Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Well, so much for a....

Happy Birthday.

A little background, first. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that the leather at the wrist-cuffs of my favorite winter jacket was starting to wear through. This is a nice suede jacket Mom & Dad got me for Christmas when I was 15. I loved that thing. I finally decided it was time to replace it, if it's getting so worn that the leather was developing holes.

So, I told DH that this is what he could get me for my birthday. He starts searching around town, starting with the big W, moving on to Freddy's, then S*ars, before finally finding a leather jacket that he thought I'd like. But, it wasn't a bomber jacket, like my old one, so he was waiting till I'd had a chance to look at it, before buying it. In the mean time, we'd found one online at Cabela's that I DID like, and we decided that if we couldn't find one here in town, we'd order this one from Cabelas instead. So, the plan was to go to S*ars on Saturday, before heading to see "Night at the Museum" a the theater. First, though, DD and I were going over to Dad's house to go through pictures, and pick up some stuff Dad had set aside for me to look through, to see if I wanted any of it. (He's cleaning out the house in hopes of moving out of state this coming summer.)

Well, Dad's known that I told DH I wanted a new bomber jacket for my birthday. Dad was even asking for daily updates as to our search for one. I'd even told him that there was a jacket at S*ars that DH wanted me to look at. So, wouldn't you know it.... I get over to Dad's, and he tells me to go ahead and take this bomber jacket of his. I can have it. I, of course, told Dad that DH was looking for one for me still, and besides Dad would need that jacket this winter. As winter's hardly near over, yet. Dad starts guilt tripping me, going on about how he's got a second one, this is the older one, that he's got a good half-dozen warm winter coats that he's got to get rid of before he leaves. If I don't take this one off his hands he'll probably wind up selling it for just a couple of dollars at a garage sale, and he'd rather see me have it, since my old one is worn through..... And on and on. So, fine. I'll take it. DH can get me some jewelry or something, or we can spend the money on dinner out at a nice resteraunt (with my escargot & creme brulee).

I get home with the new jacket, and DH gets into a snit about WHY did I take this old jacket of my dad's (that's in perfectly good shape, mind you) when DH was going to get me a new one of my own. Never mind that he wanted me to get this other one from S*ars that ISN'T a bomber jacket like I specifically asked for, of course. Nope, all snitty because now DH doesn't have a CLUE what to get me for my birthday. I tell him that maybe we can just go out to dinner instead, reminding him that I've been wanting escargot & creme brulee (hell, I don't even care what comes in between those other two items, as long as I get those two). DH starts commenting about how we don't have enough money for dinner out. Oh, but we had 200 to drop on a new leather jacket. *shaking head*

Fast forward 1-1/2 days to yesterday. DH said he's going to bring shimp home and I tell him Ok, grab a couple of lemons & some garlic as well, so I can make my favorite shrimp recipe.

Instead, he decides HE doesn't want MY favorite shrimp recipe (see yesterday's entry for details), he wants BOILED shrimp with this McCormick shrimp-boil seasoning. Which is what he brought home. Now, I'm wondering.... WHO's birthday was it?!?!? I thought it was mine & that I got to have some say in what I wanted for dinner.

So, we ended up having. And the seasoning tasted like crap. He didn't bother to get me a cake or anything. And he said that after I went and accepted that coat from my dad, he wasn't even going to bother getting me a present. And none of the cards he looked through were "good enough for him". Then he starts going on about how if I'll just give this perfectly good coat away, he'll be plenty happy to drop $200 on that NEW one from Sears. Again, forget the fact that it's a longer dressier style coat, and not the bomber jacket that I wanted.

So, not only did I NOT get my dinner out, or even my yummy Cajun shrimp. I didn't get any cake. And I don't get a present.

I'm going to give him a week to get over his little snit and get me something, or I'm heading to the jewelry store to get myself something rather decadent and he can kiss my fat white ass. And I'll tell EVERYBODY that I had to buy it for myself, too!

I mean, for crying out loud.... He's 32, he needs to stop being such a big ol' freaking baby. I didn't have a problem with him getting that taneau cover for his truck, from DD & I for HIS birthday this summer. DD & I gave him an X-box a couple of years ago, as his birthday present. Why he gets snitty over one freaking jacket. And here I thought it was MY birthday. Nope. I was wrong. He gets what HE wants, and I get diddly. And I'm not entirely happy with my Dad pulling that stunt, either. The guy is seriously passive agressive, and I wish that he'd have waited till AFTER my birthday to offer me the jacket, if we couldn't find one here in town. Instead of guilt-tripping me into taking it a couple of days before my birthday, and before DH & I had really completed our search for one here in town.

Right now.... I'm not totally happy with EITHER of these two men.

Oh, and my MIL and Great-Grandma both forgot to call & wish me a happy birthday, much less any birthday cards.

*sigh* Next year, I'm treating myself to lunch, and I'll buy my own damn gift and tell DD & DH not to bother worrying their spoiled little heads over me. I'm sick & tired of waiting around for them to do something nice for me on my birthday. It never happens. DD forgets or seems to think that it's not important to me, the way her b-day is to her. (Ok, I'll give her that she's 9 and most 9 year olds are self-centered). DH evidently just doesn't give enough of a rat-ass to bother.

Days like that make me want to run away and let them muddle through without me. Certainly don't feel like they either need or want me here anyway. Yes, I'm somewhat depressed and definitely teary.


Have a Blessed Day!


bardouble29 said...

well, I am sorry the day turned out rotten for you, but I can tell you that your blogger friends wish you a great birthday. I go buy my own presents now myself too.

Hugs to make it better!!!!

Connie Peterson said...

Sorry about your day .......... I hope it doesn't happen again. I stopped mentioning my birthday and it 'forces' people to either remember or let it fly by. I used to have yucky days, too, but now that my girls are grown up (have patience, DD will, too) and Norm is alone with me, they all remember and all treat me pretty well. But I normally get for birthday what Norm promised me for Christmas and don't actually get much of a Christmas present .. it's a circle, but he means well.

Blessings ...

Oh, I love your new picture!!!

Michelle said...

You should definitely go buy yourself a present. And then just slip the receipt into your DH's wallet and smile nicely. (I mean, for crying out loud, you work and make money just as he does; go out and treat yourself every once in a while!)

Also, lunches are cheaper than dinners. You should go to Geraldo's (or whereever has escargot and creme brule) for lunch sometime. Soon.

I hope things are better! Love you!

Gina said...

Happy belated Birthday (sorry I'm late too!) Did you know you and Nio (www.niobium.tormentid.com) share the same birth date?

I know how you feel about being forgotten. I'm glad your DH and DD celebrated a day late!