Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Wish us luck!!!!

DD's got a hockey tournament over the next 2, possibly 3, days. Her team is about mid to upper range in skill level in age group (7, 8, 9 and 10). And this is the second year practicing/playing together for about half of them (13 girls total), so they're starting to really get the hang of how to play well together.

DD is, of course, goalie. She's excited, and nervous. Understandable.

And it's going to be a very long day. Two days, actually. I took off till work today till 6, so I can haul DD around for the games. There are 2 each day, with the play-off on Thursday if her team makes it that far. So, we start out at noon today with our first game. Should be over by about 1:15. Then to bum around town for a couple of hours, find something to eat, waste time. Then back to the rink for the second game, at 4:45 I believe. I've got to leave by 5:30 (by which point DH should be there from work) to head to work myself. Fortunately my library is just down the road from the rink, so it's a quick drive. Unfortunately it means I won't get dinner till I get off work at 9:15 tonight & get home. DH already knows he's making Sloppy Joes for dinner, so that's taken care of.

Then tomorrow I've taken off the whole day (as I'd work from only Noon to 6, anyway), for the tournament. We'll know by the end of the second game, tomorrow, if DD's team makes it to the play-offs.

I'm kinda (I know, Bad Mommy!) hoping she doesn't. I mean, it's not that I don't want them to do well. I do. And I know how thrilled they'd all be if they DO make it to the play-offs. But I can't take off that last day this week. I haven't put in for Thursday off, and I have already got soooo much time off this month already, between this tournament, and taking my birthday off. *sigh* Of course the play-off game actually starts at 5:45 on Thursday, if they do make it, and runs till 7, so DH & I wouldn't be able to start out the game with DD, but at least we could watch the last of it. I don't know. We'll see.


DH was feeling queezy & woozy all day yesterday. Was planning on having the Sloppy Joes then, but he decided he wasn't up to much more than a bowl of ramen noodles. DD wasn't home from the best friend's house yet, so I had a salad. DH & I DID finally get to finish The DaVinci Code. Though not without several long pauses, arguing with DD as to coming home & spending time with her family. She's like 9 going on 16, she'd rather be with her best friend doing ANYTHING than spend time with her Dad & I. *sigh*

I don't know if I really liked "The DaVinci Code" all that much. I mean, it was ok. But there were a few things wrong with it. And not the bad-guy's self-mutilation that really got to DH, either.

First off, Sophie was portrayed as little more than a pretty face. In the book she did quite a bit of the puzzle solving herself. It was almost like Langdon's character, in the movie, was walking her through remembering first that her grandpa had a thing for puzzles, then solving them himself. As I said, in the book she was quite a bit more involved, from what I recall.

Sooooo many little tidbits & ideas that were presented in the book didn't make it into the movie. Like the importance and symbolism of the pentacle and the rose. And they never touched on the Merovingian kings of France & the possible blood ties between them & Jesus. It was never explained, except in a couple of fuzzy "memory" shots, the voilence that Silas grew up with, that contributed to his angry soul. And except for one confusing shot of a "Pagan" ceremony, Heiros Gamos was never touched upon, even when Sophie was trying to explain her seperation from her grandfather.

I felt like I had to explain everything to DH, like if he hadn't read the book then how could he really understand what was going on in the movie. And that WAS the case in the first self mutilation scene with Silas. I had to explain to DH about a celice, about the whip, and the purpose behind them. I really wish there had been considerable more explanation given for so many different things. It's a movie, I know, and they've got to keep it to a decent length, but I really felt like the movie didn't quite do the book justice.

Though I did get rather a chuckle out of the scene in which Sophie & Langdon are pulling back from Sophie's apartment, and behind them is an opera poster of Les Miserables, and Fache turnes around & sees the car pull off and starts yelling to follow them. A nice little insider joke there, for those who've read Les Mis. about the intensity with which Fache tracks Langdon & Sophie in respect to Inspector Javert in Les Mis who relentlessly hunts the prime character, Jean Valjean. I did appreciate that little tidbit, that obviously wasn't in the book. (At least not in the form it appears in the movie, though I don't recall if it was referenced in the book. I don't believe it was.)

So, there is my rather bummed review of "The DaVinci Code".


Well, I must get going, get something to eat for breakfast & wake up DD.

Have a Blessed Day!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the DaVinci code ... it was good, but .........

Too much explinations needed for someone who hasn't read the book (Norm) ... and too much left out - but then, you can't have everything in it or it would be too long, right? I did like the parts where, when they were talking about history, they showed action - like Mary giving birth, etc .... action, not just words!!!

But I'll take the book over the movie any day.

Sorry to hear about the wedding being cancelled .. hope the groom changes his mind, again, and takes your sister elsewhere!! An unhappy bride does not make for happy sisters!!!


Anonymous said...

In my writing classes we always review The DaVinci Code.

The story has it that a publisher made a bet with another publisher that he could take the worst written book and turn it into a bestseller with nothing more than the right publicity.

He won the bet with "The DaVinci Code."

Serious college writing classes always use the code as how not to write...


Seriously, the man can not write a decent sentence.

Anonymous said...

The movie is rarely as good as the book. I can only think of two that are: To Kill A Mockingbird and Silence Of The Lambs.

Kati said...

Awww, Dirk!!!! See, I happened to like The DaVinci Code (book). Not necessarily for how well it was written, but for the ideas put forth. Granted, some of the research is faulty, but it espouses possibilities that many others have written much more (and much better, with much more thorough research) about, and gotten those ideas into the public eye. So, bad writing or not, I wouldn't say the book's a TOTAL loss. ;)

Whim: While I didn't like _To Kill a Mockingbird_ (either book or movie) and I've never had the guts to read or watch _Silence of the Lambs_, I've gotta say I do know one movie that is MUCH better than the book: _Practical Magic_. The book was absolutely horrid with too many characters trying to do too many things, and too many unimportant little "details" while not enough was said about what WAS important. The movie was much better as it took the basic idea & built on it, leaving out the unimportant, reducing the character list by half (or reducing the importance of some of the characters to minor players) and giving more strength to parts that SHOULD have been built up better in the book.

Connie: you're right, they did show more action as compared to words. That is nice, but still, not everybody (my hubby, for one) necessarily understood that the woman giving birth was supposed to be Mary Magdalen. Or what was going on in Silas' flashback scenes. Or Sophie walking in on the Heiros Gamos ritual (which I didn't even BOTHER trying to explain to DH). LOL

Anonymous said...


No hockey scores?


Kati said...

Sorry Dirk!! Been a busy week. I'll post them in a new entry in a bit.