Wednesday, July 02, 2008

See Ya in a Week!

First off, Peter, I DO wish things were a bit more quiet around here than they tend to be. *grin* I don't exactly thrive on thrills like that accident happening. Unfortunately life never seems to go quite exactly like I'd love it to: quietly and without major issue.


Speaking of drama, my SIL (Dawn) is once again purposing to sabotage her relationship with her current boyfriend, the father of her daughter. I know I said it was just a matter of time before she started going all sociopathic on us, again. Well, this past week it happened. No drug use (that we're aware of) as yet. But, she was taking her older son, Aaron, back to Paxson to his Dad's place. She also had the younger boy, Grant, (also fathered by Aaron's dad) and her baby girl, Brooklynn along for the ride. She told the MIL (Georgia) that she was just going to be staying overnight, to avoid putting too much stress on Grant and the baby with too much driving. Ok. We can all kind of understand that.

Then she got down there and decided to spend a couple of days with Aaron and Tony (the boy's dad) before heading back. Ok. Not the best of situations considering she and Tony aren't on best terms any longer. They tend to go at logger heads after each other, though they've been more amiable since she got prego with Brooklynn.

Saturday, the day she's supposed to head back with Grant and Brooklynn, comes and Dawn called Georgia (but NOBODY else, including her current boyfriend, Dan, who's also Brooklynn's Father) to tell Georgia that she and Tony and the kids would be heading to Valdez for a day or two of fishing and she and Brooklynn and Grant would be back whenever they got back. *sigh*

Georgia didn't see ANY problem with this, though Scott and Al (FIL) and I pointed out to her that it's awfully suspect for Dawn to be spending so much time alone with her ex when she's got a new child who's fathered by another guy that she's also engaged to.

Well, Dawn got back into town on Monday night and Dan (who now works with MY hubby, and told this to my hubby) asked her where she'd been for almost a week with his daughter and no word of her plans. She told him it was none of his business. He told her that yeah, it is when his daughter is concerned. Anyway, later when the baby was sleeping (according to Dan) he was indulging in a little new-daddy adoration of Brooklynn and cuddling her. Dawn went to forcefully take Brooklynn away, and when Dan caught her hand and told her to let them be so he could cuddle with Brooklynn for a bit, Dawn told him to get out of HER house (the apartment DAN pays rent on!) and that she was going to file a restraining order against him. Well, now she's telling Dan that she's filing for FULL custody and that she doesn't want to see him again because he "scares her" and she's milking it for all it's worth. Evidently she's wearing wrist braces on BOTH hands, and accusing Dan of wrenching her hands. Georgia went over to the apartment last night and laid into Dan for being such an "abusive loser" and screaming at him that he better leave her daughter and grand-daughter alone. NEVER MIND that this same granddaughter is Dan's child as well as Dawn's. *sigh*

So, it looks like (not sure yet) Dan may be moving in here while Tay and I are in Spokane. Though he's also called the police station to find out what he should do to avoid losing contact with his daughter while Dawn tries to force a custody battle. (Well, actually, Dawn doesn't want the custody battle, she just wants custody with-out strings attached for her.) The folks at the police station have evidently advised Dan to carefully try to reconcile with Dawn, before taking any further steps. *shaking head*

I KNEW it was going to happen! She's too much of a psyco-b***h to not ruin folks lives once she gets what she wants. She did this with Tony. She nearly ruined my Father-in-law's life when he dared to call her on her drug abuse one time. (Actually FILED a restraining order against him on charges of abusing her and Aaron, though he's never raised a hand to Dawn and only swats Aaron -and now Grant- when truly out of line and only in the traditional manner of swatting a well-diapered toddler-butt. For over 6 months he was barred from HIS OWN HOUSE when either Dawn or Aaron was over. All because he confronted her on her drug use WHILE living in his home! She only dropped the charges when it became obvious that the cops have been watching her for suspect activity and were going to turn her court appearance against Al against her and use it to get her on charges of drug use. She actually called off the abuse charges THE DAY of initial court hearing in which my FIL would have been officially charged with abuse. *shaking head*)

As I said, psycho-b***h strikes again! Now that she's got her little girl, she's not got any more need for Dan (except child support, even though she'll also make visitation of his little girl incredibly hard to manage, just like she has with Tony and the boys in the recent past), so she's claiming he's abusing her and her daughter.

This time, Al and Scott are ready (hell, I am too!) on Dan's behalf to see that he doesn't end up losing custody of his daughter to that demon-spawn. The Gods know that Dawn and Georgia are totally unfit role-models for a young girl, seeing as how they've got no problem ruining a man's life to get their own purposes. I guess I should really be GRATEFUL that Georgia doesn't take (or want to take, now that she's got "her granddaughter") a more active part in Tay's life.

Sheesh..... Makes me glad I'm getting away from it all for a week.


Oh, one more thing before I go.... I have an interview out here at NPB Lib. NEXT Friday, right after I get back. It's for that 30-hour Lib. Assistant position. The woman who currently fills the spot has gone ahead and given her notice of retirement. The application opening closed this past Thursday and I got my app. in. So I'll be interviewing for it. *fingers crossed* We'll see. As soon as I get back, I'll have to get over to the library and hunt down some books for a story-time presentation (just like last time!) and get some examples of Word and Publisher printed out for show-and-tell.


Anyway.... So, I guess this will be the only post I make in the coming 7 days. I'm due back into town NEXT Wednesday. Y'all behave yourselves, don't do anything _I_ wouldn't do, and when I get back I'm sure I'll have some tales to tell and pictures to share.

Have a Blessed Week!!!


Tori_z said...

*Shaking head in disbelief* What a b***h!

Hope you enjoy your holiday. And... Good luck with the job interview when you get back. :)

Wendy said...

Have a fun week off ;).

And good luck on your interview!

Slip said...

All I can say is WOW! Have fun on your trip and get rested up for the new job you are going to have when you get back.

KAYLEE said...

have fun :P

Connie Peterson said...

Just caught up with you after me being gone for a while. My, you DO lead an eventful life, don't you?

Hope your trip goes well. See you when you get back!

Andrew said...

Hope you had a great 4th of July!

whimsical brainpan said...

That girl really is a piece of work.

I'll say a prayer for you on the job interview.

I hope you are having a wonderful and stress free time.

Celticspirit said...

I hope you had a great time in WA. Sorry to hear about the problems your family is having. I hope they work it out.