Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Day after Christmas, and all through the house...

new electronics are plugged in, and sucking down energy. *wry laugh*

So, DD and DH (and even I) have been greatly enjoying the Wii that we got for Christmas. It only comes with one game, and DH hasn't bought another one quite yet, so yesterday we took it over to the inlaw's place with us, and for 5 hours (from the time we got there at 1 pm till the time we left at about 6:30) that game was being played by SOMEBODY in the house. The game it comes with is Wii Sports, which has a boxing game, baseball, bowling, golf, and tennis. The only game we did NOT try yesterday was tennis. The boxing was the only game I actually tried, and it's a REAL workout!!!! The only two people in the house who DIDN'T try it were my SIL and her younger boy (who's only 3). The kids had quite a blast with the boxing & the bowling, and DD quite enjoyed the baseball.

Anyway, all present were MIL and FIL, SIL and her boyfriend, SIL's two boys (3-1/2 and 5-1/2), the boyfriend's younger brother (a 12 year old who's been pretty much raised for the last few years by the boyfriend, as their parents aren't in the picture any more, and a VERY well behaved nice kid!), DH, DD and myself and MY dad. I think DD started to develope a little bit of a crush on the 12 year old who was there. But, as I said he seems to be a very good kid, and was great with the nephews & hung out quite willingly with DD and played games with all of them.

Really, yesterday went very well. Maybe the FIL said something to MIL because MIL didn't act extra-ordinarily gushy over SIL and the boys without paying any attention to DD.

I even had to chuckle as SIL bit into a piece of the Rocky Road candy I'd taken over (along with all the other cookies & candies) and said something like "Dang, Kati, did you make this???? Bro, NOW I know why you're so dang fat!!!!!" *grin*

Anyway, so Christmas day went well.


Today, not starting out quite so good. DH got in to work this morning and was immediately set to doing grunt work that the warehouseman should be doing. And the guy who's lead-chemical-blend guy didn't bother to put the chemicals on the warmer on Monday, so that they'd be ready to blend & ship today. So, it looks like DH is going to be doing grunt work all morning, and they won't get to do the blends until this afternoon, and they'll probably wind up working a couple extra hours tonight. Which is fine, in and of itself, but now the boss is telling DH that there's a lot of overtime coming up that DH won't be able to leave for DD's hockey. And DD has that tournament coming up that I won't be able to handle all by myself. The boss has told DH that if he has to get off at 5 for DD's hockey, when there's overtime to be worked, DH could lose his job over it. *shaking head* It's not VOLUNTARY overtime around there, it's forced. And it's not like it's only a half-hour a couple of times a week, it could end up being anywhere from 1 to 4 more hours a night, EVERY night, for as long as the boss tells them. *sigh* I KNEW DH should have stayed with his old company as salesman. There, he could make up time & work around DD's hockey schedual. They weren't an ideal workplace, but they were much more family oriented than is the company DH is with now. But oh well, DH wanted more money. Now he's got it.

On top of Dh's extreme grumpyness this morning, DD went & dropped the syrup bottle when she was getting her french toast heated up and the bottom broke out, spilling syrup all over the kitchen floor. (I'm glad I make her use the cheap syrup she & DH prefer, instead of letting her use my good, REAL maple syrup. That stuff is too damn expensive to be wasted.) Anyway, of course she wanted ME to come in and figure out how to salvage the rest of the syrup in the bottle, but she also started getting pissy when I told her she was going to clean up the mess on the floor, herself. Suddenly it's too hard to bend over, or the water to wring out the sponge is too hot (gee, turn on the cold water as well, to blend the temps!!!!!), or she's "done" when there's still a big puddle of watered down syrup on the floor. *shaking head* She even asked if she could just let Jenny come in and lick it up & clean it up for her. I reminded her that NO, that much sugar would make Jenny sick, then who would be responsible for taking care of Jenny & cleaning up HER messes?????

*sigh* So, things could be going better today. I'm taking DD over to Dad's house on the way to work. He's going to watch her during Christmas break. Of course, that really only amounts to about 5 days that DH or I aren't going to be home with her ourselves. DH has tomorrow off (a use-it-or-lose-it personal day that has to be used BEFORE Dec. 31st), so he'll be home with DD all day.


The menu for the rest of the week is

Wednesday: Sloppy Joes
Thursday: No Fuss Chicken (easiest recipe in the world: cut-up chicken pieces, we usually use chicken thighs; 1/2 jar of apricot jam, an equal amount of russian dressing. Place the chicken pieces in your crock-pot, then cover with the jam/dressing mix, and let cook all day at low. Serve over rice when you get home.)
Friday: Torsk (Another easy recipe, the basics of which are to poach fish filets in lightly sugared & salted water till cooked through, then place in a baking dish & brush with melted butter & broil until the butter caramelizes a bit. Good served with rice-a-roni or some sort of pilaf or something.)

I think Saturday we'll try a salmon recipe that DH has been wanting to try out. I'll have to post that later. (Along with the actual recipes mentioned above.)

Well, must get in some quick visiting to my blogger-buddies, then get offline & get heading out to work.

Have a Blessed Day!


barefoot gardener said...

Mandatory overtime stinks. My dad gets to work mandatory saturdays periodically, and it is miserable.

Sorry DH has to deal with that (and the rest of the family)

Connie Peterson said...

OH! That chicken sounds GOOD!! I will have to try that for tonight - I have some wings and drummies that I can put in the crock pot. Thank you for that idea!

Celticspirit said...

It sure sounds like your whole family is having fun with the Wii! I saw on the news this morning that someone donated one to a local nursing home and they were bowling on it and having a blast. It's got to be good for stimulating the mind huh?

Sorry to hear about your hubby's problems at work. I hope they are resolved.

Lucky you...your daughter has a crush already. I bet you can't wait for those teen years. Having raised 3 daughters now all grown I sure do know what you're going thru. My son at 12 will not admit yet that he likes girls but I know that he does.

Your menu sounds good, especially the no fuss chicken. I just may try that. I love such easy recipes.

Tori_Z said...

That sucks that DH's company is like that. Hope it doesn't cause too many problems with DD's hockey games.

Glad your Christmas day went well... Shame the day after wasn't so good.