Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I didn't have to wait too long....

DH pulled his head out fairly quickly this time.

DD had a hockey practice last night from 6:45 to 7:45, but they didn't get home till about 8:45. I was starting to wonder where they were, when they walked in carrying a hockey bag & what looked like a grocery sack with a couple of birthday cards, and they skedaddled into the bedroom to sign the cards......

And 10 minutes later here they come carrying not only 2 birthday cards, but also a precariously carried cake featuring a couple of those number candles, arranged backwards and only one of them lit. LOL DH couldn't get the other candle to stay lit as he carried it into the kitchen. And a gift bag with a birthday present inside. They even sang happy birthday, which is kinda funny because DH can't carry a tune.

So, I DID get my birthday cake & present after all. He even apologised for it being a day late, but said he had a hell of a time coming up with anything, after Dad and I messed up the first option of the leather jacket. I just reminded him that I'm NOT all that hard to buy for. I don't need expensive gifts.... I just need him to show that he puts a little thought into what I might like. He commented "Well, you know ME, it's gotta be perfect." And I reminded him that it's not HIS birthday. It's mine. And what's perfect for me isn't always perfect for him. And that's fine. This is who _I_ am.

Anyway, he found a glass dragonfly-on-lily figurine, and a little box with a diamond-cut dragonfly on the top. So, those were my birthday gifts from him & DD. And the cake was a VERY yummy chocolate with raspberry mousse and chocolate & white chocolate ganashe frosting. VERY yummy!

Evidently I better start thinking, NOW about some ideas for him for next year. I reminded him that it'd help if he'd start looking BEFORE my actual birthday.

And maybe that's what bugs me most..... It's not as if I don't drop hints. I'm very obvious, marking things that I like in catalogs; coming right out & saying I'd love this or that.... I kinda figure that if you love somebody & want to make them happy, you put a little thought & time into finding something for them. Maybe it doesn't have to be perfect, but it should show that you've thought of them. The birthday girl hates pink, don't buy pink. She loves dragonflies, then don't get ladybugs & assume they're just as good. And don't get NOTHING just because you haven't sat down & thought about this loved one & their likes & dislikes. I mean, it really comes down to being the thought that counts. Not "well I thought to go & grab something to the grocery store shelf", but "well, I thought about you & I remembered you like dragonflies, so I went & got this." THAT is the kinda thought that counts. The fact that he (finally) actually took the time to think about ME & what _I_ like, instead of waiting for the perfect gift to throw itself off the shelf & knock him on his head. Or, not getting ANYTHING at all because it wasn't what he would buy for himself.

So, he was a day late. At least it didn't take him a week to pull his head out, like it did on my 26th birthday. And at least he didn't spend BIG bucks to go & buy me something I won't use or wouldn't appreciate.

Have a Blessed Day!


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I'm glad he came through and got you something nice. As for the hints, most men don't pick up on subtleties just point and say "this is what I want".

Autumn said...

I'm sorry to be the one to have to tell you this, but your married to a man, and men can not think for themselves. LOL. They need us to tell them things over and over and over and over and....well you get the idea.
Seiously mine is the same way, no matter how much I hint, he is like duh...
must be something about being a guy. I don't get it though, we as women teach out sons how to do things, then when they become husband they seem to forget everything. Oh well I am glad things turned out well in the end.
By the way that cake sounds yummy
Happy birthday

bardouble29 said...

YAYYYYY! I am so happy that you got a surprise. That makes it special, because you dodn't expect it.

Slip said...

We are men and that is what we do! I am not good at pressure gifts myself, but by the same token I have been known to buy my bride of 37 years something nice just because. Now if I can just remember that March 6th is her birthday and Valentine's Day is just around the corner!