Thursday, December 06, 2007

I am Crabbybeast Wickednoggin!

Or, that's my "Grinch Name" anyway. Here's the link to find YOUR Grinch Name.

So, we just had a furnace-care company come out & take a look over our furnace. It didn't seem to be running correctly lately. Turns out that the ignition coils were just about shot. So, along with the tuning & cleaning they did on it, the whole bit cost $218. *sigh* Another credit-card charge. But he said that it was close to going out completely, so it's a good thing we did this now, instead of waking up one -40 morning to find out that the furnace wasn't coming on at all. *nodding* True enough. He also, of course, recommended that we get some filters on the darned furnace. Yeah, I keep telling DH that too but he never remembers to measure the damned thing & go pick up some filters. It may be something I go do myself one of these days. Sometimes it's just easier to do it oneself rather than nagging constantly but never seeing it get done.


Speaking of "nagging" at the DH, he still hasn't made an appointment for his tooth. He's so nervous about getting any novicain shots that he's not really bothering with making an appointment. And for now, his tooth seems to have stopped bothering him, resulting in further reluctance to get it taken care of. *sigh* He's too big for me to physically haul in for an appointment.


We're done with hockey for this week, thank goodness. DD had hockey on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday. And that's just the past 7 days. Now she gets Thursday & Friday off, before having 2 games Saturday. *shaking head* She's got over 14 ice-times this month alone. And that's not including any tournaments she may or may not be entered in. She's starting to feel a bit burnt out already this season.

Friday night DH and I are going to his company Christmas Party at the Pump House. *grin* More yummy food, two weekends in a row!!!! That rocks!


So, my boss has been ok for the past week. Yesterday she even cracked a smile in my direction! It's kinda funny, though..... Our Senior Page (the one who "directs work flows" for the rest of us pages) has had to take some medical leave and is now on leave till the beginning of January. This means that LG (the kiss-ass) has been made "acting" Senior Page. And, I don't think she's entirely finding it to her liking. It's like, once she's given the authority, she finds she doesn't really want it after all. She's actually being more of a busy-body than normal, but now she's very tentative about it, very nervous about stepping on any toes because she knows that if she offends somebody, SHE'LL need to patch it up instead of letting KO (Senior Page when she's not on medical leave) deal with the hurt feelings. I think that when KO comes back, LG MAY likely stop being such a busy body. It'll be nice if that's the case. But, for now, with how tentative & almost scared she's being of stepping on toes, it kinda makes her busy-body-ness funny. It's much easier to laugh about when you see her pussy-footin' around the workroom, trying to get things done with extreme efficiency, and NOT step on toes at the same time.


I'm trying to get up the energy to do any cookie baking. I WANT to do some baking, I'm just not feeling like expending the energy to do so. And, considering I've only gotten my exercising done once day each these past two weeks, it's probably for the better that I don't go making (and eatting) a lot of Christmas cookies. I had fully intended to do my exercising this morning until DH called as I was sending DD out to the bus, and told me that the furnace-maintenance guys would be here at 9 to work on the furnace. Well, so much for exercising. I went ahead & made myself a pot of coffee instead and am figuring that maybe the coffee will give me the energy that the exercise would have. I'm not going to get to work out tomorrow because of volunteering at the school, and Saturday morning DD's first hockey game of the day starts at 8:15, so I won't be getting up early enough to exercise that morning either. Sunday will be the next chance I have. I'm DETERMINED to do a hell of a lot better than 1 day next week. NEXT week I want to get in at least 3 exercise sessions. Hopefully 4, ideally 5! I can tell how run-down I am feeling again, now that I've been slacking for a couple of weeks. The 3 or 4 weeks of good energy levels was so nice that I'm hating being worn out again. And it was only taking 20 minutes 3 to 5 times a week to GET that energy level. That's something I SHOULD be making a priority.


I think that's about it for this morning.

Have a Blessed Day!


Tori_Z said...

Interesting name. LOL!

Your hubby may be too big to drag to an appointment, but would he go to one if you called and made him one?

Hope DDs hockey games go well on Saturday.

Mmm... cookies!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Scroogeygrinch Fussyhead

You really should get DH to the dentist. A bad tooth is nothing to mess with.

Cut yourself a little slack about the exercising. Sometimes life gets in the way, and it is the holidays. Do the best you can now and make it part of your routine when they are over.

barefoot gardener said...

Tell DH to ask for gas before he gets the novacaine shot. It's the only way I can get through the whole experience! I keep my eyes closed and pretend I am VERY FAR AWAY. Before I know it, the dentist is done!

I think your DH and mine have been comparing notes. Mine evidently finds it impossible to accomplish anything without massive amounts of nagging on my part. He actually ASKS me to nag him! I told him I am his wife, not his mother.


Celticspirit said...

Scroogeytroll Snottynoodle says:
I have been so dying to make some cookies! But, I'm afraid I'll eat them and once I start well look out.....they are too tempting. I have always been somebody who loves to bake and now I'll have to keep it to a minimum.

I'm glad you got your furnace fixed before it became unfixable.

What would happen if you just made your DH and appointment at the dentist? Would he go? He could end up getting an infection and then it would be a lot worse. I do understand his fear though, I've had to have a lot of dental work in the past.

Wizened Wizard said...

Ice hockey and furnaces have the same season, eh? Good *luck* with the exercise program - so hard to do AT FIRST, but then it gets easier. I'll be facing some serious exercise (core strengthening) as soon as my back stabilizes.

Stay warm and well up there!