Friday, February 22, 2008

Post - Interview Update!

So, I slept like crap last night (got MAYBE 4 hours of sleep!) but I feel like I did a reasonably good job in the interview. I wasn't asked ANY Genre questions, which shocked the hell out of me. I did well with the stories, one of which was even unknown to the Librarian who would be my direct boss. I had to restart on the longer of my two finger plays because I flubbed the first line, which meant the second line wasn't going to rhyme properly. So, after sitting stupified for just a moment, they laughed & said it happens to EVERYBODY, and that's why they've always got a cheat-sheet handy for prompting their memories. So, I asked if I could please peak at mine, and they were good with that, and once I had the first line I breezed through the rest of the finger-play. I think I did a very decent job for such short notice.

I did get there this morning, though, and find that one of my coworkers from Noel Wien was also interviewing this morning. I'm not annoyed that she interviewed as well, I just wish she'd told me she was going to. But, she wished me luck and didn't seem to think she'd done too good of a job on the interview herself.... We'll see.... I'll only get the position if I'm the most qualified of the applicants, and if I'm not the most qualified, then the better person will get the job. Like I said, we'll see!

So, THANK YOU for the P&PT this morning. I'm going to sit around all afternoon & watch TV. I'm too exausted to do anything else, and I feel like this cold is starting to regain fervor. I can't afford to let this go to pneumonia or something like that, so babying myself for the next couple of days is in order. Thankfully DH and DD are going to the Ice Dogs game tonight, so I can veg & watch TV all evening in peace & quiet.

THANKS AGAIN for the P&PT!!!


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Oh I hope you get it!

Rest up and take care of yourself.

Tori_z said...

Hope you get it :)