Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pictures to Share.....

  • These first couple of pictures were taken in front of Cabela's in Post Falls, Idaho. Tay was considerably less than happy with being asked to pose with me. *grin* This was early on the fourth of July.

  • Next come a couple of pics from INSIDE Cabela's. These pics are of the ENORMOUS fish-tank. The first pic shows some of the full-size trout and such (maybe bass?) that are swimming about inside the fish-tank. It's like this gigantic 5 (or more?) sided thing that's designed inside the tank to look like a real lake or river eco-system.

  • This next pic is of course of Tay in front of a panel of the fish tank. She was finally feeling better about having her picture taken. I think she would have really prefered if I'd gotten a pic of her doing some "target practice" with the laser-guns in the "shooting range". She spent about $5 to play at that thing for a good little while. If you hit one of the laser-sensors, a corresponding bit of the make-believe scene would move. Fire at the correct laser-sensor, and a rattle-snake would move along in the "sand". Another sensor prompted a "rabbit" to jump out of a bit of brush. Yet another would cause the "fire" to flare-up under the cook-pot. A target at the back would cause a bear to stand up, grumbling, out of another patch of "brush". The favorite laser-target, once discovered, was the water-spout. You shoot at it, and whomever is standing closest gets an unexpected squirt of water right at face level. *wry smile*
  • These next pictures are from RiverFront Park there in Spokane on the 4th of July as well. The first, here is of Tay and Kiara (my niece) standing on the building-block sign in the park. I don't know WHO that guy just to their left is. *grin* He just happened to sit down as Tay and Kiara arranged themselves for my picture. *smile* Oh well. I'm making him unexpectedly famous here. *wink*
  • (Tori, the "building block sign" is actually made to look like a child's letter blocks, spelling out "City (of) Spokane". The "Of" is actually invisible in this picture. But it's in 2 tiers, the building-block-sign. So the kids are standing above & behind most of the sign, on the back edge.)
  • This is the enormous Red Flyer wagon slide. I remember having MY Mom and Dad take pics of me at top, and sliding down, when I was about Tay's age. (Tori, it's HUGE. Tay looks like a short Barbie Doll standing in a big old red wagon, the slide itself is the handle of the wagon.)

  • I've got a lot more pictures to share. They'll have to come in a different post, probably a different day. This one day was soooo full that I got all of my 100+ pictures that day. Unfortunately I kept forgetting my camera the rest of the time we were down there.
  • You can find OTHER pictures at my Mom's blog, and that of my middle sis, though.
  • **********

    I have had a good couple of chuckles at my hubby's expense today. We went to the 40th birthday party of a neighbour & friend last night. This is Tay's best friend's Dad. Well, I stopped after 2 drinks, knowing that I was already past my normal limit with 2 instead of 1. But, as the birthday-boy's house is 2 over and 1 back, I felt ok drinking 2 beverages and having faith in my ability to find my way home. *grin* However, Scott had 6 beers by the time I left at 11:15 (we got there at 7:30). 6 beers in that amount of time is a good bit more than he's used to, but when I left he was still coherant. Evidently he kept drinking just as quickly AFTER I left, and wound up later in the night doing Jello-shots with a buddy of his (cousin of the Birthday Boy's wife) and finally evidently stumbled home (under his own steam, amazingly) at about 4 this morning. *sigh* That's the point that Tay also came home. Anyway, so when I got up at 10:30 this morning (having not gone to bed till after 2 am myself), Scott was still asleep, as was Tay. Scott attempted to get up when I came back in from watering the plants. He quickly wound up kneeling before the toilet before climbing back into bed. *wry smile* He was still drunk. He didn't start feeling better until well after 5 this afternoon. He's still not feeling normal. *wink* Glad I'm too smart to do such stupid stuff as that!!!
  • The stupid little girls that belong to the Birthday Boy, and his Step-Father-in-law's adopted daughter, actually were drinking (or doing jello shots, in the case of Tay's best friend) last night as well. *shaking head* I interrogated Tay and she said that it's STUPID that Megan (best friend) was doing that and Tay's SMART enough to know better. I told her that I'm GLAD she's smart enough to know better (and we've talked about alcohol before and she knows her Dad and I don't want her drinking before she's past her formative years). I also told her that should I ever find out that she acts with the same stupidity as Megan and Alex, I WILL whoop her ass till it's black and blue and she can't sit for a month. I told her how Birthday Boy's career (at the fire department) could have been ruined, and he would be jailed, if any cops had stopped by to check on the party. To find that these little girls (the cousin being 15, the two daughters of Birthday boy being 14 and 11) were drinking would have been a devestating blow to Birthday Boy's life, and their own. Unfortunately Birthday Boy was evidently feeling so rough last night that even after he found out his daughters were consuming alcohol (knowingly! They were proud of it!), he didn't bother to do anything. The girls aren't grounded at this point, much less unable to sit down. *shaking head* I hope to the gods Tay understands how incredibly serious I am about kicking her ass should she drink before she's old enough. I can and will do that, and she won't be leaving the house again for quite a while besides, if I find out she does something so monumentally stupid.
  • Anyway. As I said, I've had quite a few chuckles at Scott's expense today. But I've managed to refrain from telling him "Told Ya So!" today, as I've wanted to so many times. (I had a feeling that he was going to overdo it last night, and said as much, which he adamantly denied. He does this about ever year and a half, over-imbibes. Thankfully it doesn't happen more frequently than that. I'd have serious problems with him if it did.)
  • Ok. I've gotta get some more stuff done around the house now.
  • Have a Blessed Day!


Kaylee said...

Oh I love the pics :)

Kaylee said...

OMG THAT IS NOT RIGHT! I will not drink underage :(

whimsical brainpan said...

LOL! I love the look on Tay's face in the fist pic.

The Red Flyer wagon is amazing!

Poor Scott! I hope he is rehydrated and feeling better.

I can't imagine finding out my 11 year old was drinking and not doing anything about it. I'm glad you have talked with Tay about it.

I find it is much more fun not to say I told you so. A smart @$$ grin works just fine.

Tori_z said...

Even if Tey doesn't think you're serious about the threat, I'm sure seeing the state her father got himself in to will put her off rushing to drink alcahol any time soon.

Wendy said...

Your Cabella's looks EXACTLY like the one they just built here ;).

Ugh! I hate that hangover feeling. I stopped drinking like that many, many years ago, but I still enjoy the occasional beer or wine. The most I've had at one time in the last fourteen years was two drinks at my husband's high school reunion.

I hope both Scott ... and Tay ... have learned a lesson ;).

You should encourage Scott to make his own brew. I think, after the time, energy and expense of making home brew, it's unlikely that he'd consider drinking to excess. I think, when we make something ourselves, we tend to value it more.

DirkStar said...


Sian said...

As you get older the hangovers become nastier :D I am glad you didn't hand out sympathy...though I have found that chocolate, a pint or two of water and a vitamin pill does the trick.

After that I realise it sounds as though I get hangovers regularly! Does once a year count as regularly?


peppylady said...

Welcome back!!!!
My sons or I should say my oldest one does quite a bit of business with Cabela's there.
I would guess he only lives about 3 miles from it.

Fr. Peter Doodes said...

This reminds me of an event that occurred when I was about 10.... OK... around 1955... *hesitant cough* were your parents born then Kati?

Alcohol was expensive and for the masses, for Christmas only and we were certainly a part of the masses. My mum noticed when dusting the sideboard cupboard that a bottle of sherry (it lasted at least two Christmases) seemed to have been moved so she put it back in its place. A couple of weeks later she noticed that it had again been moved so she pencil marked the level on the label and replaced the bottle. A few weeks later she checked it and again it had been moved and the level had dropped...

I was fast asleep one night when there was a screamed OOOYOUGH from downstairs and noises of someone trying to stop throwing up. When silence again reigned my mother’s gentle voice called downstairs to my brother “You won’t do that again, will you Arthur?”

Mum had decanted the sherry and replaced it with malt vinegar!