Toasty at MarmiteToasty, and lastly Greg at Greg's General Store.

Have a Blessed Day!


Gina said...

LOL, I'm not going to use it on my weird meme, but I do the candy hoarding thing too! AND, DH also eats all of Shawnee's candy.

Tori_Z said...

Everyone has their weird habits... LOL!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Isn't it funny how you can get burnt out on food? I do it all the time.

Ok, #5 is kind of gross, but I suppouse I shouldn't knock it since I've never tried it.

Michelle said...

I've decided that #5 makes you one of the weirdest people I know! ;)

About other meals:
(1) spicy black bean soup - fast and delicious. Cornbread is a good side (and if you can sneak in a can of pre-chopped mild green peppers into the cornbread batter, even better).
(2) white bean chili. A nice alternative to regular chili, less cholesterol and sat. fat.
(3) that chicken and beans dish that I posted on my own blog a while back. It's really, really good and another dish that takes maybe 20 minutes to make (OK, maybe 30)
(4) Roasted chicken. So easy. So good. And it'll go with anything else.
(5) Pulled pork in the slow cooker. Make pulled pork sandwiches. (I've got a great recipe for North Carolina bbq that turns into, in essence, a pulled pork sandwich. The bbq is a rather clear, vinegary sauce.
(6) Spaghetti alla carbonara. This takes just as long to make as the pasta takes to cook. So, what, a 15 minute meal?
(7) Potato leek soup.
(8) Tortilla soup.

And for sides? I've been stuck on a veggie combined with nuts lately. You know my obsession with the zucchini and pine nut stir fry (you really should try this. I mean it. I often just cook up a zucchini and have it like this for lunch or dinner) but green beans with almonds (and dried cranberries!) and spinach with chopped pecans are also great. I've got some broccoli in my freezer and I think I'm going to try it with some almonds soon.

OK. That's it!

Also -- I mailed the box yesterday. Had to mail it priority because she said that was the only thing guaranteed to get there before Christmas.

Love ya!

Celticspirit said...

I think the weirdest one is #5. Makes me want to gag. The others...not too bad. I know you tagged me but don't know if I can come up with 7 bloggers to tag. If it were just people online that I knew then it would be no problem.I'll see what I can do. Hope you are having a great day Kati!!!

Bardouble29 said...

Hello my friend, hope you are doing well!

Slip said...

I am truly afraid to publish my 7 weirdest things for fear of men in white coats!