Saturday, September 29, 2007

10 Years of T.N.A.

So, I'm going going to do this from oldest pic. to newest. Here we are, just minutes after DD was born. It'll be 10 years, at 9:04 tomorrow morning. Sept. 30th.

Here we go with a pic of the proud new Grandma. My mom. Maybe it's just me, but didn't seem to be many happier people around than my mom when holding this kiddo. This pic was taken the same night, about 12 hours later than that last pic.

How's this for a 1st birthday???? Look at that smiling face, and Oooooh how I loved those pudgy cheeks.

Next up. At about 2 years old. I couldn't find the professional photograph of the kiddo at her second birthday, so this'll do. We were out behind our apartment complex at this tiny little park built just for the apartment residents.

At 3. I think. I really, really should have labeled these photos as I went along. But I'm pretty sure this is three, because she looks too babyish for 4, and that's the only other option for age-when-taken.

Here we go at 4 years old. Those same rosy, pudgy cheeks. I don't think she'll ever lose them. I hope not!

Here we are at 5. This is the year (and probably the day) she & her buddy A. ran head-on into each other at her birthday party, resulting in 2 bloody noses and the closest she's ever been to a melt-down at one of her parties.

At 6 years. Just starting kindergarden. Whole world ahead of her. Same pudgy cheeks & her daddy's blue eyes. Actually, she looks the spitting image of the SIL in this picture.

Now 7 years old, and in 1st grade. She kinda got into this habit of cringing against the flash, but thankfully has never developed the bad habit of blinking, as I did.

At 8 years. In 2nd grade. Still kinda cringing against the flash.

At nearly 9 years, and in 3rd grade. I've gotta say that this is one of my all-time favorite pics of my darling daughter. And yeah, that's proud mama creeping out. But hey, y'all know that I talk about her a lot, and that must be fine with everybody because y'all keep coming back to visit me.

Unfortunately, the newest photos haven't yet come back from the photography studio that does our school pictures. I look forward to seeing how they turn out, and when I get them, I'll be sure and post an updated photo of my 10 year old.

MY 10 year old. I don't feel old enough to have a 10 year old and many would agree that I shouldn't have been mother at a young enough age to have a 10-year-old now. *shrug* Oh well. Let's see how I look when she's 18. *grin* I'll only be 36 at that point. I wonder, looking back through these pictures, what SHE'LL look like when she's 18. I'm fairly certain that she'll still have the incredibly long eyelashes, the blue eyes, and the pudgy cheeks. She thankfully has a button nose, unlike her daddy's hawk-nose. And she's got his eyes instead of my down-turned eyes. But she got MY freckles!

That's it for now.

Have a Blessed Day!

PS: I'm sorry for the funky way this is posting everything tonight. Blogger just isn't being cooperative. But I suppose I shouldn't complain too loudly as they DID let me post 11 pics in a single post. *wry smile*


Connie Peterson said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter!

It's my granddaughter's 9th birthday, too! I will call her later this morning and wish I could be with her (perhaps next year!).


sammy_bunny said...

Congratulations to both of you!


barefoot gardener said...

Tell her I said happy birthday...

She's beautiful, you are right to be very proud.

Layla said...

Well look at her! I'm going to call my son over now. lol. can you believe how fast they grow? I'm in utter disbelief at how my daughter was 2 yesturday and then today is 16. *sigh*


Autumn said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Garnet said...

What a beautiful girl you have! I hope her birthday was wonderful!

MarmiteToasty said...

Happy belated Birthday Wishes XXXXX

I love the pictures :)