Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ok. The cat's out of the bag....

So I can rant a bit & post.

My youngest sister just told me on Sunday that she's engaged again. To a guy she's been dating for less than 2 months. They're getting married (supposedly) on Sept. 21, the day before my niece's 5th birthday. Then, in Oct. after dividend checks get here, they're going to rent a U-haul & move down to Washington state. *shaking head* My sis doesn't have a freaking clue! Not one. She's so danged bound & determined to move out of state, away from Fairbanks that she's willing to sacrifice friends & family & her hometown (whether she likes it or not, this is!), marry a guy she's just met, and move without any plans other than the leaving part of it. She's NOT got a job lined up. She doesn't have real plans on where she's going to live. But she's met a guy who wants to move to Washington with her and is willing to help foot the bill, so she's doing it. The spur of the moment. A whim. A lark. And a whole lot of stupidity. My other sister was just asking how I'm managing to NOT ball our baby sis out over the stupidity of this decision. I'm actually just sitting her shaking my head & chuckling over the stupidity. Because that's all I CAN do! I know K. won't listen to me. I know she doesn't care a whit what I think. And I know that getting the hell out of Fairbanks has been her plan for the last 20+ years (she's only 24). So, nothing I say is going to make a bit of difference with her. *shrug* That's just how she is.

Shelli (my other sister) and I are really hoping that this doesn't ruin my niece's life. In the nearly 5 years since my niece was born, her mom (my baby sis, K.) has been engaged 4 times. And 2 other times she was pushing frantically for an engagement ring that never materialized. My niece has 4 times in her short life been instructed to call K's boyfriend "daddy". *shaking head* That poor child is going to be SOOOOO confused as to who really IS her father (esp. considering her "sperm donor" only really provides a child-support check, but has never even been glimpsed by my niece as he lives in the Chicago area). *sigh & shrug* What else CAN I do, but hope & pray for my niece's well-being.

It WILL be interesting to see how long K's relationship to B. (the latest fiancee) lasts. The others have lasted about 3 months at the most. She's just too fickle to really invest enough for a lasting relationship. And, it's very probable that if they DO go through with the wedding, they're going to wind up miserable & hating each other in a VERY short amount of time, and divorced (not amicably, I'm sure) not too long from now. *shrug*

Again, Shelli (my middle sis) was kinda wondering how I was managing to NOT tell K. off for this. I was simply waiting for a chance to rant here. But I didn't want to do it before Mom & Shelli found out from K. herself. Shelli now knows (K. told her in a phone call just a bit ago), and Shelli's already called & left a message telling Mom, so now I can rant. LOL

Ah well...... Again I'll say it, who needs soap-operas when one's family provides plenty of drama for the watching. Oh, and Dad seemed to handle the news ok. I think he may be at a similar stage to where I'm at. Of course he still seems to think (or, at least acts as though he does) that K. can do no wrong. But he's not outwardly stressing about this. Then again, maybe that's why Shelli & I are reacting so differently to this news. I've always taken after my dad. Shelli takes after my Mom. Mom, how are you handling this???? Is Shelli indicative of how you're doing with this news???? *grin* Then again, Dad & I at least knew that K. had another boyfriend. Shelli didn't know, and I'm not sure if Mom knew or not that K. was seeing B. So maybe this won't be as big a suprise to Mom as it was to Shelli. *shrug*


I've gotta go get some lunch then get my butt to work. I'm back on my winter schedual now, so I'll be working Sunday 12:45 pm to 5:15 pm, Mondays noon to 9pm, Tuesday & Wed. noon to 6 pm, Thursdays 12:30 to 6 pm, and have Fridays & Saturdays off. I LOVE this schedual EXCEPT for the fact that I STILL must get up early on Friday mornings to get DD off to school, even though it's my weekend. On the other hand, I'm also now volunteering at the school on Friday mornings, so I may be off work, but I'm still going to be working. LOL Go figure.


Whim, you asked if it seemed that autumn was coming later & later. Honestly, not that it's coming later (our Autumn still tends to start around the first of August), but it's LASTING longer. Except this year, because I do believe we're going to have an early winter. But, our autumn is dreadfully early & short, typically. Then again, this far North, what else can we expect. As the radio personalities put it this morning: Summer in Fairbanks is 3 months of lousy sledding/skiing. *wink* It's not too far off the truth, either.

Have a Blessed Day!


Tori_Z said...

I feel sorry for your niece. That poor kid must be so confused! The thing is, the more your little sis is told not to do this stupid thing, the more likely she is to do it. Although, from what you said in your rant, I would say she's the kind of person who doesn't care who's feet she steps on as long as it gets her where she wants to be. *sigh*

That's my opinion anyway.

Kris said...

Hi Kati..
Yep... I knew about "B"... and their wedding date is 3 days before my granddaughter's birthday (not that it matters)... and no... I'm not supportive of her getting married. Tonight when I talked to her, I tried to convince her that she should wait until this summer to get married (so I can come up to Spokane for it)... guess she would rather have her best friend there than her mother. (She's still planning to get married up there). But... at least I have planted the seed that she *could* wait until this summer... she doesn't *have* to get married before she leaves. Guess time will tell. I'll keep working on her. Yes... I think it's a mistake for her to get married. But... if I push too hard... it will push right into it even more.

As far as moving to Spokane on just their dividend checks and a Uhaul... I told her she'd better find out how much that Uhaul is going to cost... and reminded her that she'd need $ for an apt and to keep them going until they get jobs.

I dunno about that kid... Michelle asked "am I really related to her?" LOL.

Love you...
- Mom

Em said...

Wow...such an impulsive thing. That stuff seems so good when you are young. With a bit of maturity, it seems so risky. Even stupid. At least your little sis seems to have a loving and supportive network among your family....and that can help her when things fall apart.