Monday, January 01, 2007

Wow!!!! Is it REALLY 2007?!?!

I can't believe that it's a new year. 2006 seemed to pass soooo quickly, and yet the last couple of months have meant some rather interesting times.

I hope y'all had a GREAT New Year's Eve, and that none of my friends are hurting as badly as my hubby is right now. (More on that later.)

I also want to say THANK YOU for all the lovely comments the last few days!

Well, Saturday was another interesting one.... After finding out that the wedding would NOT be happening at all, I spent most of the day vegging, either on the computer or in front of the TV (finally watching my New & Improved DVD version of "The Little Mermaid"). DD & her best friend were playing in DD's room (both on their new Nintendo DS's) for most of that time, before they headed over to BF's house, then finally (about 6 pm) over BF's grandma's house to spend the night. DH brought home "The DaVinci Code" for me & him to watch. Well, about 8 pm, just after we'd settled ourselves down to start the movie (we were less 20 minutes into it), my Mom calls, asking if she & Middle Sis can stop by to say goodbye to DD, as they'd both be leaving on Sunday. Ok..... Except that DD was over at her BF's grandma's, spending the night.

So, DH gets dressed again (we were both in our pj's, chillin' & not figuring on going out again for the night) & runs over & grabs DD & BF from BF's grandma's. Mom & Middle Sis got here & we spent 2 hours just sitting around chatting & hanging out with them. They left, and DH took the girls back, at about 10 pm. Then, DH got back, popped a bag of popcorn, and we sat back down to return to our movie.

So, wouldn't you know it, not even another 20 minutes into the movie (we did skip the scene's we'd already seen) when the phone rings again. It's now 10:45. Caller ID says that it's BF's grandma's house. I answer & BF is there saying that DD has cut herself on a mirror, and could we please come get her. Ok..... Now DH & I are BOTH getting dressed again (well, actually, it was the first time all day I'd actually BEEN dressed in something other than pjs) and running over to get DD.

Turns out, some how, DD has brushed/bumped her arm against a mirror that was hanging/leaning (not entirely sure) against the wall in BF's cousin's room at the Grandma's house. And sliced it. Looked something like a torn-open blister, with the flap of skin folded up under itself. But, it was bleeding pretty good. So.... BF's grandma tells us to take her over to the Fire Dept (where BF's dad works) and have them take a look at DD's arm. We did. They said that as shallow as it is, there's nothing to stitch, so they cleaned it up, bandaged it, and sent us back on our way. DD got dropped BACK at BF's grandma's house (DD stopped crying once she realized she wouldn't need stitches), and DH & I came on home.

It was just after 11 pm by this point, and since I had to work yesterday (Sunday) I decided that I wasn't going to tempt fate by trying to get through that movie again for the night. I headed in for a shower then bed. And of course spent the next few hours tossing & turning something horrid because my shoulder was killing me. (Long story short, after years & years of carrying heavy school bags, heavy diaper bags, heavy purses, and now heavy totes, I believe the cartilage in my left shoulder has worn away. It hurts. Quite badly. After having surgery this summer we're not quite in a position for me to see a Dr, yet, about this new issue. So, I'm biding my time. Sometimes it helps when DH gives me a good long shoulder rub, but not always.) So, I popped a percaset leftover from DH's ulcer problem this summer (having had percaset earlier this summer myself, I knew I could safely take it) and finally got some sleep. Dh, though, hearing that I had to rely on a percaset to get ANY sleep, has decided that it's time for me to call insurance and see what they'll cover as far as chiropractor visits, and to get myself in for a looksee at my shoulder.


Yesterday, I worked my regular Sunday schedual, then came home to meet up with DH & DD before going over to the Inlaws for New Years. DD called & asked if she could continue hanging out with BF for New Years, that they'd be back over at BF's house, instead of the Grandma's. Ok. I suppose so..... So, DH & I went over to the Inlaws by ourselves, and joined SIL and her Ex (the father of her two sons) and both of the little boys, and MIL & FIL for some Shimp-Pasta salad, a shrimp cocktail platter, and OMG Yummy Alaska King Crab with melted butter. DANG! I ate a little more than I should have, but oooooh well. FIL kept dishing it out, I kept eatting. *wink*

We left there at about 10:45 as MIL had to be to work this morning. (She's an in-home care assistant to this 102 (or 103) year old lady. So she doesn't get all the holidays off, necessarily.) DH & I decided to stop over at the BF's house & wish the Parents & all their guests (Grandparents, aunts & uncles, GiGi -great-grandma-, and cousins) and DD a Happy New Year. Before we knew it, we were being served custom-mixed drinks, a little heavier on the alcohol than I like 'em. I stopped after the first because I knew SOMEBODY had to get the truck home. (BF's house is on the same strip of land as ours, but around the next street & two houses down. So, it's not like a LONG drive home.) DH kept drinking, and DANG is he feeling it this morning.

Fireworks were shot off. More alcohol was drunk (I was sticking to sparkling apple cider after that first drink). An Engagement ring was produced by the best man from OUR wedding for HIS girlfriend. DH was asked to officiate at THAT wedding. Hugs and congratulations all around. Little boy excitedly told his soon-to-be Mommy that he couldn't wait till she married him & his daddy. (As a matter of fact, this little 4 year old was the one that presented the VERY big diamond to his soon-to-be mommy.) Drunk guests were laughingly slinging barbs & snotty comments back & forth. Kids were tiredly chilling on the couch. Dogs were freaking. Shy people were being considerably LESS shy due to the amount of alcohol being drunk & were saying things I don't think would NORMALLY come out of their mouth.

And at about 1:30 this morning I decided it was time for me to come home. DH said he'd make it home under his own steam, by walking the well-trodden path between our house & BF's house, behind our next-door-neighbour's house. So, I took the keys (which DH had given me about 2 hours before) and proceeded to go figure out how to adjust the seat so that I could reach gas & break pedals (in the dark, mind you, as I don't know where the interior light switch is in DH's new truck), put on my seat belt, and just as I was getting ready to pull forward & past BF's house, another guest pulls in right in front of me. So now I had the additional challenge of BACKING UP (fortunately NOBODY was parked behind me), to pull around this new vehical.

I wasn't drunk, but was incredibly tired, which has a similar effect on me to being drunk. So, I was being awfully careful. But DANG is that truck sensative. The slightest tap on the gas, and it jumped forward or backward (because I WAS backing out, first). The slightest tap on the brakes, and it'd slam to a halt. Considering how close I had to pull the seat in order to reach the pedals, it's a good thing I didn't give myself a concussion. And I was praying the entire way back around the block that no cop did their rounds through our subdivision, because drunk or not, I'd have been pulled over. And 2 house & one corner away, or not, I would have probably have been in trouble for trying to drive the truck home. Luck was in my corner, though, because I made it without issue, and DH's truck is actually even pulled into his parking spot next to my car.

So, I came in, surveyed the damage Puck did to the carpet (the dog absolutely flips out over fireworks). Jenny was in her cage, so she didn't do any damage, but Puck pulled the carpeting up from the flooring in front of DD's bedroom door. So, more carpet padding to replace, hopefully we won't have to replace the carpetting itself. Because it's one BIG swath of carpet from the bedroom doors through the living room, to the master bedroom door. After getting both dogs outside for potty breaks, and back into the house, I sat down to watch TV until DH came home. Good thing I did, too.

He didn't make it home under his own steam. After I left BF's house (at which point DH was pretty well sloshed), he had another 2 or 3 drinks which landed his ass in a chair, unable to get out. Unable to put on his own shoes, barely able to walk out the door. Another sober guest (and family friend) gave DH a run home & up to the door. I had to help him out of his jeans & socks as he was almost passed out on the bed. He, suprisingly, didn't puke (though it would probably have been better for him if he had, as he's still rather drunk this morning, after 9 hours of sleep). And off to the land of Nod. For both of us.


Now, here we are on Monday morning. Jan. 1 2007. I feel pretty good (except I need to get something to eat), and DH has been sipping a glass of water & slowly eatting crackers, trying to soak up the rest of the alcohol in his system. DD is still over at BF's house, hopefully still sleeping, as I'm sure they didn't get to sleep till VERY late this morning. And I'm hoping that nobody else out there is feeling as poorly as my DH is. (As he stumbled from the bedroom at 11:30 & planted his ass on the couch to watch football, I brought him 2 tylenol & a glass of water. But he's turned down coffee and is slowly munching on crackers. At least for now.) And fortunately neither of us had to work today. LOL

So, I'm going to spend the first day of 2007 vegging & reading blogs, and hopefully finally watching The DaVinci Code. How about you????

Hope you didn't party too hard last night.

Have a Blessed Day!


Anonymous said...

Whew, what a post!

I don’t think the Iliad was that long was it?

I certainly hope the New Year is a little more slow-paced and mellow. You should be done with DaVinci’s code by what, August?

Anonymous said...

I hope the New Year is a little less hectic for you and that you get to watch your movies without interuption.

Slip said...

Can't say I miss the hangovers, gave the stuff up in 1984 when I found out it was making me dumb.