Thursday, July 17, 2008

Didn't Get the Job.....

I got the call finally yesterday saying that I DID NOT get the job. Again. However I'm not terribly heart-broken about it. The woman who DID get the job is somebody who has been working at North Pole Branch for at least 10 years now and knows the ropes. That means that her 20-hour position will now come open, and I'll simply apply for that. Scott was really hoping I'd get the job because the financial issues have started kicking our @$$es. Oh, we're both still working, but the money that's getting put into our vehical fuel tanks every week is getting harder and harder to afford. But, it's either "put gas in the car and continue to work, or don't put gas in the car, quit the job, and be completely unable to eat anyway." As for everybody else, it's a no-win situation.

So, like I said, Scott was REALLY hoping I'd get the job this time. The write-up of my interview included terms such as "learning" and "emergent story-telling style" and "has a basic knowledge". In other words, I need practice. But at the same time, it's practice I'm not going to get without getting the job. However, the two interviewers are running out of reasons to NOT hire me. I get more experience (albeit limited) every time I do the interview. They cannot honestly expect me to have a "storytelling style" before I've ever had a job that requires me to BE a story teller. The woman who's just gotten promoted started without any "storytelling expererience", as she once told me. The woman who got the job last time started without a "storytelling style" as she'd never had to do story-time before. So, that ceases to be an issue as soon as there is not somebody with more experience than I have in all the other areas.

So, my job now is to find another story-time and get it learned early. To keep my nose clean at work. To learn something about the databases in order to sound a BIT more educated as to the reference side of the job. And to keep a good attitude about the job.

Here are some more pics of the 4th of July in Riverfront Park, Spokane, Washington.

First are some pics of us all on the carousel in the park that my Mom helped save from destruction when she was a child about Tay's age.

These first couple of rounds were just of Tay and Kiara enjoying their rides. That's Tay there in front, and Kiara directly behind her.

Tay DID NOT get the brass ring this time around (nor did any of us, at any point in our rides), but she DID get a ring. *grin* I love how sheepish she looks in this pic.

What a blast, riding the pretty carousel horses!

Mom got herself and I each a ticket for the carousel once. I haven't ridden on this thing since I was about 15 years old (or was it 14?). Anyway, my sister Shelli took these next pics for me. Dang do I look fat in this pic! I swear that part of it is the seatbelt and the way it pulled on me. *wry smile* I'm actually now wearing a size 18 jeans instead of the 20's I've been wearing for 5 years now. I just wish that little fact showed up in the pics.

(Just a little aside, my first day back at work after vacation I wore this pair of capris. My FAVORITE pair of capris. I got home from work and Tay's soccer game and found that the pants had split out in the back-side. That makes now FOUR pair of jeans or capris that I've split out in the back-side since I started working at the library. I NEVER used to split pants out in the back-side. The crotch occasionally, and the knees would go frequently, but never the backside. All I can suppose is that all my squatting and bending down strains that seam, causing it to rip. *sigh* I'm afraid, though, of how long I was wandering around at work and at the soccer game, split out but everybody too polite to mention it. The poor people of this town may have been traumatized by the sight of my backside peeking out of my jeans, once again. I SWEAR I'm not doing it on purpose!!!! *wry smile*)

My mom riding "her" carousel!

"Hang Loose, Dude!" *wink*

"One more picture of me on this thing and I'm gonna swipe that danged camera!!!"

Round and Round and round they go.....

Next come some pics of the enormous waterfountain there in the park. There were 3 different patterns that the water would come out in: from around the outter edge, those blocks had a kind of cannon-type spray that would arch down to the drain; the top has a bunch of sprays that would arch up then fall down toward the center in a dome of spray; and around the edge of the drain at the bottom there is a ring that would spray water directly up, forming a "cage" of water for the kids to run through. They also had this ringed off with gate to allow kids to go in if their parents allowed it, but keep younger ones out as well, if their parents weren't ok with them getting wet.

Tay was really rather ambivilent about getting into the fountain, seeing as she had to wear a swim-suit and she was afraid everybody would make fun of her for doing so. Never mind that everybody else was also wearing swim-suits. Nope. Supposedly if SHE did, she'd get made fun of.

You can tell that in this last picture, she's lost the inhibitions she started with. I LOVE the suprised and thrilled expression on her face. She just looks so happy in this pic. Like she's ACTUALLY having fun, finally. That's not the kind of expression one sees on her face very often any more.


Ok. I need to go ahead and get offline. It's time to get ready for work, once again.

Have a Blessed Day!


barefoot gardener said...

I'm sorry you didn't get the job....again. I think you are right...if you get in at that branch, then you will be more likely to get it the next time it comes up.

Just keep hangin' in there...they can't hold out forever! :)

I am so glad to see that you had such a good time on your visit. Poor Tay (and you!) looks like she is starting the "teen blahs", where nothing seems to satisfy. Glad to see that you could coax out the little girl for just a little bit....

DirkStar said...

I'm first to comment?

Sorry about the job.

Hang in there...

I just posted about my bike with a picture. I told you I'd get one up!

Robin said...

Okay, this one requires a comment. I've been looking at the pictures of Tay for about a week now but didn't know why they captured me so, until this last photo and something you said.

She reminds me of me, back in the day.

I don't think I was as angry and defensive looking as she seems, but I was close. The crossed arms, lack of a smile, looking 'put out'.

I wasn't any of those things really (except defensive) because I had reason to be. Every time I let my self go.... enjoy something, there was almost always someone who could comment, make fun of me, etc.
(Remember, I have a cleft palette AND I was overweight.) Things happened to me at school and other places that my parents never knew anything about, and those things had a hand in shaping the woman I am now.

The reason the last photo (of sheer joy) is the one that sparked understanding is that Tay is at that moment experiencing life (in spite of herself) the way I always had in me, but always quelled.

Looking back, I was so beaten down (by others and my buying into it) that I enjoyed very little. Dating was hard, amusement parks (I wanted to go on all the rides, but....), swimming, almost anything. One reason that Jay is so good for me, is that he unequivocally loves me for me, and has proved it.

And, no offense Girl, but your comment about everybody else wearing swimsuits....and, losing the inhibitions she started with~ that could have been written by my mother.

I learned early that everyone else 'wearing swim suits' did not make me immune from derision. It's not something you talk about even with your mother, so you avoid the situations.

The last photo of Tay says to me that she hasn't lost her inhibitions... she know for a risky moment she's doing what everyone else has been doing, what she's always wanted to do~ be herself and the joy overwhelms the fear.

I AM speaking of myself, and Tay just seems to be alot like I was. I hope I'm not out of line in writing this. I would never have left it in a comments section if I weren't sure you read them first.

It's just that if Tay IS like I was, I'd like to speak for her a bit. Maybe if someone had spoken for me, a bit more of my life would have been joyful.

Gina said...

Oh, Kati, you so deserved that job! I wish I had an ounce of your talent for seeing the bright side to things! Your opportunity will come!

I always want to shout when they bring up the inexperience thing. You are so right in that the you need the job to get the exerience, and to get the job you need the experience. You are smart enough to figure any of the jobs out withot the immediate experience.

Good luck for the one the lady is leaving-will keep sending the vibes!

I know what you mean about finances and a&& kickin' ;-)

whimsical brainpan said...

I'm so sorry that you didn't get the job Kati.

LOL about the split capris, but only because it sounds like something that would happen to me.

The pics are great and you're right the one of Tay in the fountian is wonderful.