Saturday, February 23, 2008

Feeling Somewhat Better Today!

So, I was in bed before midnight last night, and didn't get up till after 10 this morning, then got to be lazy & spend a while cuddling with DH before actually getting up & doing anything today. I'm actually feeling human again, finally. Man, I was exausted last night.

My throat is still bugging me just a bit, and I'm still coughing, but I think I was feeling so badly yesterday afternoon & evening mainly because I was so danged tired. DH is going to pick up a humidifier for our bedroom, so hopefully he & I stop waking up every morning with sore throats. We think the dryness in our house is really causing part of the trouble this year. I'd pulled DD's humidifier out of her room a couple of weeks ago, and put it in the livingroom to try to get some humidity all through the house. DH commented on how much better he was feeling those first couple of mornings when he slept on the couch due to my coming down with this cold. That humidifier really helped him. So, he's going to buy a second one for OUR bedroom so we can give DD back her own & we'll all have a humidifier in our rooms running at night. We're hoping that helps DD and I kick this thing, finally.

I'm not going anywhere today. Staying home & doing laundry & dishes & making lasagna for dinner tonight, and generally being a bit lazy. I am kinda hoping to make some banana bread, as well, but that's low on my priority list, really. I've just got a TON of ripe bananas in the freezer that need to be used. But, seeing as it's already 2 pm and I haven't even started on that yet, I may not do that this weekend at all. That can wait till next weekend, without problem.


So, a week ago, Whim was lovely enough to give me THIS AWARD:

THANK YOU WHIM!!! Do you KNOW how much I adore you too??? You have been through so much & still you find the strength & love to express your feelings to all your blogger friends on such a regular basis!
I'm suppose to pass this on to 10 people. *grin* I think I only KNOW 10 people on here. So, here it goes: Barefoot Gardner, Gardner Greg, Robin, Mom, Tori, Connie, Em, Dirk,, (though she rarely ever posts anymore).... I guess that IS 10 people, and there are a couple more I could pass it on to. *grin* Well, it WILL make it's way around, eventually, I'm sure. I'll leave some folks for other folks to pass this on to.
Please know how much loved all of you are. I don't get by EVERY single day (or, comment every single day) anymore, but I do get a lot of strength, insight, and energy from all of your blogs, and from the comments you leave here. I thank you for your friendship!

It's cooling down just a bit again. We've had temps in the 40's almost all week this past week. It's been NICE! But, it's starting to snow a bit (just a bit, though, only flurries yet) and cooling down to where one can see one's breath again. The snow has stopped melting off the roofs today. But ooooh, for February this is STILL beautiful!
Edited to add: In the five minutes between when I typed this first paragraph, and the one down below about my car, the sno has started coming down in thicker flakes at a much faster rate. Amazing how quickly it can go from "flurries" to actual SNOW. Will make for some slick driving tomorrow, I'm guessing.

DH and I have been monitoring the fuel usage on my new car since I filled up for the first time the other day. At the 1/4-tank-used mark, I had just 100 miles on the meter. NICE! Not that I'm going to push it all the way to empty, but DH and I think I could come very close to 400 miles per tank of fuel, with this car. Esp. if I keep driving as reasonably as I do. I mean, I COULD push the car well into the 60's but why risk a speeding ticket when I can get where I'm going between 55 mph & 60 mph, and a lot more safely at that?!?! Keeping my speed at that (unlike DH's usual 62 to 65 mph on the highway) means I burn less fuel. I mean, I COULD drive at 50 mph, but that drives everybody else on the roads a bit nuts, to be stuck behind a vehical going only 50 when the rest of them are going 60 and beyond. *grin* Not that I'm not all for slowing everybody down just a bit, but I figure 5 to 10 mph is enough, I don't need to push their buttons beyond that.

I think that pretty well covers it for today.


DirkStar said...

Thank you so much!

Our little family is completely wiped out by the death bug. Micah went down first and didn't sleep for like three days, which meant neither did Felicia or myself.

He started getting over it and now Felicia and I are both getting hammered by the bug.

It is dreadful...

You cheered me up.



Hope you are all feeling better?

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I hope you continue to improve and the humidifier helps out a lot. Keep taking it easy.

You deserve it!

That is sweet that you get such good gas milage on your new car!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kati

Hope you had a restful weekend and are feeling better. I remember when I lived up north, I couldn't live without my humidifier. If it didn't run all day and night I would have serious nose bleeds and lots of throat infections. Now living way down south, I'm dreaming of getting a de-humidifier.... LOL.. can't please me!

My co-workers hubby still hasent gone to get his leg checked out and now he has strep throat. This poor family, that can't seem to win these days...

Hope you have a good week

Brightest blessings


Tori_z said...

Hope you had a restful weekend and that you and DD are feeling better. Hope the humidifier helps.

I'm glad you get such good milage on your new car.

Thanks for the award :)

Celticspirit said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are starting to feel better. Get a lot of rest. Thanks for mentioning me for that really neat award. It just made my day. :)
You sure do seem to be getting good gas mileage on your new car. Every little bit helps huh?
Have a great day Kati!