Sunday, February 03, 2008

First Sign of Spring.....

Nope. Not birds, or flowers, or melting snow, or even warmer temps. Nope. The first sign that spring is on it's way: The sun didn't set till right at about 5 pm today. So I got to drive home in the dusk, instead of full dark. *grin* It was actually about -25 deg. today, in the middle of the day. It is currently -32 deg. F. (That is, at 7:50 pm.)


Connie, we lived on Ellsworth AFB when I was little. I think, roughly 3 years old, to almost 6 years old. So, it certainly wasn't reasonably recently. South Dakota was my Dad's last post before we moved to Alaska.

Em, I was born in Germany, so I don't recall living there. The time in Paris & Madrid happened on the same vacation when I was a junior in HS. We went to Florida (Walt Disney World), when I was in 6th grade. Fortunately I have a couple of parents who love to travel, so when I was still living at home I was given the chance to see a lot more places than just Alaska. I've been to Washington (state), North Carolina, down through South Carolina & Georgia on our way to Florida, and Texas. And internationally, I've been to France & Spain. And various places (though not nearly all the neat destinations) around Alaska. My sister Shelli has done a lot more traveling than I have, though. I'd like to travel more, but as yet haven't had the $$ to do so.

Ok. Gotta get back offline now. The kiddo should be home for the evening any moment now, and I need to be sure & hang out with her when she is. *grin* It's so rare that we're home at the same time these days.

Have a Blessed Day!


Celticspirit said...

I'd love to be able to go to France or Spain! Lucky you! I've been to probably 3/4 of the states in the US though but not Alaska...but I'd love to go there on a cruise some day.

Connie Peterson said...

Norm taught Industrial Arts at Ellsworth - might have passed you in the streets or something at that time. Small world!!

Tori_Z said...

Well, at least there are some signs that Spring is on its way :)

And, if you ever have the $$ to come over to the UK, you're welcome to come stay with us :)