Friday, February 08, 2008

WHOOP!!!! Got ANOTHER Chance!!!!

So, I got home from the grocery store today to find a message on the answering machine from R. at the borough Human Resources dept. She asked that I call her back when I got home, which I did.

She was calling to inform me that the North Pole Branch Lib. Lib. Assist. 3 position was opening back up, yet again, and that the experience requirements had been reworded from:

2 years of library experience, one of which MUST be at MORE than the page level. An Associate's degree in Lib. Sciences may substitute for experience.


2 years of library experience, one year at MORE than page leve, PREFERED! An Associate's degree in Lib. Sciences may substitute for experience.

I told her that I'd darned well be applying for the position again, and thanked her for calling to inform me. *grin* She said good luck!!!!!

So, I get another chance!!!!! I'm sooooooo freaking happy right now. Of course, now I need to work my tail off to get a couple of "show & tells" ready to take to an interview. I need to have a sample business letter, and a sample program-flier (similar to what would be used to advertise the month's children's programming at the library). I also need to find a couple stories, a couple of finger-plays, and a craft project for the story-time-testing part of the interview.

But, FREAK!!! This is the job I've been wanting for almost 6 years now, so I'm not complaining about all the work to do to prep for an interview. I'm just thrilled I've got another chance!!!!


Thanks for all the P&PT for my cousin, and for the car. I'll have to update y'all on Sunday what goes on tomorrow in our car-shopping.


Again this morning, -45 when I got up & started getting DD ready for school. It DID warm up to about -2o, though, for a while today. It's cooling down quickly, though, as the sun is setting. But just for a bit, being able to be out in the sunshine with clear blue skies..... Oh nice!!!! Even if it WAS just for a couple of minutes. It's still nice!!!! I even have the blinds & curtains open for just a bit to enjoy what little sunshine is left as the sun sets.

Have a Blessed Day!!!


barefoot gardener said...

I am so happy for you!!!!! I so hope you get this one. I will be keeping fingers and toes and everything else crossed for you.

Kris said...


Love ya!
- Mom

peppylady said...

who says second or more chances doesn't come around. It sure wasn't me.
Good Job

Slip said...

You go Girl!

Tori_Z said...

Good luck! :)

Robin said...

Do you think it was the prayer, the candle, or the chicken?

Very happy you got a well deserved second chance!