Monday, February 18, 2008

Be it EVER so humble.....

There is NO PLACE like HOME!

We're home from Anchorage. I'm SOOOOO happy to be in my own town. I'm soooooo happy to be in my own house. With my own bed, my own bathroom..... Ohhh, it is SOOOOO good to be home!


We came in at no higher than third place in the tournament. Our first game really should have been 2 to 2, but we lost it 2 to 3 based on a poor call by a ref.

Our second game was against Healy & we tied them 3-3. It was an awesome game that came down to the final couple of minutes before we tied it back up.

Our third (and final) game, we won 2-0, but we only got our two goals in the last 5 minutes of the game when the goalie for the other team finally started wearing down. He is the only reason that team didn't get stomped by us. We dominated the control of that puck so completely in that game that it's really incredible we didn't get more goals and all we can chalk it up to was the skill of their goalie.

So, we didn't make it to the championship game. But, it was a fun time, the playing.


The rest of the trip, not so much fun. The roads in Anchorage were slicker than snot. The people there drive like idiots. (Actually, worse than idiots but I'll keep my language clean this time since I know I've got some readers who don't appreciate foul language and I've already blown off steam with somebody else who doesn't mind my swearing so much.)

DD was a pain in the butt, down there. Refusing to do her homework & arguing about everything. She & DH got into such a fight over homework one night and her working herself into such a tantrum that she had 3 nosebleeds that one day. (And no, as sassy & rude as she was being, it's not because we popped her one, as much as we wanted to.)

The coaches had made this lame-@$$ rule that the girls were not allowed to go swimming for more than 1 hour a day, and only then with the coaches present. *shaking head* So, even though several of the girls wanted to go to H2Oasis (an indoor waterpark) on Friday, they weren't allowed because the coaches weren't going to go. We ended up waiting till Sunday, after most of the team had left Anchorage to head home, before we headed down & let DD go. DH and I weren't going in ourself, so DD had to find somebody there to hang out with, since none of her teammates were there. The biggest waterslide (the Master Blaster) requires 2 people on each inner-tube in order to go down. It took DD an hour before she made a new friend who was willing to go on the Master Blaster with her. But, they went 2 rides, so DD was somewhat happy with that.

We made it up to the Fifth Avenue Mall, only to find that it's primarily composed of shops like Mariposa & American Eagle, and hair salons. They did have a Build A Bear workshop, and DD got to make herself a dog, which DH let her deck out like a hockey player. Cost $40 for that darned dog! *wry smile* I got to go in to The Body Shop & get some perfume. I also got in to their Alaska Wildberry Products & bought a boat-load of chocolates. *grin* And DH got some new Goalie stickers for our cars.


We are all 3 sick & tired of eatting out for now. I cannot wait to make a home-cooked meal. But it's going to have to wait till Wednesday, as I've got to work tomorrow night till 9:15. We did get to go to both Applebees & Fridays. We didn't think much of Applebees (it wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either). Fridays, on the other hand, was INCREDIBLE!!!! The food was fantastic, and it was a reasonably nice place with a nice waitress. (Of course, it also cost $70 for the 3 of us to eat, but hey..... who's counting. *wink*) We spent sooooo danged much money this weekend. It's really going to come back & bite us. I'm glad we only have to go to Anchorage about once a year. Though there are a couple of things that DH found to do down there that he's thinking of making a trip down this summer. There's a go-cart track that he & DD want to check out, and there's a bumper-boats place that he's wanting to get to. But both are summer-only attactions. We'll see.


Dad's still got the dogs & said he's going to bring them back to us tomorrow morning before DD's parent-teacher conference. I miss my dogs. I'm looking forward to snuggling with them a bit before I have to head to work.


DD & I both sounded like long-time smokers the whole time we were down there, and DH barely got any sleep as he had to share a room with both DD & I snoring & coughing all night. She's over her fever, but we're both still coughing a lot. My throat doesn't hurt so much, but I still can't go more than a few minutes without having to stop & cough till I sound like I'm coughing up a lung.


The weather temps have warmed up. The high tomorrow is supposed to be up to 35 deg. F. Which means the roads are going to be slicker than snot on a pole tomorrow going to & from work.


EDITED TO ADD: Oh yeah, DH got him & DD "Guitar Hero 3" while we were in Anchorage. Thing cost $89!!!! HOLY CRAP!!! That's not chump change!!! He's currently trying to figure out how to play it. It's funny how angry he gets at inanimate objects, sometimes.


I think that about covers it.

Have a Blessed Day!


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Welcome home!

I'm glad the team had fun but that is complete BS about the girls not being able to swim.

I hope you feel better soon.

You need to watch over DH and DD. I hear Guitar Hero is very addictive.

Anonymous said...

Rock on! Go girls hockey! My best friend was the goalie on our high school team back in the day. They didnt win much, but so did none of our other sports teams lol (except danecline, bleh).

Angela- From the State of Hockey- Minnesota baby! Go Wild!

Tori_z said...

Well, 3rd place isn't to be sneezed at. And, as long as the girls had fun playing it doesn't matter anyway, right?

If you think $40 to make and deck out a dog in the bear factory is a lot, you'd have hated the bill for my last trip there with my Mam. It cost us about £70, which is something like $105 US (give or take, depending on the exchange rate the day you're trying to figure it out. LOL)

Anyway, sorry to hear you had such a bad time and that DD was so bad tempered while you were there. I bet some of her temper was showing off in front of the other girls, though I doubt that's gonna make you feel any better about it.

barefoot gardener said...

So glad you're back. I missed you while you were gone!