Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's good enough for Red Green!

What do I mean by that??? The duct tape, of course!!!! Between Jenny & Puck, the down comforter on DD's bed has developed some large tears that were leaking down, which was finding it's way all over the house. Quite annoying. So, rather than take the comforter off her bed, or try to patch it with the only kind of patch I've got in the house (a denim one for DH's jeans), I decided to Red-Green it. *grin* If you don't know who Red Green is, I strongly suggest you check your local public television station listings, as he's on PBS. Really rather funny, if you like sarcastic red-neck types. And this red-neck is from Canada, no less. A real hoot!!!! Check him out. Suffice it to say, Duct-tape is the only tool ever REALLY needed in Red Green's world. And it worked just fine for this little repair. *wink*


In other news, DD's game yesterday went rather well. We played against the squirt team with the brat (the one who likes to throw temper tantrums on ice, but who has a rather nice break-away). We've never beat them. Still haven't. But yesterday..... WE TIED!!!!! Final score was 4 to 4. As usual they had a LOT more shots on net than we did, but I don't know exactly how many, unfortunately. The brat in particular was in a rather pissy mood, as Dad told him to play defense, instead of Brat's favorite position of Offense. Not that the brat listened, of course. He wound up hounding DD for goals. He got 1 goal on her (2 other kids had the other 3), but DANG was he gunning for her. And the kid's going to get knocked out by her if he's not careful. He had some really nice shots on Dd's goal, but she had a hell of a lot nicer saves. Unfortunately, a couple of times when she was down on top of the puck after he shot, he'd slap her with his hockey stick. And the refs weren't picking up on it. Other times he'd get into her face (and in her box) yelling at her & calling her names. We told her that if he's in her face, not only is she allowed to talk trash (encouraged, in this case) right back, but if he gets physical, she's to take him down. (Not to beat the crap out of him, though I'd be strongly tempted, but to knock him on his ass.) And he's smaller than she is, which is a bonus. But DANG does that boy hate DD. And DD certainly isn't fond of the Brat, either. Ironically, in this situation it makes her a better goalie. She's so adamant that his shots won't get past her, because she can't stand him, that she gives it her all if he's got control of the puck.

Anyway, the game ended in a tie, which made all of the rest of us pretty happy. That's the best our team has done against this squirt team, yet. And their team finally had a really good "fight" against us in yesterday's game. Before it always seemed as if they could come on ice knowing they'd win. This time they had to fight for their goals & their saves.

Following the game, the brat was in tears over how he didn't beat this team of "loser girls". Dad/Coach was at least polite enough to shake hands & tell our team what a good game they played, but the brat refused to acknowledge our team or shake hands, after the game ended. One of our coaches made a point of going up to the brat, shaking his hand (gloves off, hand out, unrefusable without appearing totally rude) and telling the child how important it is to display good sports-man-ship, whether winning, losing or tying. This little brat has been known to come off ice after beating our team loudly proclaiming what a loser team of girls we are. Well, we may be girls, but certainly we're not losers. And one of these days that little brat is going to eat his words.

The other team's goalie for yesterday's game was a long-time friend of DD's. "A" and DD were in the church nursery together at 2. A's mom & I used to discuss potty-training issues with each other, as both kids were going through the same thing at about the same time. They used to play "king of the hill" on the little plastic slide in the nursery. They were always trying to best the other in how good they could slide down that slide on their feet, or jump off. LOL And now they were both goalies, tied against against each other. They're still competative, but it's funny because they enjoy it. And they get along great, when they see each other. And one of these days, A's mom & I are going to have a blast embarassing the two of them, reminiscing about the potty-training days. *wink* LOL


The weather is considerably warmer here, with the last few days being above 0, even up into the positive 20's. It's been nice, and comparatively balmy.

Unfortunately I know a lot of you in the states (and Canada) are getting a beating by Mama Nature, and I hope you & yours are staying safe, and warm. My thoughts & prayers go out to those of you dealing with nasty storms & extreme temps & such.

Have a Blessed Day!


Anonymous said...

I saw a t-shirt once that said: "Duct Tape is like The Force. It has a dark side, it has a light side, and it holds the universe together."

Congrats to DD and her team!

happyowl said...

There is actually a book called "1001 uses for duck tape"( or something like that). I love the red green show... makes me giggle it's so silly.

Glad your dd tied in her hockey game. I would knock that brat on his butt.... Hate people like that whether they are adults or kids.... a real big pet peeve of mine.

Glad it's warmed up a bit for you. we can't complain with our weather, I'm happy we finally have snow!

Brightest blessings


Anonymous said...

See, I told you if the kids got tattoos they'd play meaner.

Now, teach your girl the famous forearm shiver and she'll be on her way to M.V.P. status.

Never throw the punch until you can see the whites of their frightened eyes.

And, like Woody Hayes always said, "Show me a good loser, and I 'll show you a loser."

He really did say that...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think last night it got down to 19. To cold for this Cali boy!

I can't wait to read the post of where y'all beat that brat on the ice. Something like 16 - 0. Yeah, that'll do it!

Anonymous said...

Love the duct tape solution. I got rolls of it all over the place. And congratulations on the tie!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. Red-Green Rocks!

For those that don't know,

Anonymous said...

Our family watches "red green show"

Anonymous said...

What did we ever do before duct tape?? Red Green is great, but he's not telling us anything we don't already know!

A few years ago the local school kids had a fund-raiser: For a buck, you got to help tape one of the teachers to the gym wall. He started on a stool, but by the time it was over, he was suspended (and the kids had made quite a bundle of money).

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Red Green show ... one of my favorites was when they took a car motor and attached it to a boat! Norm firmly believes that duct tape and baling twine are god's gift to man-kind and the only way to make / repair anything!

Good news on the game - hope she knocks him cockoo sometime (legally would be best, so daddy can't beat up on her!) ...

Kati said...

LOVE all the duct-tape stories!!! I think I've seen the "1001 uses for duct-tape" book, when I worked at the local bookstore. There was also a 365 page-a-day calendar on the uses of duct-tape. That was kinda funny to look through.

As for DD knocking that little brat cuckoo... While I'd love to see it, what I'd love to see even MORE is for her to get a shut-out against his team. Evidently after DD's last game (against another team, on Tuesday) She & DH stuck around to watch part of the game by the Brat's team & another team. Evidently the brat's team is getting quite out of hand with penalties & bad behavior on ice. If they don't knock it off, they're going to wind up with players getting suspended. At 8 and 9 years old, getting suspended from games for repeated penalties is NOT something that's going to be remembered in a good light, later on. Evidently another one of the Brat's team-mates has started cross-checking anybody who gets in his way. And thus far he's gotten up to 4 penalties in 1 game. If he gets that 5th penalty in a game, he's suspended from finishing out the game, and from the next game altogether. The Brat, himself, tends to be a little less obvious about his verbal & physical mis-deeds, so he's yet to get anywhere near 5 penalties in a single game. Unfortunately.