Saturday, September 15, 2007

7 words that begin with P.

Well, Em tagged me with this little meme, and I said I'd play along. I hope I can come up with 7 words, though, without resorting to bathroom humor.

The first is easy.

Pina Colada! That's the flavor of one of the cakes DD and I picked up at the farmer's market this morning. And it was darned good. Though not as good as that lemon cream roll mentioned in my previous post (P!)

Pouty (Pissy is the other word that came to mind.) These are words related to DD's current behavior & attitude.

Painful. This was one of my responses to getting punched 3 times in the chest by my almost-5-year-old niece the other day when she & her mama (my baby sis) stopped by to see me at work.

Party. This is WHY my niece & sis stopped by to see me at work. Big K. and little K. stopped in to give me an invitation to little K's birthday party on Sept. 22. Little K. was in a nasty little mood, and twice when asked for a hug (once by her mom, once by me) she punched (hey, another P word!) me in the chest, the second time was both fists punching me at once. My sister sat there with a stupid smile on her face and didn't bother to correct her daughter nor seemingly to see anything wrong with little K's behavior. Being as I was at work and in a public place (2 more P words!), I couldn't do anything physical in response. But I DID take hold of her hand (both times, not that it made any impact the first time) and tell her that she was HURTING me, and if she was intent on hitting me then I was going to quit talking to her and go back to work. The second time I DID tell them goodbye, and that I needed to go back to working. DD is NOT looking forward to this party, and neither am I. Last year's party went so atrociously that I refered to the niece (then 4) as "Her Royal Heinous" for several days.

Present. After such a poor (P!) response to the book & book-bag I so carefully picked out for my niece last year (and spent over 30 bucks on), this year little K's present will consist of a gift card from the local big W. for $15. I'm certainly not going to spend more than that, or put any more effort finding "the perfect gift" for two such ungrateful & mean brats as they are.

Precipitation. This has been our weather today. Overcast & precipitating. And we're supposed to get some of the white, flaky precipitation in the hills tonight, and maybe even down here into the valley by morning. And, the precipitation is supposed to continue for the next couple of days. This time of year, that certainly means the possibility (P!) of snow any day now.

Pass. I'm going to PASS this meme onto...... my Plato-fanatic middle sis here at Platonic Relationship.


Em said...

Good answers! You managed to pull all your words right out of your day in the last day or so.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

"Her Royal Heinous"

Oh that's good! Really good!

Tori_Z said...

Good answers!

barefoot gardener said...

That was great!

Princess Banter said...

Hahaha -- I love the pissy bit! I would have to say DITTO to that!