Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Temporarily Giving Up......

I talked to the Union Rep. at work and she suggested a course of action, if I felt like putting in the work & effort.

She said that what I need to do first is write up a request for a written explination of the reasons I was turned down for an interview on this position. HR would have 2 days to get me that written explination, at which point I'd have 2 days to write up an appeal to the HR Director to reconsider me for an interview, and "this is why" sort of thing.

J. then suggested that I appeal on the grounds of being the only in-house applicant, and give them my reasons why I would greatly benefit the borough to be granted a 1 year trial shot at the position, including: I live very close to the library, so I would be very reliable, even in the coldest weather; this is my home town, meaning I have had the chance to develop a good relationship with my fellow citizens, and that I value that relationship; that I am passionate about this position and I would pour my heart & soul into working with these people that also live & work in my small town, and I'd work my tail off to be sure that I am doing the job in such a manner as to benefit the borough. Also, that I'd be willing to do the position for a year's trial basis at a Library Assistant 1 pay-scale, instead of the Library Assistant 3 pay-scale that it's available at currently. They could pay me less, for 1 year, to give this job my all. If in 1 year I've learnt everything necessary to perform the job completely satisfactorily, then I would be bumped up to that Library Assistant 3 pay-scale, and still keep the job. If I haven't performed the job to their satisfaction, I would maintain my Library Assistant 1 status, but I would be placed elsewhere in the system and they'd hire somebody else to fill the Library Assistant 3 position.

Unfortunately, considering the loss of hours I'd be taking, I can't also afford to take less than $15/hour. And Library Assistant 1's only get $14.60/hour. I would wind up taking home considerably LESS money from each pay-check than I am taking home now. And even the lessened driving time wouldn't compensate. And at this point in our lives, we're not so financially stable that I can work ENTIRELY for the love of the job, there's got to be sufficient monetary compensation as well, for it to be feasible. This job, out here, would almost put us in the red.

So, if I were to appeal and finally be granted an interview, possibly leading to getting the position as a Library Assistant 1 here is the breakdown.

* I would be a Library Assistant 1. That rank could NOT be taken away from me.
* I might eventually qualify for Library Assistant 3, with the requisite pay-scale jump.
* I would be working here at home.
* I wouldn't be driving almost 30 minutes each way, to work 5 days a week.
* I would have an extra 10 hours a week to do other things I want to do (get back into Tae Kwon Do).

* I would be making less per pay-check than I am now, by enough that even considerably reduced fuel usage wouldn't compensate.
* I wouldn't be making enough $$ to actually get to get back into TaeKwonDo, even though I'd have the time.
* I would not have much job security, seeing as I'd be on probation for a year.
* Tay would STILL be in day-care, and we'd STILL be shelling out a good portion of my (now-reduced) paychecks to day-care. More than would make it feasible for me to actually work.

J. DID suggest that I hopefully find the time to volunteer at the school in a children's programming capacity. And she suggested I look further into any on-the-job training that I may be able to talk my bosses into.

And, it goes without saying that I really need to find the time to get a college degree in Library Sciences (which means I've first got to get my basics out of the way).

I don't think I'll be appealing this. There is too much work required to appeal, with very uncertain results. The effort expended would be considerably greater than the returns I'd recieve. *sigh* I hate to say it, but I'm going to give up on this. FOR NOW.

As soon as I get back to work next Monday, I'm going to ask to speak to P & B again (my two bosses) about any on the job training.

When school starts up again on August 20th, I'm going to get my hind end in there & talk to the school's librarian about volunteering to work in any capacity that will give me Library Assistant experience & training.

And I'm going to keep hoping & praying that the Blessed Mother has something even better up her sleeve for me than I thought this position would be. I really thought this was the ideal. But, maybe it's not.

Have a Blessed Day!

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