Saturday, January 27, 2007

Recipe Lists....

So, somebody asked if I'd type this out, a couple of weeks ago when I posted that I was doing this. I think it was Sammy_Bunny. I'm sorry to say that I don't think there is a SINGLE vegetarian meal on this entire list. DH is a "meat & potatoes" kinda guy who has a hard time believing something is a complete meal if it doesn't have some sort of meat in it. *smile* But, maybe it'll give somebody some ideas. If there are any questions about specific meal, let me know & I'll _TRY_ to post a recipe for it. Oh, and I'm NOT marking which are "weekend" meals, which are "Hubby's special" meals, and which are just "any average work-day" type meals. LOL Figure that out for yourself.

*Fried Rice
*linguine with clam sauce
*clam chowder (home-made, of course)
*roast beef/pork
*roast chicken
*mac&cheese & hotdogs
*dirty rice
*grilled cheese & tomato soup (ok, this one IS vegetarian, but not vegan)
*bratwurst (or cheddarwurst, or reindeer sausages)
*pizza & salad
*spaghetti & garlic bread
*SOS (Dad's old recipe, *hit on shingles, ground beef & gravy over toast/rice/noodles)
*chicken breast w/ mushroom-soup-gravy over rice
* barbeque beef/pork/chicken sandwiches
*meatloaf & mashed potatoes
*steak & stuffing
*15 bean soup
*corned beef & cabbage
*Swedish Meatballs & buttered noodles
*lasagna (dh's favorite meal, actually made THIS weekend for my "weekend" meal)
*Chicken tortilla bake
*chicken piccata
*easy Cajun/garlic shrimp & rice
*chicken chili lasagna
*creamy white chili
*chicken stir fry
*baked Parmesan chicken breasts
*split pea soup
*Summer Sausage (or Kielbasa) Reuben Sandwiches (featured on Rachael Ray's 30 minute meals)
*Chicken Club Ring
*Paprika-Dijon chicken
*French Dip Sandwiches
*Kalops (a Swedish recipe that I haven't actually tried yet)
*Bruschetta Chicken
*Fried Fish
*Rouladens (a family favorite from my dad)
*Sweet & Sour Venison (may be beef, if DH & FIL don't get a moose or caribou)
*Potluck Chicken Casserole
*Slow Cooker Enchiladas
*Stuffed Shells
*No Fuss Chicken
*Glorified Hash Browns
*Scotch Broth
*Slow Cooker Chicken & Stuffing
*Shanghai Noodles w/ Spicy Beef Sauce
*Chicken & Garlic Potatoes
*Mexican Chicken Manicotti
*Fake Steak
*Chicken Stroganoff
*Fish & Chips
*Hamburger Helper
*Sloppy Joes
*Bangers & Mash
*Chicken Noodle Soup (known elsewhere as chicken & dumplings, but this is Dh's grandma's recipe)
*Chef Salad
*Dirty Shrimp in Butter Beer Sauce
*Mongolian Beef
*Grilled Chicken breast sandwiches
*slow-cooked chicken thighs w/ Russian/apricot sauce
*Swiss Chard (I only put this title in, as there's only ONE way we prefer it cooked/served)

Anyway, there is my list. I didn't add sides for some of the dishes because whether we have boiled potatoes or rice or buttered noodles with "that meal" may change from night to night. Other meals there are specific preferences for. I also didn't put in veggies because that often depends on what we've got available and what we're in the mood for. I hope to add more recipes, now and again. Simply to try new things. If I may suggest, EVERYBODY should subscribe to Taste of Home Mag. and someday you may also have an extensive list of favorite recipes such as this. For that matter, there are SOOOOO many more recipes in my over-stuffed recipe box that came from that mag. (and "Quick Cooking" and "Healthy Cooking" mags, by the same company), that I haven't had a chance to try them all. And I stopped subbing a couple of years ago. LOL

Ok, off to quickly scan my "neighbourhood of blogs" before heading to bed.

Have a Blessed Day!

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Uncle Artemus said...

Hi Kati,
Thanks so much for visiting and I'm very pleased you liked the post for my daughter's birthday. It's so neat to be able to tell that story, even in brief.

Looks like you have a pretty substantial list here. I do all the cooking in my house and I'm always looking for something interesting. I notice you have something on your list called sopapillas. What is that? I've never heard of it.

I have a good chicken and rice recipe a few postings back called "What's for dinner?" It's easy and good and as a meat and taters guy myself I can say your DH will probably go for it. UA