Thursday, July 10, 2008


Well.... This is a pic of what the back of my neck now looks like. I had this done on Thursday, just after arriving in Spokane. *grin* I LOVE it! (Of course, Mom, Shelli and Kori have already seen it. This pic is for the benefit of those who didn't see me while I was down in the states.)

Anyway.... It hurt like hell! I certainly won't be racing down for another tat right away. Not that I'm ruling out EVER getting another tat, but not right away. Esp. not if I've got to fly to Spokane every time I want one. *grin*

The hubby is somewhat less than pleased, but he acknowledges that he's known I wanted one and that being as it's MY body.... Not much he can do or say about it, really. Thankfully he loves me for more than my skin. *wink*

  • **********
  • I don't have much time to write. I need to get off-line and get reading and rehearsing the books I picked out for my story-time presentation tomorrow.
  • I'm doing a "Gardening" theme. My book choices are:
  • _The Rose in My Garden_ by Arnold Lobel, illustrated by Anita Lobel
  • _Titch_ by Pat Hutchins
  • _The Snail's Spell_ by Joanne Ryder, illustrated by Lynne Cherry
  • I've got another book I'm going to suggest as additional reading of the poetry sort, titled _In a Spring Garden_ edited by Richard Lewis with pictures by Ezra Jack Keats
  • And for finger-plays, I've got two that I'm leaning toward. (I need two, so this works well.)
  • The first is "My Garden" and the words are:
  • This is my garden (extend one hand, palm up)
  • I rake it with a card (make raking motion on palm with three fingers of other hand)
  • Then some flower seeds
  • I'll plant there (make planting motion with thumb and index finger)
  • The sun will shine, (make circle with arms overhead)
  • and the rain will fall, (flutter fingers down to lap)
  • and my garden will blossom, (cup hands together)
  • and grow straight and tall. (extend hands upward slowly)
  • The other is more of an action poem titled "Flower Play"
  • If I were a little flower (stoop down close to floor)
  • Sleeping underneath the ground, (pretend to cover head)
  • I'd raise my head and grow and grow, (slowly raise up from floor)
  • And stretch my arms and grow and grow, (raise arms to the sky)
  • And not my head and say: (nod head and smile at one another)
  • "I'm glad to see you all today!"
  • Anyway..... I haven't picked out the order I'm going to read the books and do the finger plays, yet. That's something I've got to do and practice well before tomorrow morning. All while working 6 hours today and watching a soccer game tonight. *grin*
  • So, I'll post more hopefully on Saturday when I get some spare time. I took TONS of fireworks pictures, but forgot to take my camera with me on Saturday, Sunday or Monday. *sigh* So I guess y'all will just have to be satisfied with what pictures I DID take. *wry smile* Sooooo...... More to come later!
  • Have a Blessed Day!


Kati said...

ACK!!! First it wouldn't post spaces between my paragraphs. Now it'll post spaces between my TOP couple of paragraphs, but the bottom paragraphs still need to be bullit-pointed. *sigh* I really dislike blogger sometimes!

whimsical brainpan said...

What a cool tat!

I love the program that you've picked out. It looks like a fun one that the kids will enjoy.

Tori_z said...

You know, the bulk of the pain could have been 'cause of where you had the tattoo done. It hardly hurt at all when I had mine done on my upper arms.

Good luck tomorrow. :)

Em said...

Love your neck! I'm sure hubby will come around to fully loving it, as well. Change takes some getting used to for us guys. :)

good luck on the library presentation

sammy_bunny said...


Robin said...

Glad you're back!

Connie Peterson said...

I KNEW tatoos hurt! That's one of the reasons that I won't have one - although a delicate butterfly somewhere hidden would be cool. I like your's - neat place to have it!


barefoot gardener said...

Sweet Tat~! Tat's hurt way more where there more bone than soft I have heard.

Glad to hear your trip was fun!

DirkStar said...

Love the tat!

So good to hear from you and I'm sorry I've been so silent for awhile.

I've been riding my bicycle a ton and enjoying the outdoors this summer.

I've lost almost thirty pounds now and have not touched my P.T. Cruiser in almost two months. Yes, I'm saving a ton of money on gasoline costs.

I'll send you an updated picture of my bicycle soon. You won't believe how I've tricked it out...

Sian said...

I love the tat! I have always wanted one but I am just not brave enough. Way to go on doing something ou have always wanted to do!

Wendy said...

Beautiful tattoo! I have one on my upper arm, and it didn't hurt - it was more of a kind of tingling, burning sensation. I'm going to have a tattoo overlaid on the one I have, if it's possible.

My husband doesn't like my tattoo. I'd have several more if his feelings were different ;).