Monday, January 08, 2007

Just a change of subject....

Because Dirk was insisting he got the munchies every time he visits. LOL

Why does it seem that when one is already sleep deprived the universe takes it upon themselves to keep that person up?????

DH, DD & I have all had colds that we're dealing with. I've forstalled mine from becoming any worse than a stuffy head, but it's enough to require cold medicine to get any sleep. Well, I was feeling so good last night by the time I went to bed, that I forgot to actually take the meds. Which means that by 3 am, I was up getting a dose. Ok, except that obviously DH also forgot, and he's not only stuffy & snoring like a freight-train, he's also coughing up storm. So, even if I COULD have slept, he was being so loud that sleep wasn't an option. (I'm fairly religious about DD's meds, and she's got a humidifier which helps things, for her.)

Then, as soon as I lay back down to try to get back to sleep, I hear this pop, pop-pop-pop, pop. A few minutes later, more of the same. Not sure if it was gun-fire, if it was fireworks, or what. Doesn't really matter to Puck, who started moving about the house very agitatedly. *sigh* And it'd stop for a bit then start up again. *BIG sigh* Well, finally got DH to roll over (so at least he was facing away from me, which SOMEWHAT muted the snoring) and dozed back off again.

Wouldn't you know it, 6:45 AM, Alaska time, and the phone rings. WTF?!?!?!? I answer it, too bleary-eyed to really look at the caller-ID, and find myself listening to a voice recording asking that I please hold for the next available operator to speak to me. Suffice it to say, I hung up promptly with some VERY not-nice language for the computer-system who decided I needed to listen to a telemarketer at 6:45 in the morning.

15 minutes later, DH's alarm clock goes off and he's up and getting dressed & letting Jenny out to do her business. Because the front door of our house sticks in extremely cold weather (did I mention it's about -30 F. this morning?), it took two hard slams for DH to get the door shut all the way.

Back to sleep, except for Jenny sticking her nose in my face to ask when I was going to get up, till my alarm clock went off at 9 am. *sigh* I'm more tired NOW than I was when I went to bed last night. And Monday's are my long day at work. I work from 12:15 to 9:15 tonight. Then it's the half-hour drive home, a quick bite to eat (assuming DH already has it ready when I get here), my shower, then bed. *sigh* I'm exausted just thinking about it.

The first thing I did this morning, upon getting online, was find the website for the telecom company that called me at 6:45 this morning and sent their legal dept. a letter requiring that they place DH & I on their DO NOT CALL list, and requesting that they adjust their computer systems to NOT dial Alaska numbers before 8 am, ALASKA time. What's REALLY bad is getting one of these rediculous calls at 6 am on a SATURDAY morning and listening to the chipper voice of some person on the east coast who INSISTS that it's not too early, as it's 10 AM their time. *sigh* Maybe not early for THEM, but Alaskans are 4 hours BEHIND!!! *grumble*

Ok, I figure I've got the clam-chowder pics far enough down now that Dirk probably won't see them next time he visits. *Waves at Dirk_Star*

Thanks to the others who've visited. It's nice to see new faces. Next time I make clam chowder, I'll be sure to make extra so y'all can have a bowl. ;)

Have a Blessed Day!


Anonymous said...

you need a nap! i have declared a nap time in your honor! and chucky too as he said he was sleepy.

Anonymous said...

Here is to a long, deep, uninterrupted sleep tonight.

Anonymous said...

Great, my wife isn't cooking tonight and I show up here only to discover the chowder is gone...

Man, I've got to get this timing thing down.

Yes, I’m running a bit late today.

I spent the better part of this morning dressed in sackcloth, my face covered in ashes as I beat myself about the head and shoulders with reeds in mourning for the Buckeyes...

I’m better now that the doctors have given me the shot.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I'm not a big fan of clam chowder...not at all.

yeah that sounds like one long day. They suck. I get to work 47 hour weeks, with a 40 min drive one way. Yeah, fun times.

Ok, I don't have the family to feed. Only a cat or two.

Good luck lil lady.